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Green Zone is a 2010 action-thriller film directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Matt Damon, Jason Isaacs, and Greg Kinnear. The movie is set in Baghdad, Iraq, in the aftermath of the 2003 invasion by US forces. The plot follows chief warrant officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) and his team, who are tasked with finding weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq. The story begins with the US invasion of Iraq, when Roy Miller and his team are sent to find WMDs, but are constantly coming up empty-handed. Miller begins to suspect that the intelligence he has been given is inaccurate and he sets out to uncover the truth. He teams up with a journalist, Lawrie Dayne (Amy Ryan), who has sources in the US government and the Iraqi opposition, to find out the truth about the WMDs. Meanwhile, Clark Poundstone (Greg Kinnear), a US government official working in Iraq, is trying to convince Miller and the rest of the team that they are on the right track, and that the WMDs are real. Poundstone's superior, Martin Brown (Brendan Gleeson), is skeptical of the intelligence and begins to investigate the matter further. As Miller and Dayne dig deeper, they discover that the intelligence about the WMDs came from an Iraqi informant, Magellan (Razaaq Adoti), who has since disappeared. Miller and his team track down Magellan and discover that he never told them about any WMDs, but instead gave them false information to protect his family from Saddam Hussein's regime. The movie is a gripping and intense investigation into the truth about the WMDs in Iraq, and the deception and manipulation that occurred in the lead up to the invasion. The film highlights the conflict between US troops on the ground in Iraq, who are risking their lives for a cause they are starting to believe is not legitimate, and the US government officials who are working behind the scenes to preserve their image and justify the war to the American public. Matt Damon delivers a powerful performance as Roy Miller, a man driven by conscience to uncover the truth, no matter the cost. His character is a sympathetic and relatable figure, who embodies the frustration and anger that many Americans felt during the Iraq War. Jason Isaacs is also excellent as Brigadier General Briggs, Miller's commanding officer, who is torn between his loyalty to his country and his duty to his soldiers. The film is visually stunning, with Greengrass's trademark shaky cam cinematography adding to the sense of urgency and chaos in the war zone. The action sequences are intense and thrilling, with the climax of the film taking place in a tense and explosive showdown in the Green Zone, the heavily fortified area of Baghdad where the US Embassy and Iraqi government are located. Green Zone is a smart and thought-provoking film that raises important questions about truth, justice, and the cost of war. It's a must-see for fans of political thrillers and action movies alike, and a timely reminder of the consequences of the decisions made by those in power.

Green Zone is a War, Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 63.

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Paul Greengrass
Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Brendan Gleeson, Amy Ryan, Khalid Abdalla, Jason Isaacs
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