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Duress is a gripping psychological thriller released in 2009, masterfully directed by Jordan Barker. The film stars talented actors like Martin Donovan, Gina Gallego, and Sakis Rouvas, who all bring depth and tension to this edgy movie filled with suspense and dark undertones.

The film centers around Richard Barnett (Martin Donovan), a man grappling with his troubled past and his present hardships, while trying to hold onto his sanity. Richard is a single father struggling to raise his young daughter, Sarah (Ariel Winter). He strives to provide normalcy to Sarah, which becomes increasingly challenging given his escalating mental stress following the suicide of his wife. Richard tries to cope with his grief and simultaneous demands of fatherhood, seemingly being pushed to his limits. Martin Donovan skillly renders a gripping performance, making the audience empathize with Richard's desperation and immense sorrow.

The narrative takes a sinister turn when Richard becomes embroiled in a grotesque game with an unfathomable serial killer who initially seems like a complete stranger. The mysterious character of the manipulative killer, played by Sakis Rouvas, creates palpable tension throughout the film. His chilling performance echoes the perfect psychopathic demeanor, adding a layer of dread to the movie's atmosphere. Richard is coerced into a horrifying series of events, as he is ensnared in a sequence of mind games orchestrated by this menacing antagonist.

Complications grow when Richard reaches out to the local law enforcement to seek help, only to be met with disbelief. With Richard's past mental health connections and a lack of concrete evidence, the police dismiss his claims. Hence, he finds himself alone, facing the deranged serial killer and his malevolent intentions. On the other hand, Gina Gallego portrays Susan, an old friend of Richard's deceased wife, who unexpectedly emerges into his life, offering him a glimmer of hope and potential assistance during his immense struggle.

The film features many remarkable moments of suspense and unexpected twists, testing the limits of the protagonist's conscience and resilience. Under the overwhelming duress, as suggested by the film's title, Richard is forced to confront not only the danger that threatens his and his daughter's life but also his emotional wounds and trauma. He navigates through collectively physical and psychological trials while grappling with his sanity's fragility under escalating pressures.

Director Jordan Barker and writer Jim Kehoe dextrously balance elements of horror and psychological thriller within the narrative. They successfully create an atmosphere of foreboding and dread, which consistently permeates throughout the story. The film is enveloped in a bleak and melancholy tonality that mirrors Richard's harrowing predicament. This partly noir and partly white-knuckle suspense movie subvert the audiences' expectations with shocking revelations and disturbing, tense sequences.

The beauty of the film lies in its crafting of the plot's suspense and psychological horror. It aims to create a profound sense of unease and anticipation in the audience as they navigate through Richard's terrifying ordeal. The director's ability to build and maintain suspense throughout the movie is commendably punctuated with frantic moments of action, keeping the interest of the viewers alive from start to finish.

In conclusion, Duress offers a refreshingly unique and spine-chilling journey into the bleak mind-scape of a grieving father set against a backdrop of life-threatening situations. The performances, especially those of Donovan and Rouvas, excel in eliciting empathy and dread respectively, contributing significantly to the unnerving atmosphere of the film. All the while, Duress holds the viewers captive, compelling them to sit on the edge of their seats, fully immersed in the subtly horrifying storyline. This film is definitely a must-watch for those seeking an arresting blend of suspense, horror, and psychological drama.

Duress is a Thriller, Crime movie released in 2009. It has a runtime of 78 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.5..

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