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Cold Around the Heart is a 1997 noir crime thriller film that explores the twisted depths of criminal passion, betrayal, and Latin dance. Directed by John Ridley, the film exhibits an engaging balance of suspense, action, and psychological intensity. The cast features David Caruso, widely recognized for his starring role in the popular television series "CSI: Miami," Kelly Lynch, lauded for her role in the film "Road House," and Stacey Dash, who delivered an unforgettable performance in "Clueless."

The narrative begins in Kansas City with a shocking diamond heist orchestrated by the dangerous yet beautiful duo: Ned (David Caruso) and Jude (Kelly Lynch). Ned is equivalently intimidating and cerebral, strategically shying away from any emotional entanglement. Lynch's portrayal of Jude is equally sterling, delineating a chilling charm with an underpinning soft layer of enigma and uncertainty, which perfectly aligns with the darkly dense visual and narrative ambiance of the movie. Their criminal pursuit, however, violently implodes, leaving them juggling between the treacherous realms of profiteering, revenge, and survival.

In the aftermath of this unlawful adventure, the unpredictable and thrilling plot leans on professional criminal Ned hunting down his rogue partner Jude, who disappears with their stash of uncut diamonds worth millions. Motivated by betrayal and driven by revenge, Ned embarks on a gripping cross-country journey from the windy streets of Kansas City through the desert landscapes of Nevada and finally converging onto the unpredictability of the Los Angeles underworld.

During this elaborate hunt, viewers will struggle not to get entranced by Ned's interaction and subsequent romantic involvement with a distinctive woman named Bec Rosenberg (Stacey Dash). Dash's character provides a human dimension to the storyline beyond the cold-blooded criminal world. As an African American woman with a spirited love for Latin dance and an empathetic heart hidden behind a thick veneer of tough independence, Bec is a standout and ultimately pivotal character in the narrative. Her complex relationship dynamic with Ned oscillates between their racially and socially different worlds – a bond that’s interestingly multifaceted and heart-rendingly layered.

The movie features an intriguing exploration of contrasts, used to highlight the grey areas between moral righteousness and immoral necessity. It showcases the brutality of the criminal world and juxtaposes it with the colorful world of Latin dance, opening up fascinating dialectic discussions about good and evil.

The brilliant cinematography of Malik Hassan Sayeed paints a stunning visual picture, enhancing the film's dark noir vibe with every scene. The bleak blacks and greys used throughout the movie work to heighten the film's suspenseful aura. The complexity of each character's emotional landscape and their gritty, unpredictable lives are portrayed against the backdrop of an America that swings between rural tranquility and congested urbanity.

Ridley's direction in Cold Around The Heart reflects his talent at creating a gripping narrative fraught with tension and uncertainty. His deft handling of the neo-noir elements, while experimenting with the inclusion of a Latin dance subplot, showcases his masterful storytelling.

The musical score by minimalist composer Mark Mothersbaugh primarily uses wrenching strings and low brass, contributing significantly to maintaining the narrative's dense atmosphere and unflagging tension.

On the whole, Cold Around The Heart is a masterful thriller that seamlessly blends elements of crime, passion, noir, and psychological drama. Led by an outstanding cast, the movie is a stark portrayal of the criminal underworld set against the backdrop of urban America, offering viewers a slice of cinema marked by notable performances and undeniable suspense. It is a must-watch for anyone who relishes a filmic encounter with the dark, cryptic side of humanity and the bewildering twists of fate that characterize the world of crime.

Cold Around the Heart is a Crime, Thriller, Drama movie released in 1997. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1..

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