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Hot Millions, a delightful comedy film released in 1968, is a wonderful blend of charismatic acting, engaging story, and scrumptious humor that leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. This film, directed by Eric Till, stars the iconic Peter Ustinov, the brilliant Maggie Smith, and the versatile Karl Malden. The audiences' attention is undeniably grabbed from the very start as it takes them through the intelligent hilarity of the great Peter Ustinov and the magnetic performance of his co-stars.

The 1968 movie Hot Millions is centered around the sly and clever character named Marcus Pendleton (played by Peter Ustinov). Marcus Pendleton is a seasoned embezzler who has just been released from prison after serving time for his previous frauds. Unable to abandon his fondness for easy money and reluctant to settle for an honest lifestyle, Pendleton devises an ingenious plan to siphon off vast sums from a multinational conglomerate.

He conceives a scheme to take on a new identity as "Caesar Smith", an expert in computer technology, which, at the time, was a new and bewildering field for many people. By exploiting this fact, Pendleton successfully bluffs his way into a position at a multinational corporation. Here, he manipulates the primitive computer systems to redirect company funds to offshore accounts under his control. In an age where computers were relatively new, the story looks at the birth of digital fraud, making it an interesting take on a familiar narrative for contemporary audiences.

During one of his inventive illegal maneuvers, he crosses path with the bubbly and intriguing Patty (played by Maggie Smith), a low-level employee at the same corporation. Without revealing too much, a fun and confusing relationship develops between the two, adding a romantic element to this comedy.

However, things for Pendleton start to get complicated when corporate security investigator Carlton Klemper (played by Karl Malden) begins suspecting that there's a con artist at play within the organization. Suspense begins to build with Klemper inching closer to the truth, setting the stage for a cat-and-mouse game between him and Pendleton.

The movie thrives on its sharp and amusing script, written by Ira Wallach and Peter Ustinov himself. The screenplay of Hot Millions harmoniously connects comedy, crime, romance, suspense and, subtly, the early days of technology, leaving the audience both entertained and intrigued. The narrative keeps viewers invested as it unfolds with humor and charm.

This movie offers a treat for acting aficionados as Peter Ustinov's incredible performance takes center stage. His effortless embodiment of Pendleton's persona is both endearing and entertaining to witness. Equally compelling are Maggie Smith, who brings a sparkling charm to Patty, and Karl Malden, whose portrayal of Klemper is wonderfully humorous and intense. The award-winning film also features guest appearances from people like Bob Newhart and Cesar Romero that only add to the overall allure.

Filmed on location in England and New York, Hot Millions is an entertaining exploration of the world of embezzlement, with the element of budding computer technology providing an interesting twist. The film offers a journey that's filled with laughs, wit, and ingenious scams that showcase the comedic talent and versatility of its lead actors.

Ultimately, Hot Millions from 1968, is a unique comedy that involves a fun mix of the classic and the contemporary, making it an enjoyable comedy that one could watch anytime. From the over-the-top adventurous exploits of Marcus Pendleton to the adorable love story of Patty, there's plenty to love about this classic, comedic film. By portraying the criminal adventures of an embezzler trying to make big money through corporate fraud, Hot Millions provides a lighthearted, humorous take on these serious subjects, inclusive of early themes of the digital age.

Hot Millions is a Comedy, Crime movie released in 1968. It has a runtime of 106. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

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