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10,000 BC is a mammoth-sized adventure movie packed with epic prehistoric action scenes. Released in 2008, the film was directed by Roland Emmerich, known for his flair in creating visually spectacular worlds in a variety of genres from Independence Day to The Day After Tomorrow. This time, Emmerich takes the audience back in time to the prehistoric era.

The film stars Steven Strait as D'Leh, a man born into a small tribe of mammoth hunters (Yagahl) in the mountains. D'Leh lives a simple yet profound life, taking part in the lifecycle of prehistoric humanity, hunting game, and following the tribe's traditions. But, D'Leh is not just an ordinary tribesman; he is burdened by a destiny he can hardly fathom as he is regarded as the prophesied hero who will deliver his people from hardship.

Camilla Belle, who made her name in films like The Invisible and When A Stranger Calls, plays the role of the beautiful Evolet, who is the flame-haired object of D'Leh's affections. Blizzard-blue eyes and a strong-willed nature define Evolet, marking her as not just an ordinary woman of the clan but one with a vibrancy and vigor of her own. She forms D'Leh's emotional core, his strength, and serves as his primary driving force throughout the film's adventure-filled narrative.

Marco Khan, an actor with a string of small but memorable roles in a variety of television shows and films, effectively rounds out the cast, taking on the role of a fellow tribesman and friend to D'Leh. Khan brings an authentic charm and brooding intensity to his character, contributing positively to the dynamics of the movie.

In 10,000 BC, the peaceful existence of D'Leh's tribe is disrupted as horse-mounted marauders ruthlessly attack their village, kidnapping several of them including Evolet, and leaving the land barren. The invaders are known as the 'Four Legged Demons,' a symbol of ruthless advancements at the dusk of the stone age. Seeing his tribe devastated and love taken away, D'Leh sets off on a quest, driven by love, courage, and destiny to rescue Evolet and his fellow tribesmen from the clutches of these malevolent invaders.

Along the way, the audience is treated to a wonderous prehistoric world, full of danger and enchantment. From ginormous Mammoths walking the icy mountains, ferocious saber-toothed tigers lurking in dense forests, gigantic predatory birds swooping from the skies, to the Tribe of the Naku, 10,000 BC offers an exciting view of a fantastical era. The movie is a visual feast with ambitious set pieces, extravagant landscapes and a spectacularly rendered panorama of the prehistoric world.

The film does not shy away from the grim realities of that era either. It explores challenging themes such as slavery, the bloody reality of the food chain, the strength of unity, and the determination of a simple man when faced with impossible odds. It shows the dawn of religious beliefs, societal customs, the concept of warfare, and the emergence of man as a force of nature.

10,000 BC stands as both a chilling and exciting representation of human civilization at its inception, depicting courage, passion, and the indomitable spirit of humanity against all odds. With stunning visual effects, a compelling narrative, and a sprinkling of romance, the movie attracts viewers who appreciate an epic-scale cinematic spectacle or those simply fascinated by a glimpse into what life could have been like 12,000 years ago.

In summary, 10,000 BC is an action-adventure drama set against the harsh and unpredictable backdrop of the prehistoric world, interwoven with a tale of promising love, survival, and valor that transcends through time. Steven Strait and Camilla Belle lend strong performances to their characters, reinforcing their roles with experience and naturalism, making the movie a captivating journey through the earliest times of human existence.

10,000 BC is a Adventure, Action, Drama, Fantasy movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 109 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 34.

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