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Ribbon Alvida
An excited Sarah and Duck take the Shallots to see the Ribbon Sisters perform with their family circus.

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Haber Dasher
When the zip on Sarah's hoodie breaks, Scarf Lady suggests a trip to the haberdasher to get it fixed.

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Perimeter Pals
Sarah, Duck and Bug set off on a big adventure, through uncharted territory, as they attempt to cycle all the way around the park.

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Cinema Scoot
Sarah and Duck join Scooter Boy at the cinema to watch his favourite film, but the sound doesn't seem to be working.

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Sarah and Duck try to work out exactly what it is that Scarf Lady has been knitting in her sleep.

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Hedge Opera
Sarah is fascinated by some mysterious music coming from the hedge.

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Cloud Jam
Music Lady needs Sarah and Duck's help to return a music-loving stowaway back to the Cloud Tower.

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Comet's Coming
Sarah and Duck are excited to visit the observatory to see a passing comet.

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Mountain Mints
Scarf Lady takes Sarah and Duck on trip up the mountains. At the top of a mountain they find Poetry Pete reading a poem.

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Snowball Skate
Sarah and Duck explore a Winter Fair in the park, and discover an amazing skating rink inside a giant snowball!

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Sarah & Duck is a British animated children's television series that was originally broadcast on CBeebies from 2013 to 2017. This warmly enchanting and highly acclaimed show centres around the daily antics and adventures of a seven-year-old girl named Sarah and her lovable friend, Duck. The show is lovingly crafted and brilliantly inventive, seamlessly blending unique, quirky humour with understated simplicity that appeals not only to children but also adult audiences. It's a gentle and imaginative animated series that treats childhood encounters with an elegant subtlety enhanced by delightful music and top-notch voice performances.

Sarah is an extremely curious and wide-eyed character, known for her enthusiasm, inquisitive nature, and imaginative responses to her everyday experiences. Duck, on the other hand, is her constant companion, an unspeaking, web-footed ally who expresses himself through non-verbal cues such as quacking and body language. The relationship between them offers heartwarming narratives involving meaningful companionship, cooperation, and affection, which are some of the essential lessons that the show seeks to impart to its young viewers.

The show engages children and adults alike with its beautifully exuberant and vividly colourful animation style and wonderfully created, diverse cast of characters. Every episode introduces Sarah and Duck to new characters – each more charming and eccentric than the last – resulting in a universe brimming with quirky, whimsical charm.

The show's structure revolves around Sarah and Duck exploring the world around them, learning lessons, solving problems, and, most importantly, having fun. Each episode is quite short, spanning approximately 7 minutes, and it gives children the opportunity to follow along with Sarah and Duck's daily routines and discoveries without being overwhelmed. Furthermore, the pace is deliberately slow, giving the viewers time to absorb the myriad of charming details the show’s creators have packed into every single frame.

An essential and distinctive aspect of Sarah & Duck is the delightful narration by Roger Allam. He interacts with Sarah as a kind of unseen, all-knowing narrator, providing gentle guidance, adding a reassuring presence, and a comfortingly humorous and engaging voice which is almost akin to having a bed-time story read out loud. The narrator's tone undeniably contributes to the peculiar and appealing rhythm of the show, enhancing its distinctive charm.

Notably, the creators have effectively tackled the inclusion of remarkably diverse elements in the episodes of Sarah & Duck. They don't shy away from variety, and children are introduced to concepts such as contemporary art, shallots, bread at the bakery, kites at the park, and even the complex workings of a local bus route. This wide-ranging perspective promotes curiosity and learning, teaching viewers to embrace the marvels of everyday life and find joy in the simple things.

Moreover, Sarah & Duck are also recognised for their diverse representation, including characters that are positive and realistic portrayals of various community members. In doing so, the show honours individuality and tolerance, subtly teaching important lessons about acceptance and understanding, which makes it a well-rounded and meaningful viewing experience for children.

Throughout its run, Sarah & Duck did not deviate from its original intent: to tell authentic, uncomplicated stories focusing on generosity, kindness, and the joy of discovery. This approach distinguished the series from the overly dynamic, fast-paced animation styles prevalent in many modern children's TV shows.

Overall, Sarah & Duck stands out as a significantly unique show that is thoughtfully conceived and charmingly delivered. This series is not just about laughter and entertainment but also about nurturing curiosity, encouraging exploration, and delivering important life lessons. The heartening friendship between Sarah & Duck serves as the heart of the series, backed by a whimsical yet real world filled with captivating animated visuals and quirky characters.

Sarah & Duck has not only won the hearts of many since its inception but has also received critical acclaim and numerous recognitions, cementing its place as a gem in children's television. It is a calming, engaging, and educative series that captures the imagination of children, delivering morals and values in an effortlessly captivating manner.

Sarah & Duck is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 137 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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How can I watch Sarah & Duck online? Sarah & Duck is available on CBeebies with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Sarah & Duck on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV online.

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