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In the year 2021, Jason Momoa stars as a skilled hunter and tracker named Gus, who leads a small team of hired mercenaries on a mission to locate and capture the world's most dangerous game animals for a wealthy businessman known only as Harker. Joining Gus on his quest is his longtime friend and fellow hunter, Roy (played by Brendan Fraser), and Harker's son, William (Johnathon Schaech), who is eager to prove himself as a capable hunter and earn his father's respect.

Their latest target is a rare, mythical creature known as the White Ghost, which is said to possess extraordinary strength and speed, making it an exceptionally challenging prey. But as they begin their hunt, they soon discover they are not alone in the wilderness and are being stalked by a mysterious and deadly rival hunter who seems to possess the same skills and abilities as Gus and his team.

As tensions rise and the hunters become the hunted, they must make a desperate stand against their unseen adversary if they hope to survive and complete their mission. Along the way, they will face many challenges and obstacles, including dangerous wildlife, treacherous terrain, and internal conflicts that threaten to tear the team apart.

As the hunt reaches its climax, the true nature of their rival is finally revealed, and Gus and his team must use all their skills and knowledge to vanquish their foe and claim the White Ghost. But in the end, the hunters will discover that the greatest challenge they face is not the hunt itself, but the ethical dilemma of whether to kill or save their quarry and the consequences that come with that decision.

Apex is a thrilling and action-packed adventure film that will keep audiences on the edge of their seat from beginning to end. The stunning visuals and breathtaking scenery capture the majesty of the African wilderness and provide the perfect backdrop for the intense and suspenseful sequences that make up the majority of the film.

The performances by the cast are outstanding, with Momoa delivering a stellar performance as the complex and conflicted Gus, and Fraser providing much-needed comic relief as his affable sidekick, Roy. Schaech also shines as Harker's son, William, who is forced to confront his own limitations and flaws in the face of danger.

But it is the film's villain, played by a surprise cameo actor, who steals the show with his menacing and terrifying portrayal of the rival hunter who pushes Gus and his team to their limits. Through his actions, the audience is forced to question their own perception of the hunters and see them in a new light.

Overall, Apex is a must-see film that combines elements of action, adventure, and ethical dilemmas to create a thought-provoking and thrilling cinematic experience.

Apex is a Action, Thriller, Science Fiction movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.0..

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