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Reunion Part 3
Gordan shares heartbreaking news; Ashley gives an update on her divorce with Michael; Keiarna takes the stage as the ladies discuss who to blame for the altercation at the GnA Showcase; Andy attempts to mend the fractured group.

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Reunion Part 2
Gizelle becomes emotional reflecting on her relationship with her late father; Robyn reveals the reason her friendship with Candiace came to a seeming end; Wendy and Nneka face off to clear up all the rumors, but things go south.

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Reunion Part 1
The ladies revisit this season's emotional highs and lows, all while trying to mend their fractured friendships. Monique and Robyn finally get to the core of their rivalry, while Candiace reveals some intimate details about her relationship.

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An Iconic Ending
Mia hosts a reveal party for the ladies' Icons photoshoot; Ashley's friendships are called into question; Charrisse confronts Candiace; news of a couple's shocking separation breaks.

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Fashion Show-Down
Ashley and Gizelle work on their fashion line; Robyn and Juan tour potential franchise locations; Wendy organizes her pilot episode; Mia brings everyone together for an iconic photoshoot.

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Boiling Point
Charrisse hosts her annual Crab Boil and invites her closest friends; Gizelle gets emotional while taking her daughter Grace off to college; Candiace accuses Robyn of a surprising betrayal; Charrisse reaches a boiling point of her own.

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Fool's Gold
Wendy and Candiace respond to Gizelle's accusations about their demeanor regarding her daughter's education.

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Sun's Out Buns Out
The ladies kick back in the DR with some fun and revealing games.

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Sharing Is Caring
Ashley comes clean about her divorce; Nneka and Wendy meet in hopes of making peace; Gizelle braces for Grace's impending graduation; the group sets off to the Dominican Republic, but things get off to a surprising start.

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Blazed and Confused
Wendy's husband, Eddie, throws a launch party for his new marijuana business; several long-running feuds threaten to disrupt the festivities.

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First Come, First Served
Mia gets candid with Robyn about her marital issues. Gizelle and Ashley collaborate on a foray into the fashion world.

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Friendship Is a Mother
Candiace hosts a special Mother's Day brunch with some noticeable absences; Rayvin comes to town to celebrate Karen's Triple Twenty and meets with Gizelle and Grace to talk college; Robyn and Candiace try to see if they can salvage their friendship.

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Hard Conversations
Mia invites the Dixons to a cooking experience; Gizelle takes Grace to a self-defense class as she prepares to send her off to college; the ladies come together to support Karen's PAVE event and rally behind an important cause.

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Painting Austin Red
Karen's Triple Twenty continues as the group takes on an art project of the Grande Dame herself; the ladies wrap up their trip with a drag show, but things turn shady when they're asked to participate.

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Don't Rock the Boat
The ladies experience a chicken spin on bingo, but Robyn is sent over the edge; Gizelle and Karen discuss the state of the group; everyone comes together to celebrate Karen's "Triple Twenty" with an adventurous excursion.

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Tequila, Tears, Texas
Everything's bigger in Texas, including the drama. Ashley continues her mission to keep spirits high and Austin weird, but plans are derailed when Robyn is pushed to her breaking point.

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Pie in the Austin Sky
Ashley attempts to combat rising tensions in the group with a trip. Mia and Robyn bond over recent personal struggles.

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In a Pickle
Karen invites all of the couples to a fun day of pickleball; Candiace comes face-to-face with Robyn and Gizelle; Nneka confronts Wendy.

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Heaven Is a Place in Potomac
Ashley's housewarming party continues as Robyn shares Juan's response to her intervention.

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Home Sweet Drama
Robyn discusses her intervention with Juan; Karen meets with Mia; Ashley throws a housewarming party and invites her new friend Nneka.

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Projections and Deflections
Gizelle has a new love interest, Ashley has a new house and Mia has a new lifestyle; rumours of Juan's alleged infidelity return, but he stands firm on his innocence; with Robyn remaining by his side, Gizelle has no choice but to confront her BFF.

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The Real Housewives of Potomac, which first debuted on Bravo in 2016, is an American reality television series and a significant addition to the popular The Real Housewives franchise. The series revolves around the personal lives, joyous celebrations, heartbreaking moments, and professional ventures of a group of affluent women residing in the upscale, ritzy neighborhood of Potomac, Maryland, situated on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. The series format is similar to its franchise counterparts; however, it beautifully blends the elite charm of emancipated women with the raw emotions and challenges they face in their daily lives. The women in the show are unapologetically real, fierce, and proud. Their lives, large homes, lavish parties, their upscale fashion and lifestyle provide a fascinating viewing experience—one that perfectly amplifies the bravado and drama characteristic of the Real Housewives franchise. The Real Housewives of Potomac features a varied group of dynamic women—each woman with her own unique story. The cast, over the years, includes socialites, entrepreneurs, public figures, and philanthropists, each selected for their extravagant lives and their connections to the Potomac community. They embrace the spotlight and let the audiences into their personal and professional lives, offering an authentic and entertaining viewing experience. Though the series showcases the elite lifestyle of these women, it never shies away from capturing their vulnerabilities too. From marriage woes and friendship fallouts to business ventures and parental pressures, the series offers real, emotional, and sometimes hilarious situations these women navigate. It's a gentle reminder that money and status aren't solutions to every problem, and even those who seemingly ‘have it all’ have their own battles to fight. The Real Housewives of Potomac provides an ever-changing dynamic of relationships among the women. From the solidifying of friendships to the recurrence of past feuds, it beautifully captures the essence and complexities of female relationships. Some women find support and companionship in each other, while some are often at odds. The whirlwind of emotions, the heated arguments, and the grand reconciliations all work together to paint a vivid picture of the reality of these high-class societies. From a cultural perspective, the series breaks stereotypes and provides a platform for discussions around race, culture, and heritage. It gives insight into the lives of successful African American women in a prosperous neighborhood, highlighting their achievements, struggles, and resilience in the face of adversity. There are moments of culture-rich events and traditions that acquaint viewers with diverse backgrounds and customs and invoke a sense of pride and appreciation for one's heritage. Moreover, the series has multiple layers. It presents women as individuals who strive for success, who pursue their passions and dreams and are not kept back by societal norms. They are not just housewives but entrepreneurs, business owners, charity founders, in addition to being mothers and wives. This series celebrates women's empowerment and positions these ladies as positive role models who take ownership of their lives and overcome challenges. In terms of production, the series follows a typical reality TV format, with candid one-on-one interviews from the housewives to discuss their perspectives on particular situations. The show’s editing is fast-paced and often relies on dramatic music and quick cuts to heighten the emotions. The production notable for its stunning cinematography, showcasing the luxury and beauty of the Potomac region—from sprawling estates to glamorous events. Over its seasons, The Real Housewives of Potomac has garnered a dedicated viewer base. Thanks to its unique blend of glamour, drama, realness, and depth, it's not just another reality show about affluent women. It is a story of perseverance, resilience, friendships, family, and the constant strive for higher goals. Be prepared to step into a world of grandeur and drama with a touch of reality as you follow the roller coaster lives of these women from Potomac.

The Real Housewives of Potomac is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 154 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.5.

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