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My Name Is Modesty is a 2004 action thriller film, directed by Scott Spiegel and produced by Miramax. The storyline is based on a popular comic strip character originated by the revered British author Peter O'Donnell. The movie takes us on a retro ride back to the roots of Modesty Blaise, a strong, cunning, and attractive female protagonist who began from very humble origins. The movie wonderfully elucidates the journey of Modesty, her transformation from an orphan into an accomplished young woman who becomes the head of a potent international crime syndicate, and ultimately a secret agent.

In this cinematic adaptation, Alexandra Staden splendidly portrays the character of Modesty with a blend of poise and prowess. The storyline not only intrigues the viewer with thrilling action sequences, unexpected confrontations, and elaborate strategies but also unfolds comprehensive character development and backstory.

The movie commences somewhere in Tangier, in the modest setting of a casino, where Modesty works as a croupier. The casino, also her sanctuary, is unexpectedly invaded by a group of brutal thugs led by Miklos, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, of Game of Thrones fame. The hostile takeover moves swiftly from a mere heist towards a more dangerous hostage situation. Miklos and his savage soldiers, completely oblivious of Modesty's substantial past and strategic skills, underestimate her. This leads to Modesty being catapulted into a confrontational situation which she handles with inimitable charm and finesse.

My Name Is Modesty provides viewers with periodic glimpses into Modesty's past. The intelligent flashbacks reveal the hardships, trials, and tribulations she faced as a young girl, which crafted her into the tough, rational, strategic, and fearlessly independent woman she became. We observe how her life morphs from a war-torn, chaotic existence into a journey of resilience and incredible strength.

Modesty stands not only for the action and agility we typically expect from a thriller but also for intelligence, resourcefulness, and an incredible grip on human psychology. These traits enable her to deftly handle situations, irrespective of how dire they are.

Accompanying Alexandra Staden is drama veteran Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who compellingly essays the character of Miklos. His performance as the apathetic antagonist offers an entertaining contrast to the more balanced and compassionate Modesty. Miklos is relentless, ruthless, and bears a cold demeanor, highlighted by Coster-Waldau's brilliant portrayal of the character.

Also, sharing screen space with Staden and Coster-Waldau is Raymond Cruz. Cruz's performative prowess lends another dimension to the dark underbelly of the film and the deadly, dangerous game that unfolds within the casino walls.

The camera work and direction of My Name Is Modesty skillfully enhance the narrative, shifting from the stark landscape of Modesty's past to the tense and cramped confines of the casino in the present. The film's pacing aligns well with the genre, providing ample room for intense action sequences and eliciting an adrenaline rush, keeping viewers entranced till the very end.

In contrast to the physically tireless Modesty from the comic books, director Scott Spiegel manifests Modesty as more of a strategic and psychological warrior. Nevertheless, the movie doesn’t entirely discard the action. It blends an array of thrilling physical combat sequences with an acute emphasis on clever tactics and psychology, setting My Name Is Modesty apart from conventional action films.

The film also incorporates insightful psychological elements. Modesty’s interaction with her captor Miklos is not merely based on responses to the immediate hostage situation; it unfurls as an intricate mind game. The duo embarks on narrating tales about their past lives, strategically muddled between the truth and deceit, leading to shifting power dynamics.

In conclusion, My Name Is Modesty is a riveting action thriller which celebrates the origins of the iconic character of Modesty Blaise. It’s a captivating narrative of transformation, resilience, and strategic dominance in the face of an emerging crisis. The strong performances by Alexandra Staden, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Raymond Cruz, along with the movie's tightly-knitted plot and intelligent direction, make it an entertaining watch for fans of the genre.

My Name Is Modesty is a Action, Thriller movie released in 2003. It has a runtime of 78 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.5..

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