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The Death of Superman
The unthinkable has happened: Superman is dead, the victim of Kryptonite poisoning. Injured in the mishap which felled Superman, a weakened Firestorm is captured by Darkseid, who wants the Galactic Guardian to reveal the details of the Man of Steel's demise.

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Escape from Space City
The evil Darkseid's latest project involves the capture and takeover of Star City, a gigantic orbiting earth colony. To this end, he replaces the satellite's kidnapped inventor Mr.

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The Case of the Stolen Powers
While languishing in prison with the Penguin as his cellmate, evil necromancer Felix Faust conjures up a spell which enables him to steal the special powers of Superman. No sooner has this happened than the Penguin appropriates these powers for himself, and as result the Super Powers Team now works for him!

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Escape from Space City
In "Escape from Space City," the well-intentioned plans of an eccentric billionaire nearly kill him, his daughter and the Superfriends.

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Brainchild/ The Case of the Stolen Powers
First, in "Brainchild," Brainiac kidnaps Cyborg and transforms him into an android. Later, it's "The Case of the Stolen Powers" when the Penguin transfers Superman's abilities to himself.

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The Wild Cards
Darkseid teams with the Joker to turn the Superfriends into a deck of "The Wild Cards."

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The Darkseid Deception
Little does Wonder Woman suspect that the man she assumes to be her mortal boyfriend Steve Trevor is actually the evil Darkseid, who has rearranged his molecular structure in order to impersonate Steve. It's all part of a master plan to steal the deadly TC7 satellite and transform everyone on earth into hideous mutants.

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The Bizarro Super Powers Team
Bizarro #1, the weird yet funny Superman doppelganger from Htrae (Bizarro World), uses his duplicator ray to create Bizarro versions of Wonder Woman, Firestorm and Cyborg. These "opposite clones" are then called upon to protect Bizarro World from its many enemies.

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The Ghost Ship / The Bizarro Super Powers Team
First, in "The Ghost Ship," Superman loses his powers when Dardseid lures him too far from the sun. Next, Mxyzptlk helps the Bizarros create their own team of reverse superheroes: "The Bizarro Super Powers Team.

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The Seeds of Doom
After single-handedly capturing Superman's perennial nemesis Lex Luthor, the bionic Cyborg is invited to join the Justice League of America--but surprisingly turns down the offer. Anxious to have someone his own age as a fellow Team member, the nuclear-powered Firestorm seeks out Cyborg to learn the reason for his reticence.

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Super Friends is an iconic cartoon television series that aired on ABC from 1973 through 1985. Developed by Hanna-Barbera Productions, this spirited series became an essential staple of Saturday morning children's programming, garnering a broad fan base, both young and old alike, with its vivid animation, engaging stories and characteristic humor.

The series was directly inspired by the Justice League of America comics from DC Comics, bringing to life a pantheon of superheroes that have since become entrenched in popular culture. The premise of Super Friends revolved around the adventures of the members of the Justice League, a group of superheroes who banded together to protect the world from a multitude of villains and their nefarious plots serving as an animated embodiment of courage, unity, and self-sacrifice.

The primary cast of Super Friends included some of the most iconic figures in the realm of comics, each presenting unique strengths and abilities: Superman, the Man of Steel; Batman and Robin, the dynamic duo of Gotham; Wonder Woman, the Amazonian princess; and Aquaman, the king of the seven seas. These primary protagonists were not only superheroes but also moral figures who always emphasized the importance of teamwork, kindness, and justice.

Adding to the charm were the non-super powered sidekicks, the "Junior Super Friends", which included teenage compatriots Wendy and Marvin, Wonderdog their pet, and later additions like The Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, along with their space monkey Gleek. These characters served not only as comic relief but also as relatable figures for the younger audience, often being the ones to learn valuable lessons during each episode’s course.

The series was episodic in nature, with each installment introducing new dilemmas involving both earthly and extraterrestrial threats. The narrative often leaned towards fantastical elements with the enemies ranging from ordinary criminals and rogue scientists to malevolent aliens, nefarious wizards, and rampaging robots. Despite the stellar array of powers at their disposal, the Super Friends would usually tackle these menaces with a mix of cunning and non-lethal force, demonstrating a value system that encouraged smart decision-making and compassionate justice.

Each episode was interspersed with educational segments termed as "Decoders" and "Safety Tips", where characters would break the fourth wall to advise viewers on various important topics such as first aid, fire safety, stranger danger, and more. This decidedly wholesome approach made Super Friends not just a leisurely watch, but also a moral and educational offering for its target demographic.

Moreover, Super Friends, with its run across several seasons, saw various sub series which brought about new characters and more intricate storylines. From ‘Challenge of the Super Friends’ that introduced an evil band of super villains called the Legion of Doom, to ‘Super Friends: The Lost Episodes’ which featured previously unaired adventures, the show underwent several transformations. Yet, the premise of unity, morality and camaraderie remained constant, reflecting in its undying charm and popularity.

Visually, the series used a vibrant, comic-book style of animation and a stellar voice cast including renowned voice actors like Frank Welker, Danny Dark, Olan Soule, and Casey Kasem. Its opening theme is a memorable musical assertion of hope and faith in the power of goodness and the bravery of superheroes.

In conclusion, Super Friends is remembered as one of the definitive hallmarks of Saturday morning cartoons, which, over its twelve-year run, delivered an array of entertaining adventures and character moments that captured imaginations worldwide. The show served as one of the first introductions to superheroes for many children and adults alike, and in many ways, its cultural impact has continued to echo long past its original airing, influencing numerous adaptations and helping to propel the enduring popularity of the superhero genre.

Super Friends is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 235 episodes, the show debuted on 1973. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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How can I watch Super Friends online? Super Friends is available on ABC with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Super Friends on demand at Apple TV, Amazon online.

Casey Kasem, Norman Alden, Sherry Alberoni, Olan Soule, Frank Welker, Ted Knight, Danny Dark, John Stephenson, Shannon Farnon, Michael Bell, William Callaway
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