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The Chokes
Vince gets the chance to host a night at the Velvet Onion and is determined to make it a success. Montgomery Flange gives Howard acting lessons to try and help him overcome his stage fright.

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Howard reluctantly agrees to let Vince organise a party for his upcoming birthday. The party goes well until somebody is found with the Head Shaman's wife in Naboo's stock room.

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The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox
Vince becomes friends with the Crack Fox as he is putting the rubbish out. The Crack Fox is not who he seems though and using his potent smell he knocks Vince out.

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The Power of the Crimp
Vince and Howard aren't happy with Flighty Zeus for copying their style and are even less happy when they become more popular than themselves. They come up with a plan a to win back their popularity.

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Journey to the Centre of the Punk
Vince goes too far when he attempts to make a good impression on his new punk friends.

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Howard and Vince have jobs at Nabootique, an up market second hand shop. The boys find themselves trying to get one over the evil Cockney Hitcher.

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The Mighty Boosh, a surreal British comedy created by Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, first premiered on BBC Three in 2004, running until 2007. It offered up a uniquely quirky comedy style that blended traditional humor, dark edge, absurdity, and sharp satiric wit, making it a cult favorite. The three seasons of The Mighty Boosh offer varied storylines, settings, and styles but retain a common charm that sets it apart in the comedy genre.

The Mighty Boosh is an episodic trip through the absurd and surreal, anchored by the interplay between its main characters, the eccentric and dreamy Vince Noir, portrayed by Noel Fielding, and the neurotic and down-to-earth Howard Moon, played by Julian Barratt. They are an odd couple, and their rapport is the heartbeat of the series, with a depth of friendship that weather whatever absurdities fall upon them. Their chemistry comes alive in their quick-witted dialogue and outlandish adventures.

Michael Fielding, Noel's younger brother, plays the role of Naboo, a mellow, turban-wearing shaman, while Rich Fulcher, an American comedian who is a frequent collaborator with Barratt and Fielding, plays the effervescent shaman apprentice Bollo. Dave Brown is another integral part of the cast, and he brings to life a wide variety of characters throughout the series.

The first series is set in a bizarre zoo named the Zooniverse, managed by the eccentric and often clueless Bob Fossil, vividly played by Rich Fulcher. The various animals and eccentric employees offer a surreal comic landscape for Vince and Howard's adventures, amid gigs in strange lands, acquisition of supernatural artifacts, rescues of endangered animals, and even deadly boxing matches.

In the second and third series, the setting shifts to the apartment shared by Howard, Vince, Naboo and Bollo. Their London flat leads to different worlds, opening doors to fantastical realms that offer fresh, inventive scenarios. The storylines manage to be both bizarre and relatable, as various mystical creatures like Crack Fox, Old Gregg, and The Hitcher pop up, and Howard and Vince embark on their surreal quests. The characters continually shift from the mundane to the extraordinary, reflecting the show's ability to seamlessly blend reality with fantasy.

There's a musical undercurrent in The Mighty Boosh that's impossible to ignore, with Barratt's jazz aspirations for Howard, and Fielding's love for glam rock showing in Vince. The resulting musical interludes and numbers, often seemingly spontaneous, contribute to the spectral, other-worldly vibe of the show. In fact, many episodes conclude with an elaborate song and dance number, detailing the episode's adventures or expressing the characters' mental states.

The Mighty Boosh also dives into visual art, as Noel Fielding's background as an artist becomes evident in the exceptional art direction. The show boasts elaborate set designs, outlandish costumes, and an overall visual aesthetic that reinforces the dreamlike, surreal ambience of the series. The mix of animation, puppetry and live-action provides a diverse visual feast and reinforces the sheer originality of The Mighty Boosh.

The humor in The Mighty Boosh is often dark and satirical, making pointed critiques of contemporary culture and conformity. Yet, it always remains rather playful and absurd, making it unlikely to offend. The charismatic leads, the profound friendship at the show's heart, and a strong supporting cast make this offbeat comedy an exciting, memorable ride.

To sum it up, The Mighty Boosh is an avant-garde concept, a darkly comic odyssey that thrives on its peculiarity and gleefully challenges traditional comedy norms. It is unapologetically zany, yet touchingly real in its depiction of human relationships and everyday struggles. This is certainly a series that invites the viewer to let go of preconceptions and surrender to its wild, fantastical universe.

The Mighty Boosh is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2004. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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