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Episode 8
Kimmy gives Olivia the info she needs. Mat thinks he's free until new charges come up against him and he realizes who's been after him all along.

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Episode 7
Olivia is reunited with an old friend. Out of frustration, Lorena quits the force but is lured back with a promise of free rein.

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Episode 6
When federal agents arrest Olivia, they take her home instead of to jail so that Teo, the lead inspector, can negotiate a deal. Mat runs to Marbella.

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Episode 5
Federal agents try to push Lorena out of the case. Meanwhile, Olivia makes a confession that leaves Mat reeling.

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Episode 4
The nun's body is squirreled away by federal agents, which infuriates Lorena. Zoe tracks down Olivia's location, and she and Mat rush to find her.

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Episode 3
Mat enlists Zoe, a private investigator, to help him track down Olivia. Lorena tries to figure out how Mat fits into the death of the mysterious nun.

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Episode 2
While investigating the alleged suicide of a nun at the Catholic orphanage where she grew up, Lorena discovers the nun is not who she'd said she was.

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Episode 1
At a club, Mat is dragged into a brawl and his life alters forever when he accidentally kills a man. Years later, happiness finally seems within reach.

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The Innocent is a gripping Spanish crime drama series released by Netflix in 2021. Developed from a Harlan Coben novel, the series takes viewers on an unpredictable journey full of turns and twists, focusing on the mystery surrounding a murder that took place almost ten years ago, a murder which still casts its long shadow. In the telling of this engrossing thriller, The Innocent covers a considerable period, ranging from a fatal brawl in an English-language study program in 2005 to a missing prostitute in Barcelona 2021, overlapping events and characters that bring multiple subplots, each unraveled with a punch of suspense and intrigue. The narrative goes back and forth, allowing the audience to experience the synchronicity of time and events from different perspectives and how the lives of the characters uneasily intersect. At the heart of The Innocent’s story is Mateo Vidal, played by Mario Casas, a lawyer whose life is upended twice over the course of nine years. As a law student, Mateo or Mat, finds his life completely derailed after innocently trying to stop a fight and subsequently going to prison for a homicide. Nine years later, now an ex-con turned lawyer, working and thriving in his family's law firm, Mat finds himself pulled back into the darkness when his wife goes missing under mysterious circumstances. His wife, Olivia, played by Aura Garrido, is a woman with her own secrets and past to escape. As the tale unravels, and the myriad connections between the various characters gradually come to light, the suspense profoundly deepens, and the viewer is inevitability bound within the finely-spun net of heart-thumping intensity. The Innocent capitalises on the undeniable chemistry between Casas and Garrido, making the viewer root for their characters despite the looming uncertainties. Adding to the intensity with his powerful presence is Jose Coronado, who portrays a retired police detective, Marcos Castro— a man whose retirement didn't manage to distance him from macabre findings and dangerous liaisons. Each episode becomes a suspenseful labyrinth of the past's crimes reciprocating into the present, where decadelong secrets start to emerge, sinking characters into dangerous situations that seem to know no end. Key bridges are built between seemingly isolated incidents and characters, creating a high-stakes thrill and intrigue. The series is packed with unexpected twists, turns and revelations that keep the viewers glued to their seats from the first episode to the last. The unfolding of each plotline proves a testament to a well-structured narrative, painting the intricacy of the human psyche, of guilt and innocence, and of redemption and survival. Bringing authenticity to the show are Barcelona’s beautiful streets, as the series director Oriol Paulo utilizes the city's scenic beauty to his advantage. The picturesque spots interspersed with the gritty underbelly of the city life lends balance to the overall narrative and brings reality closer, thereby allowing the viewers to feel immersed in the locale and the story. The Innocent also efficiently explores the concept of 'innocence'. It delves into how decisions made in a spur of moment can lead to circumstances that are way beyond any prediction or control and how one incident can completely change the course of multiple lives. It spotlights the question: can anyone be truly innocent in the light of snowballing consequences? Striking a resonant chord with viewers due to its relatable themes and well-rounded characters, The Innocent exemplifies the kind of binge-watch thriller that makes staying up well past bedtime a thrilling indulgence. Its strength lies not only in the extraordinary performances of an ensemble cast but also in the biting suspense and intricate storytelling that stays faithful to the essence of Harlan Coben's best-selling novel. With eight episodes replete with tension, mystery, and unexpected plot twists, The Innocent stands out as a binge-worthy psychological thriller series. It's a thought-provoking show that serves to remind viewers that no matter how deep secrets are buried, the past will always find a way to claw its way back out.

The Innocent is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

Mario Casas, Xavi Sáez, Santi Pons
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