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If You Could See What I Hear is a dramatic film released in 1982, directed by Eric Till, and featuring Marc Singer, R.H. Thomson and Sarah Torgov in the principal roles. The movie is based on the autobiography of Tom Sullivan, a musician, author, and motivational speaker, who was blind since birth, depicting the intriguing and inspiring life journey of this extraordinary individual.

The movie provides the viewers with a compelling insight into Tom's life, skillfully sketching his determined path to independence and success in a world that's largely visual. Marc Singer gives a truly compelling performance as Tom, presenting a convincing representation of a man who refused to be defined by his blindness. He portrays Tom’s courage, optimism, and joking nature, which allow him to rise above adversity and painful experiences. In the process, the audience is given a rare chance to appreciate the world from the perspective of a blind person.

The film commences with Tom's life as a youngster, leading up to his enrollment at Harvard University. From the outset, Tom is undeterred by his lack of sight, a quality exemplified when he starts dating an attractive co-ed named Heather, portrayed by the competent and charming Sarah Torgov. The film follows Tom navigating his way through college life – studying, dating, and even participating in some dangerous pranks – with unprecedented humor and resilience.

R.H. Thomson excellently depicts the character of Will Sly, Tom's outgoing roommate, unfailing ally, and in many ways, his port of refuge. Together, they provide a heartening depiction of genuine friendship, loyalty, and camaraderie. Tom and Will's relationship makes for some of the movie's most poignant and heartwarming moments with a balance of light-hearted comedy and meaning.

Moreover, the film does not shy away from shedding light on the difficulties that individuals with visual impairments encounter in daily life. It also addresses the societal attitudes towards blindness and challenges the stereotypes often associated with it. Instead of being heroic or helpless, Tom is portrayed as a three-dimensional, authentic individual, with passions, flaws, and a zest for living life to its fullest.

A notable element of the movie is the impressive portrayal of Tom's extraordinarily precise sense of hearing, beautifully interpreted by Singer. The film uses sound and the perception of it by Tom, to paint an image of the world surrounding him, an attempt to mutely address the film's title, 'If You Could See What I Hear'. This aspect intricately reveals how people with visual impairment use their other senses to navigate the world.

The music score is also particularly praiseworthy, effectively complementing the mood and tone of the various scenes, and providing another layer in translating the world as Tom "sees" it. It complements Tom’s love for music, showcasing both his incredible talent, and music’s role in his personal expression and communication with the world.

If You Could See What I Hear combines elements of drama, romance, and comedy to present an endearing portrayal of a man who refused to let his challenges define his life. The movie not only celebrates the life of Tom Sullivan, but it also reminds viewers to appreciate the beauty of life despite its trials and tribulations. It is an engaging, thought-provoking film that gives insight into a world less seen but deeply felt and heard. Viewer discretion is advised as the film contains some adult oriented material.

Overall, the 1982 film If You Could See What I Hear, is an inspiring and delightful movie showcasing the vibrant life of the blind musician, Tom Sullivan. It tugs at the heartstrings without resorting to melodrama, and delivers an honest, optimistic message about living life with determination and resilience, making it well worth a watch for anyone seeking a blend of real-life inspiration and heartfelt storytelling.

If You Could See What I Hear is a Drama movie released in 1982. It has a runtime of 103 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7..

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