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Episode 9
The end of term is fast approaching. The school is trashed after the Christmas party, the teachers are hungover, Bob is getting married in the playground, and the Ofsted Inspector is due.

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Episode 8
Ben appreciates how he has annoyed the Gods in every religion. He thinks he is going to die and so converts to each religion for a day.

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Episode 7
Damien finds himself attracted to the new supply teacher; however, after a cooking incident, he is rendered temporarily useless.

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Episode 6
Penny's family history is uncovered and she takes a turn for the worse this week. Meanwhile the issues of Racial Awareness Week extend to penis size.

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Episode 5
Bob is very excited about meeting his new Thai bride Ping, but she is far more interested in Ewan. Ben takes Religious Tolerance week very seriously which results in a mini-war between the students.

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Episode 4
Lindsay is made an example of during Fat Week and Ewan, Damien, Penny and Ben try to 'help' her diet. Meanwhile Penny is snubbed by Anthony, and Bob finds himself in a frenzy after his vasectomy.

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Episode 3
During Gay and Lesbian Awareness Week, Ewan finds himself in an uncomfortable position with a student, and Clare wonders how lesbians 'function'.

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Episode 2
Ben is petrified when he has to guide a group of OAPs around the school and Penny finds herself a new boyfriend.

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Episode 1
After a car accident, Lindsay, Penny and Bob are the only few remaining teachers left to merge with a new school. Despite Clare's best efforts to make the staff bond, Damien and Ben ignore Penny and Lindsay's efforts at friendship.

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Teachers is an American sitcom television series that aired on TV Land from 2016 to 2019. The series was based on a web series created by the improv group The Katydids and developed for television by Jay Martel. The show circles around the professional and personal lives of six elementary-school teachers with distinctive yet relatable personalities attempting to shape the minds of their young, impressionable students. The series spotlights the hilarious, ridiculous and occasionally poignant undertones of the teaching world, bringing forth all the absurd realities educators encounter daily.

In the world of "Teachers", the faculty members are unfamiliar with achieving the status of "Role Models". The teachers are portrayed to navigate their way through their school day, balancing their work responsibilities with personal struggles and dark humor, each characterized by unique, over-the-top quirks. However, their absurd tribulations, ironically, don't compromise their commitment toward their profession. The teachers, through their unconventional manners, remain dedicated to their pupils’ education while grappling with their personal irresolutions and neuroses.

The lead roles are performed by the six members of The Katydids; Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton, Cate Freedman, Kate Lambert, Katie O'Brien, and Kathryn Renee Thomas, all coining their on-screen names from a variation of the name 'Katherine'. This group of funny women fulfills the roles of Teachers, each bringing forward a distinct character in the Elementary school faculty.

Caitlin Barlow plays the lovable and naive Ms. Cannon, an idealistic teacher who often finds herself stumbling through her efforts to make a real change. Katy Colloton portrays Chelsea Snap, a vain, fame-hungry teacher with a passion for attention. Cate Freedman plays the role of the eccentric and gullible Ms. Feldman, an educator with unorthodox teaching methods. Kate Lambert plays the role of Caroline Watson, a romantic and daydreamer who's still waiting for her Prince Charming. Kathryn Renee Thomas plays the bitter and brutally honest Mrs. Adler, who’s not afraid to speak her mind. Lastly, Katie O'Brien portrays Ms. Bennigan, an insecure teacher who struggles with her self-esteem and romantic life.

The other school personnel such as the principal, janitors, lunch ladies and the school's secretary all add to the mix, creating a hilarious dynamic amid the school's overcrowded halls.

The series presents a humorous portrayal of school life from the educators' perspective, revealing the school system's chaotic, less-ideal side. Unlike the typical heartwarming view of teaching portrayed, Teachers, focusing on the educators’ sometimes flawed humanity and less-than-idealistic methods, shines a humorous light on the dark corners most shows avoid.

The show does an exceptional job covering a wide array of teaching, providing a wry and refreshing take on the education system and the unsung heroes; the teachers. Rather than resorting to clichéd representations of teachers, the series adopts a distinct perspective that's both outrageous and relatable.

The narratives of the show often revolve around the banalities and the complexities of teaching life, from dealing with problematic kids, managing the perception of parents, to the inner politics of school environments. However, they explore these themes with humor, satire, and sarcasm, presenting hilarious situations filled with mishaps and goof-ups.

The humor in Teachers is typically sharp, relatable with an engaging comic timing. It digs deep into popular culture, invokes funny pop references, and the dialogue is straightforward with a tinge of sarcasm. It's a show that doesn't make light of the personal challenges teachers face but rather embraces them, spinning humor out of reality.

The aesthetic and cinematography of Teachers is straightforward and unpretentious, consistent with the tone of the sitcom. The production design and setting create a very realistic atmosphere of a public elementary school, complete with the colorful chaos, bulletin boards galore, endearing student artwork, and a typical educators’ lounge.

Throughout its run, the show has drawn praise for its realistic-yet-humorous approach to portraying teachers' lives. It meticulously weaves themes of work stress, personal dilemmas, relationship problems, and a myriad of other daily issues teachers often face while adding comic elements to the mix.

To sum it up, Teachers is an entertaining sitcom that provides a humorous nod to the daily struggles and highlights the often dismissed, less glamorous side of the education world. It is a funny interpretation of the education realm through the teachers' eyes, filled with humor, sarcasm, satire, and a lot of lessons along the way.

Teachers is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 59 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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