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Denise Calls Up is a distinctive 1995 film that uniquely dives into the technological trends of the era with an insightful and witty interpretation of how it affects interpersonal connections. A Harold Ramis presentation, the film stars Tim Daly, Caroleen Feeney, and Dan Gunther. The movie vividly presents the advancement in technology and the adverse effects it has on human relations in an era when digital communication began to take precedence over face-to-face human interactions.

Directed by Hal Salwen, the film opens the curtains to an uncanny stage where the characters barely meet in person. Instead, their lives intertwine through a series of exchanged phone calls, answering machine messages, and early forms of online connections — a refreshing but different scenario reflecting the budding digital culture into which society was gradually being ushered.

Daly, Feeney, and Gunther lead an ensemble cast, each portraying their individual characters with contrasting personalities but experiencing similar isolation resulting from their reliance on technology. Tim Daly plays the character of Frank Oliver, a marketing executive whose life is dominated by self-absorption and seemingly endless conference calls. He soon becomes stricken with the realization of his utter solitude. Carolleen Feeney as Denise Devaro, the titular character in the story, plays an expectant single mother ambushed by the difficulties of her situation, largely linked to the impersonal relationships she forged. The lives of Frank, Denise, and other characters develop in an intricate web of phone calls and interacting storylines, as they grapple with ideas of shared experiences, friendships, and even birth through a lens of digitalized conversations.

The film subtly unpacks each character's life experiences, gradually revealing how they are missing out on sincere human contact in the wake of the technology boom. It is a carefully crafted juxtaposition, inviting the viewers to ponder upon the eerie and strange detachment experienced by the characters, as their lives are starkly mediated through technology.

In terms of screenplay, Hal Salwen's standout performance manages to explore this new world of communication with a perspective that is often funny, touching, and thought-provoking. The narrative techniques used throughout the film enhances the storytelling and blends effortlessly with the changing dynamics of the characters. Elements like the telephone or computer screen serve more than their functional roles; they are essential devices that drive the plot forward. Moreover, the film is timed perfectly in the 90s, a pivotal juncture in time when society began shifting from traditional communicative methods to the modern, digital age.

Despite the film's overall lightness, there are moments where it captures the quiet anxiety and unease that comes with navigating a rapidly changing world. It successfully communicates the encroaching loneliness brought on by technology-relayed relationships and the irony that despite being more "connected," the characters are profoundly alone. It's an interesting paradox that aptly mirrors our contemporary society where digital life takes precedence over person-to-person interactions.

In essence, "Denise Calls Up" appeals to audiences as much more than a comedy. It's an engaging portrayal of the ebb and flow of human connections, capturing a distinct moment in time. The film's strength lies in its storytelling technique, its commitment to its unique concept, and the performances by an assembled cast. It is a striking commentary on how the digitization of interactions can lead to an emotional void, interpersonal disconnect, and sheer loneliness. "Denice Calls Up" continues to be a relevant cinematic piece, showcasing how our reliance on technology could effortlessly distance us from reality, each other, and ultimately, ourselves. Tim Daly, Caroleen Feeney, and Dan Gunther's performances distinctly carry this nuanced tale forward, making it a unique addition to the cinematic realm. The film continues to strike a chord with contemporary audiences, making it a must-watch for anyone who ponders the effects of our evolving technological landscape on human relationships.

Denise Calls Up is a Comedy movie released in 1995. It has a runtime of 80 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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