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Asuravithu, directed by A.K. Sajan, is a Malayalam action drama released in 2012. The film stars Asif Ali, widely acclaimed for his electrifying performances, along with notable actors Harisree Ashokan and Kalasala Babu among others.

From the opening scene itself, Asuravithu sets the tone of an action-packed thriller. Its hard-hitting storyline revolves around a sequence of unpredictable events related to a young man named Don Bosco, portrayed by Asif Ali. Despite having a humble background, Bosco is eccentric and gutsy, which draws attention and trouble alike. Caught amidst the turbulent world of crime and deceit, his journey forms the crux of the film.

Don Bosco is brought up in a Christian seminary. His father is a well-respected community leader who encourages his son to follow the path of righteousness. However, Bosco's brash behavior leads him towards a vehemently contrasting journey. The story comes into effect when unexpected circumstances lead Bosco to drop out of the seminary and move into a dangerous world that is far removed from his previously sheltered life.

As the plot progresses, Bosco gets embroiled into the criminal world where he tries to navigate a web of deception, treachery, and violence. Asif Ali impresses through his depiction of the protagonist Bosco, who exudes both vulnerability and authoritative power when required.

This action film expertly explores the varying shades of human nature and the lengths one can go for survival. There's an ongoing tussle between Bosco's inherent optimism and a fiercely challenging scenario that constantly tests his mettle. This sense of internal conflict is what makes the character of Bosco – and indeed the film itself – so compelling and authentic.

The spectrum of actors in the movie have been instrumental in bringing forward a raw and visceral narrative that involves the audience from the get-go. Harisree Ashokan plays a pivotal role, starting off as a comic character, but later evolves into a formidable figure. His performance is notable as his character transitions from comedy to character with deep gravity. In the diverse cast, Kalasala Babu puts forth an impressive stint as a traditional father, displaying a wide array of emotions to make the viewers empathize with his character’s dilemmas.

Director A.K. Sajan has effectively portrayed the underbelly of crime, shedding light on its influence in normal life. Each character, every setting, contributes to the formation of this world. As the plot unwinds with intense scenes filled with suspense, drama, and action, Sajan successfully keeps the audience on their toes.

The technical aspects of the film, like the cinematography and music, are well achieved and impactful. The thrilling sequences accompanied by the captivating music of Alphons Joseph, contribute to the tantalizing ambiance of Asuravithu.

Asuravithu is not just a crime-thriller; it’s a story of survival, determination, and the inherent human instinct to fight against all odds. It carefully presents a challenging narrative that provides an unfiltered glance into the abyss of the criminal world, whilst simultaneously tap into the various vulnerabilities and strengths of an ordinary man caught in extraordinary circumstances.

With its intriguing plot and well-crafted characters, Asuravithu holds the audience's attention from beginning to end. The movie is a clear testament to Asif Ali's acting prowess and A.K. Sajan's adeptness in scriptwriting and directing. The fine performances of the ensemble cast, the vibrant storytelling, coupled with the excellent execution of the screenplay, add allure to this action-packed drama. Asuravithu is indeed a cinematic experience filled with suspense, emotions, and thrill. It's not just a film; it's a vivid portrayal of the stark reality many individuals encounter in their fight for survival.

Asuravithu is a Action movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 139 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.4..

A.K. Sajan
Asif Ali, Harisree Ashokan, Kalasala Babu
Also directed by A.K. Sajan
Also starring Harisree Ashokan
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