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Surprise Twists
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Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 14 Now

Crooked Contest
Is the songwriting contest at Belcourt Taps in Nashville rigged?

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 13 Now

Rigged Rental
The owner of Nashville Street Tacos and The Stillery in Nashville, believes his part-time apartment above his restaurant is being used while he's out of town.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 12 Now

Hot Meat
After receiving deals that are too good to be true, Tony, the owner of Rivoli's in Tom's River, N.J., believes his new meat purveyor is selling him stolen goods. Charles Stiles sends in Mystery Diner Danny, who has trouble infiltrating the restaurant staff.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 11 Now

Tables Turned
In this special episode of Mystery Diners, Charles Stiles and his undercover team risk it all to bust the boss! For the first time ever, the sting is conducted from inside the restaurant to see if the horrifying accusations against the boss are true.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 10 Now

Lobster Looting
Brother-sister owners have noticed a discrepancy in their lobster supply at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park, NJ. With the help of Charles Stiles and his undercover Mystery Diners, they'll discover where the lobsters are going.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 9 Now

Venue Vandals
Concerned about vandalism at his new restaurant location, the owner of the Spanish Potato Grill in Brick, NJ, reaches out to Mystery Diners. Charles sends in his team, who learn the restaurant is being sabotaged from the inside.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 8 Now

Vicious Valets
Mystery Diners investigates car complaints at Breuckelen Colony in NYC.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 7 Now

Comic Book Caper
In Brooklyn, N.Y., Vlane, the owner of Action Burger, seeks the help of the "Mystery Diners" after comic books disappear from his comic book-themed restaurant.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 6 Now

Unhappy Holidays
A New Jersey restaurant investigates a decline in holiday sales.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 5 Now

Secondhand Scam
Luca, owner of Riemma Kitchen Warehouse, asks Charles for help after his customers find food inside the factory-sealed appliances they just purchased. Mystery diner Jamie goes undercover and discovers a large-scale operation.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 4 Now

Steals On Wheels
Mystery Diners uncover a problem in the kitchen of a meal delivery service.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 3 Now

From Russia Without Love
Before investing his life savings in a new Russian restaurant, an aspiring restaurateur asks Charles Stiles to investigate the Russian chef he plans to go into business with. Mystery Diners Rob and Eva go undercover and discover an elaborate con.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 2 Now

Street Vendor Violation
Supperclub in LA notices a peculiar dip in sales and wants to find out why.

Watch Mystery Diners Season 11 Episode 1 Now

Mystery Diners is an intriguing reality TV program that first aired on the Food Network in 2011. The show's concept revolves around the intricate, behind-the-scenes operations of various restaurants, delis, pizzerias, and other eateries. The program subtly underscores how the food-service industry is a high-pressure world where success is often contingent on every single individual component and employee performing optimally.

The show is hosted by Charles Stiles, the founder of a company called Business Evaluation Services. This company is dedicated to investigating potential malfeasance in the restaurant industry, and Stiles is the linchpin who guides each episode, guiding the viewers as well as the restaurant owners through the investigation process.

Mystery Diners is premised on the anxieties and worries of restaurant owners who suspect that something within their business is not quite right. These owner’s worries range from theft, inappropriate behavior by staff, or sub-par customer service, and even to more complex issues like food wastage, policy adherence, and operational consistency. The show serves as a fascinating exploration of the intersection of entrepreneurship, food service, and human behavior, all experienced through the practical and focused lens of business improvement.

Each episode typically begins with the introduction of a restaurant owner who is experiencing troubles with their establishment. This provides a compelling narrative thread, as viewers are quickly invested in the dilemmas facing these individuals who have often invested their life savings into a dream. They are left with a sinking feeling that something untoward is transpiring right under their noses among their trusted staff.

Charles Stiles, acting as the seasoned problem-solver, steps in to lend these desperate owners a helping hand. After listening to their concerns, Stiles then plants undercover operatives, the so-called ‘Mystery Diners’, into the restaurants. These mystery diners pose as normal customers or staff, fitted with hidden cameras and microphones that capture footage of the restaurant's operations from the inside. In some instances, Stiles also installs surveillance cameras in strategic locations within the establishments.

Back in a control room with the anxious owner, Stiles observes the footage and behavior of the staff captured by the undercover team and surveillance tools. This allows Stiles and the restaurant owner to get a first-hand, undistorted view of what’s really happening when they are not around. It’s an eye-opening experience for many owners, bringing the reality of their businesses into sharp relief.

The findings can be startling, sometimes even shocking. What unravels are stories of deceit, intrigue, theft, and negligence, showcasing the unpleasant side of the food and restaurant industry. From employees stealing food, cheating the cash registers, flouting rules, to compromising on customer service and even sabotaging the establishment for petty rivalries, the revelations often leave the owners shell shocked.

Closer to the end of each episode, this reality show takes an interesting turn when Charles Stiles arranges a confrontation between the owners and the implicated employees. This invariably results in an explosive climax where emotions run high and truths are revealed. At times, it leads to employees getting fired on the spot, while on other occasions, they are given a second chance to mend their ways.

Mystery Diners isn’t just concrete practical lessons for those in the restaurant industry; it is pertinent for all business owners, highlighting the importance of internal controls, human resource management, and operational efficiency. In addition, it serves as a cautionary tale for viewers about integrity, honesty, and the consequences of errant behavior in a professional setting.

In essence, Mystery Diners masterfully bridges the gap between being a business-oriented reality show and a gripping investigative series – a combination that delivers not only entertainment but also many a valuable insights into the functioning and intricacies of the food-service world. Whether you’re a foodie, a business enthusiast, or someone who enjoys sleuth-like investigation shows, Mystery Diners is a program that offers a unique blend of engaging and thought-provoking content.

Mystery Diners is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 11 seasons with a total of 143 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 3.7.

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