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Day of the Hero
Jeff makes a date with Rosemary for the senior prom. Smitty then lets Jeff know that Jeff has been nominated to run for Senior Class President.

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The Big Wheel
Mary is going away to a new college in the fall. As part of her leaving, she is putting on a "large" outdoor formal party that will be in their backyard.

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All Women Are Dangerous
A tale of Joyce and Sabrina in a classic contest, which one will get Jeff to ask her to the big dance? Will it be poor, helpless Joyce or the dominant Sabrina?

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All Those Dreams
Pitcher Don Drysdale appears in this episode along with his real-life wife and daughter. On a trip to Chicago, Jeff is excited about seeing his pal, Don Drysdale, again.

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Boys & Girls
While Jeff and Joanne are dating as seniors in high school and Mary and Scotty are dating in college, turns out Scotty would rather date Joanne, and Joanne would rather go out with Scotty got it? Then they all go to a college dance and Jeff and Mary wind up being the wallflowers.

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Friends & Neighbors
Dr. Dave Kelsey, who has been more and more frustrated by his in-laws (or outlaws as he calls them) moves into the house next door with his wife Midge.

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The Handy Man
There is a local handyman Trisha knows who loves fooling around and making children laugh.Trisha offers him to help fix the little things around the house that need fixing,but it turns out that he is clumsy and inept.

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Everywhere That Mary Goes
A new boy at college has taken a shine to Mary. To Mary's consternation, he follows her everywhere and scares off any other boy who approaches her.

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The Two Doctors Stone
Alex and Donna prepare to go away for the weekend, but Donna suspects Trisha will be sick. Donna sees Trisha eating bananas and she always saw Jeff eating bananas before he became ill.

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Where the Stones Are
The Stones all end up at Shelter Bay during "mid-term vacation", better known today as "Spring Break". Mary doesn't know the rest of the family is there; she thought it was just her and her girlfriends.

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The House on the Hill
Donna visits a reclusive woman who lives in an old Victorian house.She feels trapped in a haunted house after a while.

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Pioneer Woman
Alex and Jeff spend the weekend at the cabin of Alex's friend Red. Donna and Mary follow them and prove that women can, "rough it" in the wilderness as well as men can.

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Big Sixteen
On Jeff's 16th birthday he has a big fight with his girlfriend. Then he falls for an older woman.

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Three Is a Family
Mary learns the joys and pains of having a little sister,as she has to baby-sit Trisha on a night when she'd planned to go on a date.

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A Way of Her Own
A little girl named Trisha follows the Stones home from the park and says that she is one of the family.After a long effort to find her real parents,her uncle arrives.

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The New Look
A boyfriend of Mary's calls her wholesome,and she doesn't know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult.

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The Chinese Horse
Donna attends an auction of unclaimed freight and an unknown woman asks Donna to bid on a Chinese horse. Donna wins the auction but the woman disappears.

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A Woman's Place
When Donna decides to run for town council, Jeff and Mary agree to take care of the house. And how! But when Alex dreams about Donna's political future, as Mayor, perhaps Governor, he decides he'd rather have her back home again.

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Just a Little Wedding
The Stones are planning a simple wedding for Mary's friend Marcia. When Marcia's mother shows up, everything becomes a big production.

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Jeff Stands Alone
After a conversation with a telephone lineman, Jeff decides that it's about time he becomes independent himself. He tests himself by going to a strange town without any money to see whether or not he can make it on his own.

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The Soft Touch
If Jeff wants to be able to afford to go to a special event this weekend, he had better collect on the loans he gave his friends. This prompts Donna to suggest that Alex collect from his deadbeat patients.

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The Winning Ticket
When Jeff finds the winning raffle ticket for a new sports car, he faces some adult sized responsibilities. Jeff sees a woman from behind drop a raffle ticket and before he can return it to her, she disappears.

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The Makeover Man
Mary decides to make-over ill-mannered basketball star, Steve, into a polished gentleman.

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The Baby Buggy
Everyone chips in to buy the elderly baby doctor a new car.

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Man to Man
Alex and Jeff go camping in order to spend more time together, but the trip turns out to be a plot cooked up by Jeff to meet his friends.

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Big Star
Mary succeeds in helping a shy boy she knows become a singing star.

