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Episode 31
Karim and the criminal network were arrested and he confessed that he had killed Farah. Samy was released, while Amer woke up from the coma.

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Episode 30
Farah gets infuriated when Amer tells her that she should travel alone first and he will join her later. Meanwhile, Jad tells Naji what he has heard about Naya while the latter records her conversation with Karim at Jad’s behest.

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Episode 29
Sami is arrested and Jad and Naji start interrogating him. Meanwhile, Farah opens up to Naya about her relationship with Sami while Amer opens a bank account under Lina’s name.

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Episode 28
Farah blames Sami for working with Amer again. Meanwhile, Jad continues looking for Nada and Imad and later, when he visits Naya, something suspicious happens while they are together.

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Episode 27
Farah’s reaction to witnessing a murder is shocking while Lina shares her concerns about Talal with Sami. Meanwhile, Fouad refuses to give Jamal the money and the unexpected happens as the latter sneaks into Fouad’s home.

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Episode 26
Amer kicks Fadi out of the car while an upset Lina returns home. Farah says goodbye to her mother and later discovers that Naya will start working at Amer’s company.

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Episode 25
Amer puts Farah in a difficult position. Lina calls Fadi and asks to meet up with him but he stands her up.

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Episode 24
Sami asks Farah to come back home but she goes to her parents’ house instead where she has a heated argument with Naya. In the present, Lina meets up with Talal while Jad tries to get close to Naya.

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Episode 23
Sami and Farah visit Amer to make sure he’s doing well. A horrified Farah considers leaving the country while Talal contacts Naya.

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Episode 22
Farah feels afraid of Amer while Amer learns about Fouad’s story. Meanwhile, Sabah engages in a heated discussion with Lina about her addiction and negligence while Naya gets jealous after seeing a photo of Karim with another woman.

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Episode 21
Farah feels afraid of Amer while Amer learns about Fouad’s story. Meanwhile, Sabah engages in a heated discussion with Lina about her addiction and negligence while Naya gets jealous after seeing a photo of Karim with another woman.

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Episode 20
Karim asks the lawyer to send Sami a warning through the court while Sami seeks Lina’s help to see his son. Meanwhile, Fouad grows suspicious of Jamal.

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Episode 19
While Nada is interrogated, Jad and Naji set out to look for her husband. Meanwhile, Lina has doubts about Sami’s relationship with Nada.

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Episode 18
Sami lays low as everyone searches for him to no avail. Lina’s decision to focus on herself upsets Sabah while Karim asks the lawyer to end the business contract with Sami, and plots to make Lina help him.

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Episode 17
The kidnappers drag Samar out of the car and attempt to kill her while Jad and Naji investigate. Sami asks about the passports and later calls Lina, unaware that Jad is tapping her phone.

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Episode 16
Sami negotiates with Sabah to avoid a scandal while Naya gets closer to Karim. Elsewhere, Naji and Jad receive a threat from an unknown source.

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Episode 15
In the past, Farah discovers that she is pregnant while Sabah tries to convince her to end her relationship with Amer. Now, however, Sami does something in front of Lina that contradicts his reassurances that he no longer has feelings for Farah.

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Episode 14
As Sabah visits Amer in the hospital, she is surprised to find a stranger in his room. Jad and Naji interrogate Fouad as their suspect pool grows while Sami tries to prove his love to Lina.

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Episode 13
Sami visits Lina late at night and tries to express his feelings to her while Sabah has an intense argument with Amer. Meanwhile, Nadia invites Karim over for dinner.

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Episode 12
The police interrogate Burhan while photos of Farah and Amer are found on the latter’s phone. Meanwhile, Lina calls Sami and apologizes for her behaviour.

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Episode 11
Naji and Jad interrogate Karim while Sami supports Lina as she tries to overcome her drug addiction. A flashback shows Lina expressing her happiness to Farah about Amer’s behaviour towards her, driving Farah mad.

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Episode 10
Jad impatiently waits to hear from Samar and camps out in front of her house to monitor her. Karim and Sabah ask Sami to conduct the DNA test discreetly.

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Episode 9
Jad sympathizes with Sami as he tries to defend himself by putting the blame on Farah. Meanwhile, Sabah’s suspicions lead her to request a DNA test to be carried out on Amer and Shadi.

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Episode 8
After he is interrogated, Sami is released from the finger of blame only to find that he is being followed and monitored.

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Episode 7
Farah tries to avoid quarreling with Amer. Presently, accusations are directed at Lina while Karim visits Sami’s home office where he grows suspicious of something.

