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Collaborator is a brilliantly woven narrative film that was released in 2011. This complex, thought-provoking thriller is directed by Martin Donovan, who is also the leading actor in the movie. Supporting him are other prolific actors like David Morse, Olivia Williams, Katherine Helmond, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Eileen Ryan, Julian Richings, and Quinn Lord.

In Collaborator, Martin Donovan does an exceptional job portraying the lead character, Robert Longfellow. Robert is an acclaimed but struggling playwright who is undoubtedly experiencing an artist's worst fear - a creative dry spell. Pressured by a string of unsuccessful scripts and a disharmonious domestic life, he decides to take a break and return to his childhood home. The protagonist's predicament not only offers a deep dive into the psyche of a struggling artist but also adds a substantial layer of existential dread to the storyline.

Once back in his old neighborhood, he is recognized by Gus, his former neighbor played by David Morse. Known for delving into intense character work, Morse gives a chilling performance, bringing a considerable edge to the film. Gus is an ex-con, a social misfit living on the fringes, hanging on to the memories of a world that has technologically and socially left him far behind. His sporadic and unpredictable behavior stirs the quiet life of Robert, culminating in an unexpected encounter that turns their lives upside-down.

Olivia Williams, who is known for her grace and tranquility, plays Robert's high school flame, Emma Stiles. Emma mostly acts as an anchor to Robert's roiling thought process and is a reminder of the ties that bind him to his past. Their reunion unravels in a unique blend of heartfelt emotions and unrequited love, complimenting the intriguing subplot that runs throughout the movie.

The delicate parallels between the personal crisis of Robert and the societal enigma personified in Gus make Collaborator a gripping piece of work. The movie tactfully glides on the thin line between the inner world of personal creativity and the external world marred by societal disconnects and conflicts. The narrative is filled with intense dialogues and potent dramatic sequences that defy predictability and keep the viewers on edge.

While the primary focus of the movie is on Robert and Gus's relationship, it also subtly integrates narratives around societal and political elements. These subplots do not distract but augment the main narrative with minor threads running the course of the film, providing a geopolitical backdrop to the personal tales of anguish and redemption.

Director Martin Donovan’s grip on his craft is evident in the way he smoothly handles the switch between Robert's sophisticated urban lifestyle and the stifling atmosphere of Robert's old neighborhood. Collaborator thoughtfully captures the dichotomy of these two different worlds heightened by nuanced screenplay and splendid cinematography.

One of the strongest suits of the movie is its well-crafted characters. The character development is brilliant, giving each one depth and realism. The performances of the ensemble cast are another highlight. Donovan's portrayal of a middle-aged man dealing with a personal and professional crisis is gripping. His character's internal despair is well-expressed with a blend of subtlety and intensity.

David Morse's performance as the unpredictable yet oddly intriguing Gus is compelling and strikingly realistic. His raw performance adds a layer of rough tension to the film which counterbalances Donovan's subdued act. Olivia Williams’ character provides a softer contrast to the two men, her performance adding a touch of nostalgia, like a gentle reminder of better, simpler times.

All in all, Collaborator is an expertly made independent film that showcases human lives intertwining in the face of adversity. It offers an introspective look into the psyche of its characters while raising tough questions about social structures and political systems. It's a movie with a deep sense of melancholy, which is brilliantly accented by its excellent writing, meticulous direction, and the superlative performances of its cast.

In summary, Collaborator is not just a raw and intense thriller but is equally a thoughtful exploration of personal despair, redemption, and social and political facets of life. It is a movie that demands the viewer's attention and continues to linger long after the ending credits have rolled.

Collaborator is a Comedy, Drama movie released in 2011. It has a runtime of 87 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 56.

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