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Bad Asses is a 2014 action movie that stars two legendary actors, Danny Trejo and Danny Glover. The story revolves around Frank Vega (Danny Trejo), a Vietnam War veteran who is known for his impressive fighting skills and is often referred to as a "badass." In the movie, Vega teams up with a new partner, Bernie Pope (Danny Glover), a retired electronics store owner who has also been trained in combat. The unlikely duo sets out to fight crime on the streets of East LA.

The movie begins with Frank Vega receiving a medal of honor for his service in the Vietnam War, but he doesn't feel like he deserves it. He struggles to find a job and is often disrespected by the people around him because of his age. One day, while riding the bus, he witnesses a gang of bikers harassing a woman. He steps in and uses his fighting skills to defend her. The video of the incident goes viral, and Vega becomes a local hero.

Bernie Pope, who has his own reasons for wanting to fight crime, sees the video and seeks out Vega, wanting to join forces with him. Vega is hesitant at first, but eventually agrees to team up with Pope. The two become fast friends, and their chemistry on screen is engaging and entertaining.

Together, they start to investigate a series of crimes that have been happening in their neighborhood. They discover that a crooked politician is behind many of the illegal activities, and they set out to take him down. The two "badasses" use their skills to fight off thugs, bikers, and corrupt cops, all while cracking jokes and showing off their unique personalities.

As the movie progresses, we get to know more about Frank Vega's past, including his time in Vietnam and the reason why he feels undeserving of his medal of honor. We also learn about Bernie Pope's love for his daughter and his determination to protect her. The two characters are very different from each other, but their common goal brings them together.

Throughout the movie, the fight scenes are intense and well-choreographed. Danny Trejo and Danny Glover bring their A-game and prove that they are still badass at their respective ages. The soundtrack adds an extra layer of excitement, with songs that complement the mood of each scene.

Overall, Bad Asses is an entertaining movie that showcases the talents of two Hollywood legends. The chemistry between Danny Trejo and Danny Glover is undeniable, and their on-screen dynamic is infectious. The story is engaging, with plenty of action, humor, and heart. If you're a fan of action movies or just looking for a fun time, Bad Asses is definitely worth checking out.

Bad Asses is a Action movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6..

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