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Rebel with a Cause
Donna is selected to take part in a survey of housewives to dtermine how long they spend doing their household chores.

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Fine Feathers
Jeff discovers a lost bird.He thinks it might be a rare cockatoo and sends the story to the newspapers and audobon societies-only to find out that the bird is really a cockateel, not quite a cockatoo.

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My Dad
Alex tries over and over to spend a day with Jeff,but his plans are always interrupted by emergency calls.Jeff later shows that he still loves his father by singing the song,"My Dad.

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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
The Stone family is having growing pains, now that Mary is 18 and going to college. After several riffs, Mary decides it's time to leave home for the college dormitory for women.

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Who Needs Glasses
Jeff decides wearing glasses would make him look older, and sets out to prove he needs them.

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To Be a Boy
Trying to save enough money to build a boat, Jeff and Smitty make a pact to give up dating. Then Jeff finds Mary's friend Joanne hiding under his bed.

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Mrs. Stone & Dr. Hyde
When Donna fills in for Alex's vacationing nurse, she is taken aback to find him an office tyrant.

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Mr. Nice Guy
Mary can't understand why her brother Jeff is being so polite to her - unless there is some ulterior motive behind his good behavior.

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The Donna Reed Show is an iconic American sitcom that swept across the airwaves from 1958 to 1966. The titular lead, Donna Reed, renowned for her Oscar-winning performance in 'From Here to Eternity,' exhibits her dynamic talent in a continuity that remains both iconic and fresh for its time. Reed captivates audiences with her performance as Donna Stone, the charming and clever housewife who is often at the epicenter of the show's narrative alongside her Pediatrician husband, Dr. Alex Stone, portrayed by Carl Betz.

Set in the archetypal suburban neighborhood of Hilldale, viewers are introduced to the Stone's picturesque family life. Donna and Alex live with their children Mary and Jeff, elegantly brought to life by Shelley Fabares and Paul Petersen respectively. Being etched into the fabric of the sitcom is the infectious camaraderie between the family members. The show paints a loving picture of American suburban family life during the time, infusing it with wit, sincerity, and a penchant for merry misunderstandings.

Shelley Fabares, in her role as charming teenager Mary Stone, acts as the quintessential American teenager, experiencing the highs and lows of high school life while trying to balance the expectations of her somewhat traditional family. Paul Petersen, on the other hand, won hearts in his portrayal of Jeff Stone, a younger, naive, and often hilarious character whose views on life and family dynamics offer a unique spice to the narrative.

The later seasons also introduced the character of Trisha, the adopted daughter of the Stone family, enthusiastically portrayed by Patty Petersen. Her character, with its innocent charm and occasional mishaps, drew laughter and warmth, further invigorating the already vivacious Stone household.

In the course of eight seasons, The Donna Reed Show effortlessly transitions between humor, drama, and education. The credit for its timeless nature goes to the show's seamless tackling of universal themes and daily familial issues. While the humor is found in everyday situations around the home and neighborhood, the more profound content is subtly layered within the narrative thread, with Reed often presenting the voice of reason and understanding.

Undeniably, the show was ahead of its time in many respects. Donna Reed was no ordinary television housewife. She portrayed Donna Stone as an empowered woman, an equal partner to her husband in decision-making, and a wise counselor to her children. The depiction of a woman who seamlessly balanced work, children, and marriage norms was not common during that era but was well accepted and appreciated by the audience, making the show a trendsetter of sorts.

Moreover, it ingeniously broke the mold through its nuanced depiction of teenage life and struggles by offering a groundbreaking perspective on the anxieties of growing up. The characters Mary and Jeff Stone were portrayed experiencing their fair share of awkward phases, teenage crushes, and school-related challenges. They not only had fascinating tales to tell but also taught valuable lessons through their episodes of growing pains.

The Donna Reed Show received critical acclaim for its masterful blend of family values, humor, and real-life situations, allowing it to maintain its charm and relevance even more than six decades after it first aired. Its fresh take on conventional family narratives resonate even today, rendering it a timeless piece of American television history. In essence, The Donna Reed Show is a beautiful family portrait, smartly scripted and brimming with delightful performances – a classic for all ages and times.

The Donna Reed Show is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 187 episodes, the show debuted on 1960. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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