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The Final Bow
Lev has to say farewell to his father while Mabou's mother meets with an Ivy League admissions counselor.

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Dress Rehearsal
Lev receives a surprise lesson from Dancing With The Stars dancer, Cheryl Burke.

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Paying the Price
Clark sees a throat specialist to check on the health of his vocal chords and receives unexpected news. The overwhelming cost of Mabou's education puts her parents at odds.

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Permission Slip
Mae Ya races to make last minute changes to a song after her mother criticizes her performance. Duncan worries about impressing his father at his biggest recital of the year.

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Balancing Act
Mae Ya puts practice aside to enjoy a rare night with friends. Matthew's parents encourage his independence.

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Revenge of the Nerds
Matthew and his dad get ready for his first big show since opening for Stevie Wonder. Sophia searches for the confidence she needs to wow the judges.

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Family Ties
Mae Ya smiles through her mother's perfection demands as she gets ready for a major performance. Lev has his a best friend Natalina for a dance partner, but misses his dad who's in Russia for half the year.

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Under Pressure
Sophia thinks about homeschooling to spend more time to train with the hottest choreographers in LA. Clark sacrifices time with friends to pursue an opera career.

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Practice Makes Perfect
Cellist Charlie is doing well at Juilliard but his parents are worried about him having enough time to just be a kid. Duncan struggles with leaving his dad in Vermont to pursue a ballet career in New York with mom.

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WOW Factor (Pilot)
Featuring amazing prodigies and their intense world of juggling studio time or practices with the stresses of just being a kid. Find out what it's like growing up with big artistic gifts and the sacrifices and hardships that come with such great powers.

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Young Marvels is a captivating television series broadcasted on the Ovation network in 2014 that offers an engaging and enchanting exploration of the world of prodigious young talents. The show presents, in unparalleled detail, the incredible lives of a group of young virtuoso artists, showcasing their substantial and natural talents in a variety of artistic disciplines including, but not limited to, music, dance, singing, and violin playing.

The central narrative of each episode follows these young prodigies as they navigate their way through the challenges and triumphs of life, balancing their daily routines and obligations such as school work, family life, and personal growth with the immense demands of their respective crafts. At the same time, the show exposes viewers to the professional realm of their selected artistic pathways - from the rigorous audition process, painstaking practices, to mesmerizing performances, and the adrenaline rush of competitions.

Throughout the series, the characters range in age from 8 to 16. While they are united by their extraordinary talents, they each have unique stories and circumstances to unfold. Varying each episode to maintain diversity and interest, the young marvels highlighted within the series come from a wide array of backgrounds and regions. The diversity of their experiences allows the show to touch on various themes universal to adolescence - friendship, identity, ambition, and the impact of family dynamics and support on individual growth. The nuanced portrayal of these themes provides moving and inspiring content that consistently touches the viewers' hearts.

Alongside the kids, the viewers are given an insightful look into the indispensable role played by their parents, teachers, and mentors endeavoring to help them maintain a healthy balance between the regular life of a child and the pressures of their early professional progress. Their stories emphasize the importance of keeping levelheaded hopes and expectations and maintaining healthy and appropriate living conditions for these prodigiously talented children. All the while, viewers are presented with a clear picture of the sacrifices made and the hard policy decisions typically associated with managing such a prodigious gift.

Young Marvels is definitely more than a peek into the world of child prodigies, their talents, and their performance potentials. It is a genuine, heartfelt narrative about their journey, resilience, and maturity as they grapple with their immense abilities. The producers did an admirable job of presenting these young people as more than just_ wonders or curiosities_ — but as regular kids dealing with their unique circumstances and finding their path. This approach elevates the show beyond a simple reality series and into a compelling and sincere exploration of human potential and individual creativity.

The series is also infused with many light-hearted and humorous moments, a testament to the balanced storytelling approach that Young Marvels takes. Its ability to combine both the emotional and fun elements of its subjects makes the series accessible to a wide audience and simultaneously a fitting tribute to these youthful talents' incredible skills and lives.

Sure to fuel admiration and awe amongst its viewers, Young Marvels should not be missed. It strikes a fine balance between entertainment and edification, ultimately prompting viewers to question what it really takes to be a prodigy. Here you’ll find a touching and relatable portrayal of childhood and adolescence within the fascinating subculture of the prodigiously gifted. It's fascinating to witness these young individuals developing their extraordinary talents while seamlessly overcoming the hurdles and pressures that come with them. Overall, Young Marvels is a candid, heartwarming, and inspiring exploration of the fascinating world of young prodigies and what it truly means to be a child star in the modern world.

Young Marvels is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.8.

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How can I watch Young Marvels online? Young Marvels is available on OVATION with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Young Marvels on demand at Amazon online.

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