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Hostel: Part III is an American horror movie, and the sequel to the two previous Hostel films. These films are based on the sadistic, horrifying ways of torture that satisfy the members of the Elite Hunting Club. The Elite Hunting Club is a club that kills people, based on bets made by the members who are rich enough to vote on how the victim should die and who should live. Also, no one stops the Elite Hunting Club because the police are involved with the Club, and it includes not only female and male adults, but children as well.

In the beginning, the identity of one of the members of the Elite Hunting Club is identified by him (a young teenager), drugging a young couple who have shared some beer with him. The boyfriend of the young couple wakes up in an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere, and then, two guards from the Elite Hunting Club come and take his girlfriend (whom he didn't know was in another cell beside him) to her death. Unknown to them about anything relative to the Elite Hunting Club, a group of four male friends Mike, Justin, Scott, and Carter, go to Vegas for Scott's bachelor party (leaving his soon to be bride Amy, at home), and into the unexpected territory of the Elite Hunting Club. Carter is secretly jealous of his friend's romance with the woman he loves and thinks he deserves, that he actually pays two escorts, Nikki and Kendra, to have sex with Scott to make it look like he can't keep his pants on since he has previously cheated on her and he doesn't want to again.

The group of guys are invited to a private party by Nikki and Kendra who leaves them to hail a cab to the destination. At the party, they are confused because the outside looks rundown, so they knock on the door and are let inside by a bouncer. Kendra makes a move on Scott once the guys are inside, and he refuses her. Mike and Nikki walk in to kick Kendra and Scott out. Scott is drugged and the cabbie finds him outside banging on the door to the party trying to get back inside. Somehow, the guys wake up in the morning at their hotel suite, and notice that their friend Mike isn't there. They try repeatedly to call his phone, but get his voicemail and shake it off and say he'll turn up eventually.

What they don't know is that Mike has awoke in a strange cell and starts freaking out. The guards take Mike into a chair in the next room while several clients of the Elite Hunting Club can make their choices on him. Although Mike has a family with two kids, that doesn't stop these blood thirsty monsters before they cut off his face. Meanwhile, Scott, Carter, and Justin get more concerned about Mike's absence and go to Nikki's trailer. The guys break into the trailer searching for Nikki and Mike, and two men break down the doors and tackle Justin. Kendra is also there and asks the guys why they broke, they explained, and she said that Nikki is missing, too.

Nikki is brought into the same room Mike was killed in, and has the unfortunate chance of being suffocated by cockroaches. The group of friends and Kendra get a text from "Mike" to meet him and Nikki in a hotel room. When they arrive, the friends are gassed out and put into the back of a van. Carter, Scott, Justin, and Kendra are put into individual cells. The two guards take Justin away, however, Carter says he is a client and it is his "turn". Justin is tortured in that same room by a woman in a alien costume who is shooting arrows into his limbs. When it is Scott's turn into the room, Carter appears and reveals his purpose for doing this, which is Amy. He says that when Scott mysteriously dies, he will be the one to take care of her. On a turn of events, Scott is released from the chair by the other clients, he ends up stabbing Carter, and escaping. Since his escape, Kendra and the young man from earlier in the movie die, and the Elite Hunting Club has to blow up the place. Carter is still alive and finds a car to get out of there, but sees Scott still alive. Carter locks the gates and leaves with the explosion and Scott still in the distance. Later, Carter is comforting Amy, she asks him to stay the night, and then reveals to him that Scott is still alive and stabs him. A burned Scott drags Carter to the garage and kills him with a electric tiller.

Hostel: Part III is a Horror movie released in 2011. It has a runtime of 88 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.6..

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