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Glass Chin is an engrossing drama film that delves into the world of retired prizefighter Bud "The Saint" Gordon. Directed and written by Noah Buschel, the movie was released in 2014 and features an ensemble cast including Corey Stoll, Billy Crudup, Marin Ireland, Yul Vazquez, and Katherine Waterston.

Corey Stoll takes the center stage as Bud Gordon- a down-and-out former boxing champion. Once a revered athlete, Bud's life has unfortunately nosedived after his glory days in the ring. The film emphasizes his struggles with poise, depicting the multiple pressures he experiences to revamp his deflated boxing career and personal life. The boxer turned trainer's desperate need to reclaim his fame and fortune is palpified through Stoll's performance. Bud's complex character portrayal becomes the backbone of the narrative and his determined pursuit propels the plot.

On the other hand, Billy Crudup plays a central antagonist role, J.J Cook, a sophisticated and manipulative restaurant owner with connections to the criminal underworld. Crudup does an excellent job of making J.J. as captivating as he is menacing. Both Bud and J.J's paths cross, setting into motion a riveting exploration of morality, redemption, and confrontation with harsh realities. The interaction between them includes a dark side of urban world, where power is the supreme law.

Marin Ireland plays Bud's ambitious girlfriend Ellen, who has her aspirations to become a culinary expert but struggles to maintain her relationship with Bud. Her journey towards individuality, her countenance during Bud's ordeals gives another layer to the narrative.

Corey Stoll perfectly captures the hardship and downfall of Bud, showcasing a seamless transition from a strict athletic life to his more civilian one. Corey's exceptional performance helps to draw empathy from the audience for the struggling hero. His portrayal of a man on the edge, grappling with the harsh realities of life away from the spotlight is truly commendable.

Billy Crudup further augments the film's dynamics with his portrayal of J.J. Cook as an example of brutal capitalism. His enactment of a relentless, suave, and manipulative villain raises the bar for antagonists portrayed in drama-thriller films.

One of the key highlights of Glass Chin is the dynamic plotting and character study. The plot masterfully interweaves elements of sports drama with the grittiness of a crime thriller. The narrative is intense, yet subtle, making it a cinematic treat for the audience who enjoy character-driven storylines.

The title of the film, “Glass Chin”, is a boxing term used for a fighter who is particularly vulnerable to punches, sending him down for the count. The movie intelligently uses this term as a metaphor, encapsulating the life of the protagonist. We see Bud's plight under the harsh realities he must face, conveying his vulnerability off the ring while trying to regroup his shattered life.

The cinematography of the film beautifully captures the life in the urban world. From Bud's modest apartment to the upscale interiors of J.J.'s restaurant, the visuals are transformative, augmenting the appeal of the storytelling scope. Additionally, the striking performance shots, especially during Bud's training sequences, give an immersive tour of Bud's life, past and present.

Moreover, the tension is heightened with the appropriate music score that brilliantly complements the brooding ambiance. It follows the dramatic ups and downs of the film, adding a deeper emotional layer to the narrative. The director succeeds in using silence and the noise of the city to create a believable reality of Bud Gordon's world.

In summary, Glass Chin weaves a poignant narrative that encapsulates human struggle, ambition, and resilience. Led by strong performances and an engaging plot, the film sports an authentic depiction of life after the limelight. It is a reminder of how quickly fortunes can turn, and how strenuous it can be to regain them. As such, this film triumphs as a languid piece of neo-noir that breaks traditional boundaries of storytelling.

Glass Chin is a Drama, Thriller movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 87 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 64.

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