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Batman: The Long Halloween Part One is the first installment of an animated two-part series released in 2021. This film marks another milestone in Bruce Wayne's storied saga, offering a fresh, yet devoutly faithful adaptation of the famous comic storyline. Directed by Chris Palmer, this movie stars Jensen Ackles as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Josh Duhamel as Harvey Dent, and the late Naya Rivera portraying the alluring and mysterious Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

The story adopts the original source material "Batman: The Long Halloween" by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, widely regarded as one of the finest Batman tales. Known for its dark tone, intricate storytelling, and captivating artwork, "The Long Halloween" is a seminal chapter in Batman's lore. This film, being Part One, sets the foundation for the complex, epic narrative that unfolds across two films, combining elements of a detective story, mafia flick, and super-heroic action, creating an arresting neo-noir atmosphere that completely engrosses the audience.

The movie begins by introducing us to Gotham City, a dark and gritty metropolis perpetually under the shadow of crime and corruption. Ackles' Batman is still relatively new to the role of the city's guardian, grappling with the moral ambiguities and physical tolls of his double life as philanthropist Bruce Wayne and vigilante Batman. This provides an interesting perspective, as we witness Batman's early detective work and the evolution of his relationship with crime and the city.

Josh Duhamel’s Harvey Dent, destined to become the infamous Two-Face, is another pivotal character in this tale. Duhamel does an exquisite job in portraying the crusading District Attorney with a volatile edge. His evolution throughout the story adds depth to the narrative, reinforcing the film's exploration of duality and moral ambiguity.

Naya Rivera shines as Selina Kyle, a character whose revelatory journey is tightly entwined with Bruce Wayne’s on several levels. Her performance is heartfelt, delivering a complex emotional range that enhances Catwoman's enigma and allure. Rivera's work here is particularly poignant as this was her final role before her untimely death in 2020.

Batman: The Long Halloween Part One is heavily steeped in the crime genre, featuring iconic Gotham mobsters and criminals including Carmine Falcone (voiced by Titus Welliver) and the always unpredictable Joker (voiced by Troy Baker). The storyline borrows elements from classic mafia films and detective thrillers, presenting Batman in a less superheroic way and more as a hard-boiled detective. It's a fabulous blend of genres, adding layers of depth to every character, even those perceived as villains.

The animation style of Batman: The Long Halloween Part One is truly noteworthy. It offers a unique blend of the distinctly angular 'noir' art style from the original comics with a softer, more fluid design. The film's artwork brilliantly represents Gotham City's grim aesthetic while remaining faithful to the source material's visual appeal. The action sequences are elegantly choreographed and animated, solidifying the steadfast allure that Batman's physicality offers. Mood-setting color palettes and atmospheric lighting are used effectively throughout the film, enhancing the grim, yet engaging narrative.

The film also addresses fundamental Batman themes of justice, crime, and duality with unique sensibilities. This portrayal of Batman allows the viewer to contemplate the character's ideals and actions, their effects on his mental state, and the alluring yet treacherous city he's sworn to protect. It tackles the transformation of characters like Harvey Dent and Selina Kyle, discussing who they are, what they stand for, and conflicting values that eventually lead them down morally ambiguous paths.

In conclusion, Batman: The Long Halloween Part One is a skillful blend of classic noir, corruption tales, and superhero storytelling. It brings together an elaborate plot, complex characters, and well-executed animation in a stunning tribute to one of Batman’s most celebrated narratives. Anchored by standout performances from Jensen Ackles, Josh Duhamel, and Naya Rivera, this film leaves its audience eagerly anticipating the culmination in Part Two.

Batman: The Long Halloween Part One is a Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of 85 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2..

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