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The Full Monty is a 1997 British comedy-drama film directed by Peter Cattaneo and starring Robert Carlyle, Tom Wilkinson, and Mark Addy. The film revolves around a group of unemployed steel workers who, desperate for money, decide to form a male strip troupe to earn some extra cash.

The film is set in the northern English town of Sheffield, in the aftermath of the 1980s recession. As a result, many of the town's residents are struggling to make ends meet, with high levels of unemployment and poverty. Among them are the film's protagonists: Gaz (played by Robert Carlyle), a cheeky, quick-witted father of one; Dave (played by Mark Addy), Gaz's best friend, who is struggling to provide for his wife and children; and Gerald (played by Tom Wilkinson), an ex-foreman at the local steel mill who is now working as a security guard.

The plot revolves around Gaz's hare-brained idea to form a male strip troupe after seeing a group of Chippendale dancers perform in a local nightclub. Although initially met with skepticism and scorn from his friends and family, Gaz soon manages to convince a group of fellow unemployed steel workers to join him in his venture, with the promise of some much-needed cash.

Over the course of the film, the group face a number of setbacks and obstacles, from learning how to dance to dealing with the inevitable conflicts and tensions that arise when a group of men decide to take their clothes off for money. However, through their determination and perseverance, they manage to overcome these challenges and put on a memorable, if somewhat unconventional, show.

While the film is undoubtedly a comedy, it also deals with a number of serious issues, including unemployment, poverty, and masculinity. The characters in the film are complex and multi-dimensional, with their own hopes, fears, and insecurities. At its core, The Full Monty is a story about friendship, perseverance, and the importance of self-belief.

The film was a critical and commercial success upon its release, receiving widespread acclaim for its sharp writing, strong performances, and heartfelt message. It was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won the BAFTA Award for Best Film. It has since become a beloved classic of British cinema, and is widely regarded as one of the best films of the 1990s.

Overall, The Full Monty is a heartwarming, funny, and poignant film that tackles serious issues with wit and charm. Its memorable characters and catchy soundtrack have made it a beloved classic of British cinema, and its message of hope and perseverance remains as relevant today as it did over 20 years ago.

The Full Monty is a Comedy movie released in 1997. It has a runtime of 91 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 75.

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