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Episode 50
The trio seeks blessings from Goddess Ganga before proceeding. They then reach Sage Bhardwaj's Hermitage to seek the sage's blessings and also to ask for directions.

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Episode 49
Ram, Laxman and Sita had reached the banks of river Ganga which they would have to cross by a boat and the chariot would not be useful any further. Ram asked Arya Sumant to return to Ayodhya and they would continue their journey ahead on their own.

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Episode 48
The trio, Ram, Laxman and Sita were headed to the woods along with Arya Sumant on his chariot but people of Ayodhya also wanted to join them because they didn't want to leave their favourite prince Ram.

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Episode 47
Ram, Laxman and Sita were soon going to leave their luxurious life of being in the royal family behind and would start a new journey to the exile where they would have to stay in the forest in ordinary clothes like ordinary people.

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Episode 46
Laxman is angry and is not thinking correctly. Ram stops him from taking the wrong step and explained why he agreed to accept the decision.

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Episode 45
Sita insists on going to the forest with Ram as it is her duty to be with her husband where ever he goes. On the other hand, Lakshman cannot hold his temperament and thinks it was a planned political move arranged by his brother Bharat and Queen Kaikeyi.

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Episode 44
Everyone in Ayodhya are disappointed with this decision of Ram going to exile. Sage Vashishta and Arya Sumant tried to convince Kaikeyi to withdraw her wishes but she was adamant.

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Episode 43
Queen Kaikeyi explained King Dasharath's dilemma to Ram, she even told him about the boons she earned and her wishes that she had asked from him. Ram happily accepted to fulfill both her wishes and he also confirmed that he would leave for exile immediately.

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Episode 42
The endless night is finally over and it was Ram's coronation day. King Dasharath called for Ram to tell him the harsh truth and how he has to stay true to his commitments.

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Episode 41
When King Dasharat gains his conscious, he decides to accept and fulfill Queen Kaikeyi's first wish which is to consider Bharat as the king but he requests her to withdraw her second wish of sending Ram to exile for 14 years. Kaikeyi is adamant and threatens him to give up her life he doesn't fulfill both her wishes.

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Episode 40
King Dasharath convinces Queen Kaikeyi that he would do anything for her and would accept all her commands. She tells the king about her wishes and King Dasharath faints.

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Episode 39
Manthara suggests queen kaikeyi to use the 2 boons that she had earned during one of King Dasharath's battle for saving his life. King Dasharath explains to Ram the important rules of being a king.

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Episode 38
Queen Kaikeyi has convinced Manthara and is now conspiring to keep Ram from being the king. Ram is very nervous to accept such big responsibility.

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Episode 37
The announcement of Ram's coronation was done. All of Ayodhya is celebrating and preparing for the ceremony.

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Episode 36
King Dasharath arranged a meeting between members of his kingdom and consults on giving up his throne and handing it to his elder son Ram to continue the legacy. The members agree to him and also give their valuable feedback.

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Episode 35
Ram and his brothers return to Ayodhya and informed their family about the unexpected attack that took place and how Prince Bharat was majorly injured. Manthara again tries to manipulate Bharat and Ram.

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Episode 34
While Ram, his brothers and their troop were headed to Mithila, the candidates from Sita's Swayamvar decide to attack Ram to seek revenge from him for insulting them. During the attack, Prince Bharat was majorly injured as he was hit by an arrow.

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Episode 33
Manthara the maid from Ayodhya tries to manipulate Prince Bharat to become the king instead of Prince Ram. King Janak sends a messenger to Ayodhya inviting King Dashrat and his family to join them in Mithila for agricultural festival.

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Episode 32
King Dasharat decides to roam in his kingdom like a civilian to find out what the villagers thought of them. While doing this, he overhears a group of people saying King Dasharat should handover his kingdom to his sons.

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Episode 31
The entire Kingdom celebrates the wedding of Ram and Sita

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Ramayan is an Indian epic television series that initially aired on Doordarshan's National Channel from 1987 to 1988. The series is an adaptation of the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana composed by the sage Valmiki devastated over millennia across the Indian subcontinent. It was brought to life on television by the noted filmmaker Ramanand Sagar under the banner of Sagar Art Enterprises.

The shows plot intricacies echoed the narrative of the sacred text of Ramayana, presenting the life of Rama, the Seventh Avatar of Vishnu. The series is woven around his birth, his youthful adventures, his life in exile, and his final confrontation with his adversary Ravana.

Ramayan broke national television records and became a cultural phenomenon, using television as a medium to render the Indian epic's grandeur. Its weekend morning slot cemented a ritualistic television arising across homes in India, transcending all barriers of caste, creed and religion. The beauty of the show lies not just in the story, but also its portrayal which ingrained moral and societal values, thus striking a chord with audiences of all age groups.

The series starring Arun Govil as Rama, Deepika Chikhalia as Sita, and Sunil Lahri as Lakshman, Rama's loyal and loving brother, became household names. Govil's gentle portrayal of Rama and Chikhalia’s spiritual embodiment of Sita left an enduring impression on viewers. Rama's devoted disciple Hanuman was portrayed by Dara Singh, who brought a certain strength and loyalty to the character that resonated deeply with fans.

Ramayan not only tells the story of good versus evil but also represents the societal and moral standards of an ideal person, including the concept of perfect son, perfect king, and a perfect husband. Each episode was a melange of impressive set designs, colorful costumes, and emotive background scores which eloquently created an atmosphere of devotion, bravery, and sacrifice fostered by the characters.

The series’ enduring appeal laid not only in its religious or philosophical imports but was also a reflection of a simpler, ethical lifestyle that found deep resonance with viewers longing for a moral anchor. Its emphasis on dharma (duty/obligation), karma (action leading to future consequences), and yoga (path towards realisation and self-discovery) was a refreshing exposure for an audience that was largely urban bent and new to television.

Ramayan was a breakthrough in the television landscape in India. It pioneered mythological storytelling, paving the way for numerous epic sagas that later gripped Indian Television. The show's mass appeal broke viewership records, cementing its place in the annals of Indian television history as one of its highest rated shows.

The mastery of Ramanand Sagar’s storytelling skills ensured that the series was not just appreciated for its authenticity, but also for the way it brought the story closer to the people, encapsulating the core theme of good triumphing over evil, and the power of faith and devotion. It gracefully transcended the barrier of being just a religious show, and reached into the hearts of millions across the country, creating a unique space for itself in popular culture.

Its importance was reestablished when it was re-telecast during the global lockdown amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, and yet again turned out to be a viewership magnet thirty-three years after its first broadcast.

The series graduated from just being a phenomenally successful show to a societal event, due to its unique storytelling, grandeur, and the moral lesson it imparted. While entertaining millions, Ramayan also managed to impart life lessons and moral values, drawing people more inwards spiritually, and lighting the path of righteousness for its vast audience. No wonder the epic series Ramayan is fondly remembered and continues to remain in people's hearts even decades after its original telecast.

Ramayan is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 65 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a outstanding reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 9.0.

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