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The Club
Relationships begin and end as the team members pin their hopes on Terrats defeating Enric in the election.

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The Match
Anna and the team prepare for a match destined to impact all their lives. Meanwhile, Lorena ponders the possibilities of leaving town.

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 12 Now

Emma's investigation into her past catches her parents off guard. Tensions rise between Santi and Enric.

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 11 Now

As everyone struggles to accept a momentous loss, Lorena looks for a way to honor a loved one. Anna prepares for a challenging legal battle.

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Anna & German
While Anna and Germ

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 9 Now

With exams looming, Laila faces a difficult decision. Berta fights back against a mysterious foe. Enric produces a promo video about the team.

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 8 Now

Worried about letting down her new teammates and losing Lorena, Gina struggles with nerves. Enric pals around with Pela.

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 7 Now

Birthday girl Flor seeks a way to reconnect with her girlfriend in Argentina. Anna prepares her team for a big game against their old coach.

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 6 Now

Raquel considers taking a big step with Oscar. An unexpected guest surprises Anna and Emma. Youssef shares an explosive secret with Terrats.

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 5 Now

Fed up with her mother's new relationship, Lorena makes a move. Berta stands up for herself. The girls challenge the boys for use of the locker room.

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 4 Now

While Berta searches for a solution to an impossible situation, S'lvia asks Enric for another chance and Anna takes a reluctant walk down memory lane.

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 3 Now

As Anna nervously prepares to coach her first game, a harsh truth rocks Santi and N

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 2 Now

The passionate members of a women's roller hockey team strive to keep their beloved team afloat. Meanwhile, an injured former player returns.

Watch The Hockey Girls Season 1 Episode 1 Now

The Hockey Girls, known as Les de l'Hoquei in Catalan, is a popular television series that aired on TV3, the primary television channel of Catalonia, from 2019 to 2020. Presented through 20 episodes across two seasons, this sports-themed drama focuses on a young female hockey team and their journey through personal and professional challenges.

The plot of The Hockey Girls centers around a female hockey team "Club Pati Minerva" from a small town in Catalonia. They're not just any ordinary team, they're an under-funded and under-appreciated group facing struggles on and off the field. Yet, they're united by their passion and drive to win the league for the first time. The seven women who compose the team are Flor, Laila, Anna, Raquel, Lorena, Emma, and Gina.

Each character in The Hockey Girls has a unique personality, their own set of life challenges, and dreams. The series doesn't limit itself to the rigors and tribulation of the sport alone but dives deep into each character’s personal life. True to its genre, the narrative tastefully blends elements of drama, sport, and romance, offering a comprehensive storytelling experience for viewers.

A pivotal character in the series is Anna, who is returning to her hometown after years of studying abroad. Her transformed persona, combined with her past and present relationships intricacies, provides a riveting subplot. Her return is not only essential for her growth but also breathes a new life into the hockey team.

Flor is another fascinating character with multiple dimensions to her personality - a woman struggling with her identity, sexuality, and acceptance in a traditionally conservative society. Simultaneously, the show explores other compelling themes such as bullying, mental health, the strength of female friendships, and struggles of finding and accepting one's self.

Further, The Hockey Girls portrays empowerment, today’s youth’s reality, and societal pressures. It also underscores sportsmanship, resilience, and determination to rise above one's adversities. The series embraces and highlights female ambition and power, breaking the stereotypical representation generally seen in sports television dramas.

The series draws strength from a talented ensemble cast of Nora Navas, Iria del Río, Mireia Oriol, Asia Ortega, Dèlia Brufau, Yúlia Gázquez, and Natàlia Barrientos, adding layers to the narrative. The casting of these actresses in various roles has been carried out with a great sense of realism and authenticity, making their characters relatable.

On the technical front, The Hockey Girls is commendable. The cinematography introduces audiences to picturesque landscapes and hues of Catalonia, while the direction efficiently captures the intricacies of hockey as a game and the team members’ lives. An equally compelling element is the show's soundtrack, which effectively elevates the viewers’ experience.

One can't help but laud the series' narrative for sensitively embracing various themes that are generally considered taboo. It frames relationships in their rawness and reality, acceptance of sexuality, and the struggles women undergo in male-dominated fields like sports.

The Hockey Girls not only acts as a tale of friendship, rivalry, love, and sportsmanship but also addresses the challenges faced by women in society and sports. It sheds light on an underrepresented sport, highlighting the routine trials and hardships endured by female hockey players and makes a compelling pitch about the importance of equality and representation in sports.

In conclusion, The Hockey Girls effectively juggles its several subplots while maintaining the main narrative's focus with impeccable balance and artistic finesse. It has been successful in creating a narrative that gives its audience a look into a modern perspective under the coming-of-age genre while focusing on a lesser-known sport. The series manages to embody a celebration of female strength in spirit and sport, making it an engaging watch for the audience of all ages, regardless of their knowledge about hockey.

As much as it is a series about hockey, The Hockey Girls is equally a social commentary on contemporary issues. It's a series about teamwork, determination, overcoming adversity, and most of all, about friendship and solidarity among women, making it an insightful and heartwarming watch. The thoughtful storytelling and evocative performances make it a riveting series worthy of the audience's time.

The Hockey Girls is a series categorized as a continuing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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