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Emergency at Sea
A daring team is on an extraordinary mission to save one of the biggest animals on the planet: the Right whale. Then, when a massive oil spill threatens endangered sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico, rescuers race to save them.

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Mother Nature
In this special episode of Sea Rescue, natural events leave marine animals in need of help. Cold temperatures cause turtles to strand on Cape Cod; warmer temperatures can prove deadly for Florida manatees; and a powerful storm threatens Sea Lions.

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Lost in the Fog
Packing straps floating in the water are ending up around the necks of sea lions, but fortunately help is at hand. Then, innovative rescuers find a way to help a population of coastal birds call the Light Footed Clapper Rail.

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Deeply Moving
Leatherback sea turtles are huge, endangered and rarely come ashore, so when one turns up sick in Florida it's all hands on deck to save her. Then two fur seals strand in California and the SeaWorld team races to the rescue.

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Its a Wrap
When SeaWorld rescues a newborn harbor seal it's so cold they wrap it in blankets to keep it alive. Then a sea turtle is rescued from a nuclear power plant in New Jersey and is flown thousands of miles to its new home.

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A Lifeline to Survival
A sea lion has fishing line wrapped tightly around her neck, so the SeaWorld Rescue team races to help her.

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A Deadly Loop
Packing straps floating in the water are ending up around the necks of sea lions, but fortunately help is at hand. Then, a coastal bird faces a number of threats in the wild, so innovative rescuers find a way to preserve their numbers.

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On the Edge
When a shark floats in the shallow water of a marina, the SeaWorld Rescue team steps in to help. Then, when sheriff's deputies respond a call of a body in the waters off the Florida coast, they discover this is not the emergency they were expecting.

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A Heartwarming Sight
A young dolphin wanders far inland from the Gulf and into a bayou where the fresh water could affect his health. Then the pioneering and inspiring tale of Briar the sea turtle who needs cataract surgery to restore his vision.

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Great Moms
We meet four rescued animals that also happen to be great mothers. A manatee with a newborn and a pregnant manatee that are tangled up in fishing equipment and Strut the sea lion whose strong maternal instincts help young pups recover.

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A Rocky Road to Recovery
A sick Rissos's Dolphin washes ashore in Delaware, and it's a race against time to get him the help he needs. Then rescuers have their hands full as they try to help a sea lion in need that's stranded out on some rocks.

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Ups and Downs
A manatee floats at an odd angle after being hit by a boat so the SeaWorld team steps in to help him. Then, after a rarely seen Bryde's whale strands on a Florida beach, rescuers make history.

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Georgia On My Mind
A tiny, orphaned manatee is rescued from a creek in Georgia and after years of rehabilitation at SeaWorld, this little girl grows up to become an amazing mom, grandmother and surrogate mother.  It's the heartwarming journey of Georgia the manatee.

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Untying the Knot
A humpback whale is so badly tangled up in fishing gear, so a specialist team races to try and save him.  Then a dolphin is tangled in fishing gear but rescuing this elusive animal proves to be a huge challenge.

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Stranded, But Not Alone
The survivors of two separate mass pilot whale strandings are introduced to each other. Then a baby harbor seal washes ashore all alone on Long Island, NY and a rescue team rushes to help.

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Amazing Journeys
A look back at some of the most extraordinary journeys undertaken by sea animals. Chessie the wandering manatee; Koa and Beaky, two sea turtles that end up far from their native waters; and a flight of pelicans that lands in the Arizona Desert.

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Perils On the Hight Seas
A humpback whale is tangled in fishing gear off Hawaii and a rescue team races to untangle it before it dies. Then a seal survives a shark attack but will require round the clock medical care to survive.

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Unlikeliest Rescues
Two pilot whales are stranded by Space Shuttle about to blast off; a triangular mat designed by the U.S.

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Cold But Not Alone
A manatee is suffering from "cold-stress" so the SeaWorld rescue team and its partner, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, respond. Then, a sea lion is stranded on a beach in San Diego.

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The Will to Survive
When rescuers recover a sea otter stranded on Vancouver Island, Canada, they discover he's blind and has an injury to his flipper. Then a couple in Florida discovers a sea turtle floating in the water.

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Remarkable Recoveries
A pelican is found in Long Beach California with a horrific injury, but a dedicated rescue team is determined to give "Pink" a second chance at life. Then, a turtle has swallowed two hooks, and it's up to a SeaWorld medical team to save him.

