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Death Becomes Her is a strikingly unique, darkly comical fantasy film that was first released in 1992. The movie is directed by the versatile Robert Zemeckis, the genius behind such popular films as Back to the Future and Forrest Gump. Death Becomes Her stars three of Hollywood's most accomplished performers - Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, and Goldie Hawn. Rich with black humor, special effects, and biting satire on vanity and fear of aging, this movie offers an outrageous, twisted exploration of immortality in the shadow of Hollywood glamour.

The story revolves around two childhood friends - Madeline Ashton (Meryl Streep) and Helen Sharp (Goldie Hawn). Madeline, a Broadway diva known for her beauty and acting prowess, and Helen, a plain but talented writer, have a bitter rivalry stemming from their desires for success and love. This animosity intensifies when Madeline steals Helen's fiancé, plastic surgeon Ernest Menville (Bruce Willis), and marries him. The two women engage in an all-out war of vanity, stretching their obsession with beauty and youth to supernatural extremes.

Meryl Streep's Madeline Ashton is a woman defined by her looks and terrified of aging, while Goldie Hawn's Helen Sharp is consumed with envy and a desire for revenge. Pitched against each other, they are willing to go to extreme lengths in their quest to remain youthful and beautiful. Bruce Willis, who shuns his usual tough-guy persona, provides a masterful performance as the weak, impressionable Ernest Menville, caught in the crossfire of their escalating feud.

The movie articulates the perils of vanity and the relentless pursuit of youth in our society, especially in the context of Hollywood where appearances are everything. The narrative uses a supernatural potion, which promises eternal youth, to illustrate the characters’ obsession with beauty. This potion becomes a driving force in the narrative, leading to hilariously dark & horrific scenarios that underline the overarching theme.

Zemeckis deftly uses special effects to explore the physical grotesqueness that underlies the characters' psychological obsession. At a time when digital effects were in their infancy, Death Becomes Her stood out with its innovative use of visuals to create a chilling, darkly comic mood. Ranging from the physical transformations inflicted upon the characters to their improbable and increasingly absurd survival scenarios, the special effects have a surreal edge that enhances the visual extravagance of the film and underscores its theme of unnatural preoccupation with youth and beauty.

There are scenes of uniquely warped hilarity, interspersed with black humor, that satirize the obsession with outward appearance while skewering Hollywood vanity. The dialogue is crisp, sharp, and filled with incisive one-liners that hit their targets with venomous precision. Coupled with the performances of the three leads, this adds depth and dimensions to what otherwise could have been shallow caricatures.

Streep and Hawn shine in their roles, their performances marked by an overt disregard for their glamorous images. Willis, cast against type, also shows remarkable versatility in his role as the disgruntled, disillusioned plastic surgeon. Their performances, combined with the film's extraordinary premise and Zemeckis's artful direction, result in a movie that consistently surprises and entertains while leaving you with a lasting impression.

The film’s music score by Alan Silvestri deserves special mention as well. The haunting and melodramatic tunes provide the perfect backdrop for the outlandish events unfolding on screen, contributing significantly to its satirical and ironic tone.

The unforgettable ending sequence - while it won’t be spoiled here – rounds out the movie beautifully, driving home the film's black comedy elements and central themes. The combination of provocative storytelling, visual inventiveness, and all-star performances make Death Becomes Her a fascinating exploration of Hollywood vanity and an entertaining dark comedy.

In conclusion, Death Becomes Her is a darkly comedic, visually striking experience, that savagely and humorously critiques Hollywood's obsession with youth and beauty. By marrying the talents of the leading stars with groundbreaking special effects, the film presents a fascinating narrative that gets under the skin, forces us to reflect on societal obsessions, and leaves us laughing in shocked delight at its wickedly imaginative plot.

Death Becomes Her is a Comedy, Fantasy, Horror movie released in 1992. It has a runtime of 104 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 56.

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