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Episode 6
Sami and Lina rush to the house that the old woman spoke of, only to find the police surrounding it. Meanwhile, Naji tries to reconcile Jad with Samar, and Karim asks Lina to come to his office.

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Episode 5
Sami asks Jad to give him a copy of the thread of messages that he exchanged with his wife. Later, he ransacks Amer’s office.

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Episode 4
Set three years ago when Amer, Lina, Sami and Farah become close friends. Later, Karim reprimands Amer for getting close to them.

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Episode 3
The detective contacts Sami when Farah is found in an old woman’s home. He rushes to meet her, only to meet with the unexpected instead.

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Episode 2
Sami is thrown off-guard when the officer asks about his wife Farah. Lina is shocked to hear that the latter was in her husband’s car at the time of the accident.

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Episode 1
Amer’s traffic accident lands him at the hospital. Back at the scene of the car crash, a purse belonging to a woman is found in his car, with no sign of its owner.

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Tango is an engrossing drama series that aired on MBC in 2018. The series is a thrilling blend of romance, intrigue, betrayal, and camaraderie. The series set new standards on Arab television, with its unique approach to storytelling and gripping plotlines. It is an exemplary manifestation of quality Middle Eastern television, made with the highest production standards.

The plot of Tango revolves around a group of friends who have been close-knit since high school. They are an eclectic mix of characters, each with their unique motivations, aspirations, and struggles. As they traverse the ups and downs of their individual lives, they find themselves intertwined in a complex web of dreams, love, betrayal, and shared secrets. And, as the name suggests, it's all about the dance—a dance of emotions, relationships, and trials—where every action has a reaction, every step leads to a new road, every decision has far-reaching repercussions, and hence the Tango.

Tango boasts a stellar cast that brings the complex characters to life effectively. The character depth is immense, and it's fascinating to see the transformations the characters undergo through the course of the series. The multifaceted characters, their eclectic relationships, and their entangled lives make for a compelling narrative drive that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The show also showcases excellent production values with great attention to detail. The cinematography is top-notch, with each frame beautifully captured. The producers have made astute use of locations, capturing the essence and atmosphere of each scene perfectly. The lighting, the props, the costumes, everything adds to the authenticity and ambience of the show.

One of the standout features of the show is its thought-provoking writing. The scripts explore a variety of themes such as forbidden love, friendship, fidelity, power dynamics, and moral dilemmas. The dialogue is crisp and impactful, and the pacing keeps audiences hooked throughout.

The friendships in the show are portrayed beautifully. The camaraderie the friends share is endearing and truly shines throughout the series, where they stand by each other in the face of trials and tribulations. The friends’ love for each other is, in fact, the cornerstone of the narrative, making for many heartfelt, moving sequences.

The romantic subplots also contribute hugely to the series. There is a tremendous amount of emotional depth associated with these storylines, making the audience invested in the outcomes. The romantic scenes are handled sensitively and tastefully, seamlessly merging into the overarching narrative.

Apart from its storytelling prowess and character development, Tango also explores societal depictions and moral predicaments. It becomes a mirror for society, reflecting the societal norms, stigmas, and prejudices that are prevalent. The series bravely portrays the complex dynamics of a rapidly changing society.

One of the key strengths of Tango is its unpredictability. As you delve deeper into the lives of the characters, you realize that not everything is as it seems. Each episode seems to peel back another layer of complexity, leading to many surprising twists and turns that constantly keeps viewers on their toes.

The series also has a stellar soundtrack that melds seamlessly with the narrative flow. The music score enhances the emotive depth of the scenes and sets the mood perfectly for each sequence.

In its essence, Tango is a drama series that weaves an intricate web of relationships and secret alliances. With its multi-facetted narrative, astute character development, and stunning production, the series ventures to capture the essence of human complexities and duplicities. The story dances through life just like a Tango- striving to strike a balance between passion, love, betrayal, and friendship. It aims to portray the contrasting shades of human personalities and their actions in a world where every step can lead to a drastic change of direction – hence, the striking resemblance to the rhythms and rules of the passionate Latin-American dance, Tango.

Every episode of Tango leaves a lingering sense of anticipation, making it a masterstroke of modern television that has captivated audiences domestically and internationally. Watching Tango is not just about viewing a show; it is an enticing journey into the lives of its deeply-absorbing characters and their complicated world. The show’s chain of events integrated with undeniable chemistry among its characters makes Tango a must-watch for all drama enthusiasts.

Tango is a series categorized as a cancelled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 31 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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How can I watch Tango online? Tango is available on MBC with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Tango on demand at Netflix online.

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