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A Gator Tale
Mr. Stubbs the alligator is missing his tail, so pioneering animal care specialists and scientists band together to make him a prosthetic one.

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Babies in Trouble
This special episode of Sea Rescue looks at the remarkable rescues and rehabilitation of some animals that had a rough start in life.

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The Right Thing to Do
A rescue team tries desperately to save an endangered Right Whale that's tangled up in commercial fishing gear. Then, a SeaWorld bird expert joins the effort to save African Penguins whose numbers are threatened by oil spills.

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Lost Bearings, Found Hope
A young sea lion goes on a remarkable journey through the waterways of California and turns up starving and lost, a hundred miles inland. Then freezing arctic temperatures cause the water temperature to drop and hundreds of sea turtles end up in trouble.

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Beyond the Call
A humpback whale is tangled up in fishing gear and desperately needs help. A rescue team overcomes one challenge after another in an epic, seventeen-day operation to save him.

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Sea Rescue, produced by Litton Entertainment, aired from 2012 to 2021 and it was dedicated to the captivating, thrilling, and emotive world of marine animal rescues. The reality series sought to educate and inspire viewers about wildlife and preservation by sharing incredible stories and offering glimpses into the high-stakes world of marine rescue and rehabilitation.

The show presented an immersive viewing experience, bringing the audiences up close with diverse species of marine animals, from sea turtles, seals, and manatees, to dolphins, whales, and sea birds, many of which were endangered. The series followed teams of dedicated professionals as they battled against time, the elements, and sometimes heartbreaking circumstances, to rescue and rehabilitate these magnificent creatures.

The marine rescue and rehabilitation centers demonstrated in the series, such as the SeaWorld parks among others, embody the coordinated efforts between multiple organizations including governmental agencies, animal control units, and non-profit groups to keep our oceans and the life within it thriving.

Each episode included heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking stories that were as educational as they were emotionally impactful. These poignant narratives showcased the relentless dedication, resilience, and perseverance of the rescuers, the tremendous challenges they faced, and the critical importance of their work in the preservation of marine life and ecosystems.

Viewers were shown elaborate rescue missions unfolding in the open ocean, involving incredibly complex and dangerous operations. Intense scenes of rescuers diving into choppy waters, navigating through treacherous weather conditions, or gently coaxing stranded animals back into the water were common throughout the show. Yet, the charm of Sea Rescue was in its ability to balance the intense rescue operations with intimate rehabilitation moments where caregivers nursed the rescued animals back to health.

The treatment and rehabilitation processes were deeply involved and could range from a few weeks to several months or even years. The show highlighted the care team's meticulous efforts, from conducting health assessments, managing wound care, administering medications, providing nutritional support, to even teaching orphans to fend for themselves. It gave viewers a clear understanding of the tremendous effort and specialist care required, contradicting any notion that this could be an easy or straightforward undertaking.

The ultimate goal of all rescues was to return the animal back to its natural environment. These release events were especially emotional, serving as bittersweet moments of triumph for both the animal and the rescue team. However, the show made it clear that not every story had a happy ending. For some animals, their injuries or illnesses were too severe, leading to inevitable yet heartrending outcomes.

Sea Rescue also emphasized the importance of conservation and protecting the world's oceans. Each episode offered an in-depth look at the devastating impact of human activity on marine life, such as environmental pollution, habitat destruction, climate change, and overfishing. It aimed to inspire its audience to play their part in preserving and respecting marine environments.

The show was hosted by environmental journalist and correspondent Matt Gutman for the first four seasons and then by ABC News correspondent, Rob Marciano, from the fifth season onwards. Their narration not only guided viewers through the stories seamlessly but also highlighted important educational information.

The series won accolades for its ability to entertain while educating, successfully raising awareness about the beauty and vulnerability of the ocean and its inhabitants. The powerful narratives, combined with incredible footage of marine life and captivating rescue operations, have made this show a must-watch for wildlife enthusiasts, educational institutions, and everyday viewers alike.

Overall, Sea Rescue showcased high-stakes dramatic rescue operations along with compassionate rehabilitation efforts, sterling an entire decade of storytelling around the critical efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and release marine wildlife. The series was an engaging blend of reality, bravery, and educational content that served as an important reminder of the rich biodiversity of our oceans and the essential role humans need to play to protect it.

Sea Rescue is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 169 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.8.

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