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Dunston Checks In is a 1996 American family comedy film starring Jason Alexander, Faye Dunaway, and Eric Lloyd. Directed by Ken Kwapis, the film is a delightful blend of humor, family dynamics, and thrilling heist-like adventure with captivating performances by the lead actors.

The story centers around Robert Grant, played by Jason Alexander, the overworked manager of a five-star hotel 'The Majestic'. Robert, a single father of two boys, struggles to maintain the high standards of the luxury hotel while caring for his two mischievous sons. Faye Dunaway portrays the hard-nosed and extremely particular hotel owner, Mrs. Dubrow, who is obsessed with earning a six-star rating for 'The Majestic'. This leaves Robert on his toes trying to ensure nothing goes wrong.

The plot thickens with Lord Rutledge's (Rupert Everett) arrival at the hotel. He's a suave, high society guest who stays at the most luxurious hotels worldwide. However, unbeknownst to everyone, he's a jewel thief who employs a highly unconventional accomplice - a highly trained, intelligent orangutan named Dunston. The film takes a wild turn as Dunston finds himself in various comedic predicaments, experiences freedom outside his cage, and engages in large doses of chaos and mayhem within the hotel walls.

Meanwhile, the younger of Robert's sons, Kyle (played by Eric Lloyd), a lonely boy with a knack for finding trouble, crosses paths with Dunston. The unusual duo forge an unlikely friendship, making the story more charming and endearing. Young Kyle promises to keep Dunston a secret, causing light-hearted pandemonium and childhood excitement, as he attempts to hide a full-sized orangutan in a luxury hotel!

As the storyline progresses, Robert finds himself caught in a whirlwind of troubles as he juggles between managing a top-tier hotel, routing the hotel critic, satisfying the demanding Dubrow, raising his sons, and unknowingly hosting a mischief-causing orangutan.

The film dives into the heart of family values, exploring how Robert's preoccupation with pleasing his boss and maintaining the hotel’s reputation affects his relationship with his children. Through all the laughter and adventure, Dunston Checks In carries heartwarming messages about the importance of family, friendship, and standing up against exploitation.

Jason Alexander delivers a superb performance as Robert, showcasing a character who learns to prioritize his family over his demanding job. Faye Dunaway excels in her portrayal of Mrs. Dubrow, a character the audience loves to hate. And Rupert Everett keeps the viewers entertained with his performance as the charming yet conniving Lord Rutledge. However, it's the endearing relationship between Eric Lloyd’s Kyle and Dunston that is truly the highlight of the movie.

With the hotel playing its own character in the movie - a bustling hub of extravagant parties, demanding guests, and continuous hijinks - it forms the perfect, rich backdrop for this amusing adventure. Ken Kwapis does an incredible job of balancing comedy, warmth, and lessons of love and familial bonds throughout the film's narrative.

On the surface, Dunston Checks In is a hilarious family comedy, but beyond that it is an adventure of friendship and a stimulating tale of love and priorities. It's a film that encourages viewers to value relationships over material possessions and resounds with the message of freedom and kindness towards animals.

With brilliant comedic timing, wonderful performances, and a cinematic feel-good vibe, Dunston Checks In is a roller coaster of fun-filled chaos perfect for a family movie night. It is a movie characterized by its hilarious scenes, heartwarming moments, and roles filled to perfection, creating extraordinary entertainment that can be appreciated by any audience, young or old. After all, who won’t find delight in watching a friendly orangutan create a whirlwind of mischief in a five-star hotel?

Dunston Checks In is a Kids & Family, Comedy, Adventure movie released in 1996. It has a runtime of 88 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 54.

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