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B. Monkey is a provocative romantic thriller released in 1998, featuring an international cast led by Asia Argento, Jared Harris, and Rupert Everett. The movie pairs the turmoil of an enthralling romance with edge-of-seat histrionics creating an engaging narrative under the direction of Michael Radford.

The central character Beatrice, alternately known as B. Monkey (played by Argento), is a vibrant and reckless criminal. She's mysterious and dangerous, a seasoned cat burglar who effortlessly eludes the law, leaving no traces behind. Argento brings to life an audacious character that's as perilously seductive as she is professionally proficient, diligently bridging between her violent world and her deep longing for a calmer life.

Jared Harris plays Alan, a mild-mannered, somewhat bashful schoolteacher. He also has a peculiar hobby of playing a late-night DJ on a jazz radio station. A passionate lover of music and records, Alan's world is starkly contrasting to the one B. Monkey is wrapped in. He is someone who prefers the comforts of a quiet life, worlds apart from B. Monkey's thrill-seeking exploits. But when their paths cross on London's streets, the sparks fly, turning their lives upside down.

Rupert Everett, known for his suave and witty roles, here portrays the queer character of Paul, Alan's eccentric roommate. He adds a layer of unique charm and intrigue to the storyline with his unorthodox wisdom and candid humor, also shedding light on the complexities of human relationships and identities.

B. Monkey unravels the intricacies of love, conflicting personal desires, and the imminent dangers lurking in the shadows of a criminal past. The narrative centers around B's struggle to leave her old lifestyle behind and embrace a life of normality with Alan. But, as we delve deeper into their story, the script weaves an intricate web engrossing the audience in the tumultuous endeavor of a woman trying to outrun her past deeds.

The chemistry between the lead characters is electric and complex. The contrasting characters - a fearless, charismatic criminal and an introverted, peace-loving schoolteacher, meet against the grain, drawing them into a chaotic love story. Alan is mesmerized by her, desperate to provide the stability B. Monkey yearns for, regardless of the stark differences in their worlds. The dynamic between them creates an interesting premise, raising questions about love, loyalty, trust, and the lengths one goes to protect those they love.

The cinematography of B. Monkey is brilliant, masterfully capturing different aspects of London. From the gritty, noir-style alleys symbolic of B's criminal past to the enchanting cityscape around Alan's mundane world, the film uses visual storytelling to evoke the atmosphere of romance and thrill.

Director Michael Radford does a commendable job in maintaining an intricate balance between a steamy romance and suspenseful thriller. The action sequences are slick, providing an adrenaline rush, whereas the poignant moments between the central characters deepen the narrative, painting a vivid picture of a chaotic relationship.

B. Monkey also delves into the dual nature of reality, entwining the dark, criminal underworld with the seemingly normal, everyday life. It raises curious questions about what we perceive and what's hidden underneath, illustrating the dichotomy beautifully.

In conclusion, B. Monkey is an engrossing romantic thriller that explores the complexities of human relationships, the tumultuous journey of redemption, and the struggle of identities. The performances, specifically those of Asia Argento and Jared Harris, are commendable, fleshing out the intricacies of their characters in this emotionally charged, suspenseful drama. It is a stylistic cinematic statement packed with emotion, action, and intrigue that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

B. Monkey is a Romance, Crime, Drama movie released in 1998. It has a runtime of 92 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 49.

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