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At Middleton is a compelling romantic-comedy drama film that premiered in 2013, crammed with heartfelt emotions, and sprinkled with doses of immense humor and relatability. The film stars the talented Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, along with a competent cast that includes Taissa Farmiga, Spencer Lofranco, and Peter Riegert.

At Middleton brings a different flavor to the rom-com genre, delivering its story in an unconventional setting – a college tour. The plot revolves around two seemingly dissimilar individuals, George (Andy Garcia) and Edith (Vera Farmiga), who meet during a college tour for their kids. Garcia portrays a heart surgeon, George Hartman, with a composed demeanor, while Farmiga plays the role of Edith Martin, a free-spirited retailer. Their children, Conrad (Spencer Lofranco) and Audrey (Taissa Farmiga), are prospective students at Middleton College.

The movie kicks off when George and Edith meet while touring the college campus. Both have arrived with their children, hoping to guide them in making an informed decision on their academic future. The parents’ perspective on life and their approach towards it vary drastically. George is overly organized and methodical, holding a serious outlook on life. Meanwhile, Edith is spontaneous, full of energy, and navigates through life with a casual, carefree spirit. This initial interaction sets the tone for the rest of the movie and sparks a unique connection between both parents.

As the tour picks up, both George and Edith fall behind the group and indulge in their unexpected journey around the college campus. The day offers an escape from their usual roles as parents, drifting away from the main tour and immersing themselves in a separate adventure that leads them to explore different aspects of the campus. The movie follows the duo as they share genuine conversations, engage in amusing interactions, and confront their own personal struggles, fears, and aspirations.

This extensive interaction allows them to learn about each other, forging a vibrant bond that’s captivating to watch. Their day at Middleton gets filled with several humorous, contemplative, and poignant moments that significantly impact them. Hence, it becomes a transformative journey, prompting them to question their own life choices and enabling them to see life from a different perspective.

At Middleton beautifully tinkers with the prospect of what might have happened if life took a different turn, exploring emotions, mid-life crises, and the essence of parenthood. It is a story of transformation and self-discovery, but it is also a poignant depiction of the anxieties and hopes of parents fumbling through the college admissions process. It delves deep into the thoughts of the character, detailing not just their attitudes towards their children's future, but also questioning their satisfaction with their own personal and professional lives.

The performances of Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, who find themselves out of their comfort zones, are undeniably evocative. They bring nuanced portrayals to their characters, balancing comedic timing and emotional depth with commendable versatility. Their chemistry shines in this unconventional love story, engrossing the viewers with their affable nature and the authenticity of their characters’ connection.

Director Adam Rodgers, along with co-writer Glenn German, crafts this heartfelt story by weaving together humor, drama, and romance into a coherent, engaging narrative. Rodgers deftly balances the multitude of emotions the film navigates through, hitting the right chords with his audience at all times.

In conclusion, At Middleton is an unexpectedly delightful blend of a romantic comedy and drama, boasting stellar performances from Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, a unique narrative premise, and a heartwarming exploration of love, mid-life self-discovery, and parent-child dynamics. This is a rare gem in the realm of rom-coms that strikes a perfect balance between humor, love, and serious life contemplations. It is a pleasant, light-hearted movie, both unpredictable and charming, that will leave the audience pondering their own life choices when the credits roll.

At Middleton is a Romance, Comedy movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 60.

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