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"I Could Never Be Your Woman" is a romantic-comedy film that was released in 2007. Directed by Amy Heckerling, the film follows the life of Rosie (Michelle Pfeiffer), a 40-year-old television producer, as she navigates through love, work, and the challenges of being a mother to a teenage daughter (Saoirse Ronan). The movie revolves around the relationship between Rosie and Adam, a young and charming writer played by Paul Rudd.

Rosie is a successful television producer for a teen drama series, however, she feels like she is facing a mid-life crisis. She's recently separated from her husband, has a teenage daughter who's growing up too fast, and feels like her job is no longer fulfilling her. Against this background, she meets Adam, who is half her age, and instantly, sparks fly between them. Despite the age difference, Adam seems to be the perfect man for Rosie; he's smart, kind, and funny, and they share a mutual love for movies, which they frequently bond over. However, as Rosie falls deeper in love with Adam, she realizes that their relationship is not as simple as it seems.

As Rosie's relationship with Adam blossoms, her teenage daughter Izzie is also dealing with her own romantic issues. Izzie is played by Saoirse Ronan and is a spirited, confident teenager who's learning how to navigate the confusing world of high-school crushes. Izzie has a crush on a popular boy at school, and Rosie, despite her own romantic issues, helps Izzie navigate through the ups and downs of teenage love.

At work, Rosie is grappling with a new, inexperienced management team that's trying to change the direction of the TV show she produces. Rosie is passionate about the show's creative direction, and she's fiercely protective of the young cast and crew who depend on the show for their careers. As the new management team starts implementing their changes, Rosie finds herself at odds with them and fights to maintain the show's original vision.

As the movie progresses, Rosie's relationship with Adam starts to unravel, and she finds herself at odds with her teenage daughter, who is growing up too fast for her liking. However, as Rosie faces these challenges, she begins to see that her life isn't as simple as she thought it was, and that the key to happiness may not lie in having the perfect relationship or career, but in finding balance and fulfillment in all areas of her life.

"I Could Never Be Your Woman" is a charming, funny movie that explores the struggles of modern-day women as they navigate love, work, and parenthood. Michelle Pfeiffer delivers a standout performance as Rosie, a strong and independent woman who's trying to find her footing in a rapidly-changing world. Paul Rudd is equally charismatic as Adam, the perfect man who's not as perfect as he seems. And Saoirse Ronan shines as Izzie, a young woman who's growing up too fast but still manages to maintain her sense of humor and spirit.

Overall, "I Could Never Be Your Woman" is a heartwarming movie that offers an honest, humorous look at the challenges of modern-day life. It's a movie that will make you laugh, cry and ultimately leave you feeling uplifted and hopeful about the future.

I Could Never Be Your Woman is a Comedy, Drama, Romance movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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