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Gone Fishin' is a 1997 American comedy film directed by Christopher Cain, starring comedy duo Joe Pesci and Danny Glover as two bumbling fishing enthusiasts, with Rosanna Arquette cast in a supporting role. This movie is a lighthearted adventure that appeals to those who appreciate easy viewing filled with comical antics, slapstick humor, and a feel-good storyline.

Pesci and Glover play the roles of Joe Waters and Gus Green, respectively, two best friends from Newark, New Jersey, who have been practically inseparable since they were children. Their shared love for fishing grew from their boyhood hobby into an obsession that often overpowers other aspects of their lives.

Their dreams come to a hopeful realization when they win a fishing holiday to the Everglades in sunny Florida. The friends, ecstatic about their stroke of luck and the opportunity to cast their rods in exotic waters, embark on this dream fishing vacation, hoping for a relaxing trip filled with comradeship and lots of fish.

However, things rarely go as planned. As soon as they set foot in Florida, their plot takes a twist as they are embroiled in a series of unlikely mishaps. Their idyllic fishing vacation quickly transforms into a comedic minefield of disasters, ranging from comically catastrophic to bordering on the absurd. Each subsequent debacle they encounter is more outlandish than the last, adding to the humor and making the characters more endearing.

Joe Pesci, known for his roles in Goodfellas and Home Alone, and Danny Glover, famous for his part in the Lethal Weapon series, make an entertaining pair. Pesci's unique comedic timing, paired with Glover's mature humor, creates a dynamic that is enjoyable to watch. The bond between Waters and Green feel real and engaging, reinforcing the underlying theme of friendship that permeates throughout the film.

Rosanna Arquette plays a pivotal character in the story. Her performance adds to the film's overall humor while also bringing a bit of romance and intrigue to the table. Can Pesci and Glover bring their usual spark to this fishing folly with Arquette's character involved? You'll find out as they attempt to salvage their vacation.

Despite the comedy elements, streaks of adventure ripple through the film. Set mostly in the picturesque Everglades and the sandy beaches of Florida, the film takes viewers on a journey through the natural beauty of American landscapes. The cinematography beautifully captures these stunning locations, adding a feast for the eyes to the recipe of comedy and adventure.

Dialogue-wise, Gone Fishin' has maintained a simplistic, funny, and catchphrase-filled script. The interactions between Joe and Gus, filled with quick one-liners and charming banter, keep the comic momentum going. There's also a certain childish innocence attached to their friendship, their antics and the situations they get into, which has a nostalgic charm about it.

Gone Fishin', however, is more than just a comedy. The film incorporates light-hearted adventure elements, and it includes underlying messages about the importance of friendship, loyalty, and the value of simple pleasures. Despite all the mishaps and the chaos they endure, Pesci and Glover's characters demonstrate an unrelenting optimism and zest for life, making this journey an amusingly heartwarming story.

In conclusion, Gone Fishin' is a delightful movie that takes viewers on a hilarious journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. Despite its comedic setup, the film offers layers of relatable stories and heartwarming moments. Whether you're a fan of the popular stars or someone who appreciates light-hearted humor and adventure, you'll find Gone Fishin' a fun flick worth investing in.

Gone Fishin' is a Comedy movie released in 1997. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8..

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