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Get Shorty is a crime-comedy movie from 1995, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, based on the novel of the same name by Elmore Leonard. The movie tells the story of Chili Palmer, a Miami loan shark who dreams of becoming a movie producer. The main cast includes John Travolta as Chili Palmer, Gene Hackman as Harry Zimm, Rene Russo as Karen Flores, and Danny DeVito as Martin Weir.

The story opens with Chili Palmer collecting money from a deadbeat client, Leo Devoe, and meeting Karen Flores, Leo's girlfriend, who dreams of becoming an actress. Chili is intrigued by Karen's dream and decides to pursue a career in the movie industry. Chili travels to Los Angeles to collect a debt from a famous movie producer, Harry Zimm, who is in debt with a drug lord, Bo Catlett.

Chili's plan is to make a movie with Harry Zimm and use the profits to pay off Bo Catlett's debt. Chili presents an idea for a movie, which Harry Zimm agrees to produce, but they soon become entangled with Bo Catlett's criminal activities. Harry Zimm is also pursued by a shady character named Ray "Bones" Barboni, who is sent by Leo's former boss, a Miami drug lord named Jimmy Cap, to track down Chili.

As Chili, Harry, and Karen work on the movie, they are constantly threatened by Bo Catlett, Bones, and other shady characters in the movie business. Chili also falls in love with Karen, who is attracted to his bravado and determination. The movie is filled with witty dialogue, clever plot twists, and a great sense of humor, making it a fun and entertaining watch.

The performances in the movie are all top-notch. John Travolta shines in the role of Chili Palmer, a charming and witty character who oozes confidence and swagger. Gene Hackman is hilarious as the neurotic and desperate Harry Zimm, who is constantly looking for his next big break. Rene Russo is also great as Karen Flores, a smart and ambitious actress who is caught in the middle of all the chaos.

Danny DeVito plays Martin Weir, a pompous and arrogant actor who is working on Harry Zimm's movie. Weir's scenes are some of the funniest in the movie, as he constantly bickers with the other characters and tries to assert his importance in the movie business. The supporting cast also includes great performances from Dennis Farina as Bo Catlett, Delroy Lindo as Bo's enforcer, and James Gandolfini as a stuntman who moonlights as a hitman.

The movie is also notable for its portrayal of the movie industry, which is depicted as a cutthroat and ruthless business where everyone is out to get ahead at any cost. The movie pokes fun at Hollywood and its many quirks, but also shows the determination and hard work that goes into making a successful movie.

Overall, Get Shorty is a smart and entertaining movie that delivers on both the crime and comedy aspects. With its great cast, sharp writing, and stylish direction, it is a classic of the genre and a must-watch for fans of crime-comedy movies.

Get Shorty is a Comedy, Thriller, Crime movie released in 1995. It has a runtime of 105 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 82.

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Barry Sonnenfeld
John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, Dennis Farina, Delroy Lindo, James Gandolfini, , Danny DeVito
Also starring Rene Russo
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