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Higher Power is a dynamic and compelling sci-fi thriller released in 2018, helmed by Matthew Charles Santoro as the director making his debut. This visually gripping film leverages cutting-edge special effects to deliver a captivating narrative that bridges the gap between human existence and the vulnerability of our world in the cosmos. Grounded in themes of sacrifice, redemption, and desperate survival, it engages audiences in a multi-layered exploration of humanity's possible fate.

The film pivots around the flawed yet engaging character of Joe Steadman, brilliantly brought to life by Ron Eldard. Joe, a former university professor, is depicted as a recovering alcoholic, plagued by the tragic death of his wife, and struggling to maintain his relationships with his two daughters – the estranged Zoe and younger teenager Rhea. The complex dynamics of his unraveling family life and struggles with his vices establish a relatable setting, against which the storyline progressively builds up to unexpected heights.

Drawn against his will into a terrifying experiment spearheaded by an enigmatic scientist, Joseph's mundane life turns upside down. Colm Feore, an accomplished actor, plays this scientist character, named Arthur, with the perfect blend of ominous tranquility and disturbing intensity. Arthur is an orchestrator of a grand cosmic game that holds the key to the fate of the universe. His intricate plan involves a mysterious extraterrestrial energy source that could obliterate the world or reshape it, depending on its unwitting vessel: Joseph Steadman.

Austin Stowell stars as Michael, a crucial link in Arthur's grand plan. He aptly manages to convey his character's sense of responsibility, fear, and determination, providing an additional view of the unfolding events. As the story proceeds, Higher Power gradually unfurls the intricate connections woven between the lives of each protagonist and the uncompromising science experiment.

Higher Power takes viewers on a compelling journey of the multi-layered narrative, bringing together mundane human existence and world-shaking cosmic forces. Leading the audience through a heady blend of excitement, tension, and emotion, the movie tactfully portrays the grandeur of universe-scale events and the fragility of human relationships simultaneously.

Moreover, the visually intense presentation is backed by an engaging and suspenseful score. The cinematography offers a visual treat, blending the grandeur of outer space with gritty, ground-level scenes. In terms of visual effects, Higher Power is especially notable, given that it’s coming from a first-time feature director. The movie combines its immersive visual effects with heart-pounding stakes, which positions it within the larger arena of sci-fi blockbusters.

While the storyline is filled with unearthly wonders and cosmic threats seen through a gritty lens, it is grounded in fundamentally human concerns. The portrayal of Joe Steadman manages to ensure that the audience's investment extends beyond the high-stakes energy manipulation and towards a genuine interest in the redemption and survival of a flawed, struggling man.

Above all, perhaps, Higher Power is a statement on the ultimate power of humanity, expressed not through technologies or superpowers, but through complex emotions, brave choices, sacrifices, and love. It is about human beings caught in the extraordinary whirls of the universe, yet remaining resilient and hopeful.

In the final analysis, Higher Power stands as an engaging entry into the sci-fi genre. It ambitiously straddles universal catastrophes and personal demons, creating a thrilling mélange of a plot. Featuring an exciting cast that brings depth to their characters in the face of universal crisis, the movie stretches the limits of imagination while providing genuine emotional sustenance. The film serves as a striking statement on the strength and persistence of human spirit when tested against cosmic power. All in all, Higher Power is a much-needed exploration of how extraordinary circumstances can illuminate human resilience amidst cosmic threats.

Higher Power is a Science Fiction, Action, Thriller movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 93 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.4..

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