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Midnight Crossing is a 1988 mystery-thriller film directed by Roger Holzberg and written by George Romero. The cast includes Academy Award Winner Faye Dunaway, Emmy-award winning Daniel J. Travanti, and Kim Cattrall, renowned for her role in the series ‘Sex and The City’.

As the movie opens, we're introduced to the intriguing characters in an intricate web of power dynamics and hidden motives. Faye Dunaway plays Helen Barton, a blind woman caught in an unhappy marriage with Morely Barton, portrayed by Daniel J. Travanti. Dunaway's depiction of a blind woman adds extra depth and intrigue to the plot, underlining the sense of vulnerability yet fierce independence. Travanti's Morley, on the other hand, is established as an unlikable and sarcastic man, hinting at his sinister motives.

Alongside them, Kim Cattrall plays the tantalizing role of Alexa Schubb, a seductive woman who enters their lives and disrupts the already tumultuous balance of power. This trio embarks on a seemingly simple sailboat trip from Florida to the Bahamas, which soon becomes a complex cross-analysis of human behavior under extraordinary circumstances.

Throughout the story, director Holyzberg displays a flair for creating tension, playing with various elements including the desolate ocean, the strained personal relationships, and the submerged threats. The ocean is frequently used as a metaphor for the underlying secrets and pent-up frustrations amongst the characters. The characters struggle not only with their interpersonal relationships but also with their inner selves, revealing the complexity of their personalities.

Midnight Crossing skillfully intertwines suspense and character development, encouraging viewers to appreciate the film on multiple levels. The movie takes unexpected narrative and stylistic detours, shifting back and forth between thriller and human drama with ease, revealing the tangled history and secrets of the protagonists.

Dunaway brings a classy performance as the disillusioned Helen, torn between hope and despair, played with an exquisite mix of subtleness and raw emotion. Travanti exhibits a balance between villainy and victimhood through Morley and successfully evokes both sympathy and disdain from the audience. Kim Cattrall, with her engaging screen presence, adds to the story’s tension and mystery, providing sensual appeal and the promise of danger.

Shot primarily on location in the Caribbean and Florida, the cinematography in Midnight Crossing adds another distinct dimension. Cinematographer Alex Phillips captures the beauty and hostility of the vast ocean, and his use of lighting and shadow to heighten the movie's tense atmospherics is admirable. The dark ocean and stark coastline become an additional riveting character, echoing the loneliness, fear, and desperation faced by the main characters.

Roger Holzberg's direction compliments the thrilling plot penned by George Romero. The narrative is rife with plot twists that subtly hint at the potential dangers lurking around the seemingly innocent characters. Holzberg's direction techniques include long tracking shots and tense close-ups, keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Midnight Crossing leaves viewers contemplating the thin line between reality and deception, love and betrayal, courage and fear, right and wrong. The dramatic climax brings all plotlines and character arcs to a head, leaving the audience satisfied, yet pensive. This crime thriller turns into more than mere popcorn entertainment; it is a study of human emotions, the resilience of the human spirit, and the nuances involved when ordinary people are thrown into extraordinary situations.

In conclusion, Midnight Crossing is a well-crafted suspense film with an impressive cast and an engaging plot that will leave audiences guessing right until the end. It challenges the preconceived notions about the genre and delivers a complex narrative layered with hidden motives, unexpected twists, and immersive performances. It's a hidden gem from the 80s, a must-watch for those who like psychological thrillers. The film serves as an excellent example of cinema that challenges the viewer to think beyond black and white, pushing you to witness human nature's grey areas. An unforgettable blend of drama, suspense, and a masterclass in filmmaking, Midnight Crossing is a thrilling cinematic experience.

Midnight Crossing is a Mystery, Thriller movie released in 1987. It has a runtime of 104 min. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.7..

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