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Little Britain Episode #1.8
Emily gives the driver of a broken-down van some unfeminine help. Daffyd is dismayed when barmaid Myfanwy admits that she too is gay.

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Little Britain Episode #1.7
Teenage mother Vicky tells her social worker that she's swapped her baby for a Westlife CD. Marjorie is doing her best to forget all about a one-night-stand with Fatfighter Paul.

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Little Britain Episode #1.6
Inside 10 Downing Street, Sebastian cannot remain silent when Prime Minister Michael tackles the Chancellor of the Exchequer about his leadership ambitions. At the office of Theatrical Agent Jeremy Rent, Dennis Waterman rejects a job offer for a remake of Minder.

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Little Britain Episode #1.5
At the Paul Young Offenders Institution, Vicky has been summond to the governess's office for biting another inmate in the canteen. Prime Minister Michael holds a press conference on the disgraced Foreign Secretary?

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Little Britain Episode #1.4
Dafydd is in denial at the hairdresser, where he is horrified to meet the highly camp Ifan and his boyfriend. Transvestite Emily Howard appears to be in denial too when asked to cover her testicles for an x-ray.

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Little Britain Episode #1.3
After a disastrous by-election, Prime Minister Michael is going through the morning papers with Sebastian. Vicky and her mates try to order drinks in a pub, despite being obviously underage.

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Little Britain Episode #1.2
The only gay man in his village, Dafydd, is astounded to discover that someone has bought his copy of the Gay Times. Andy insists on wearing his Smurf outfit to a Chinese restaurant.

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Little Britain Episode #1.1
At the comprehensive school in Darkley Noone, straw-brained, squawking schoolgirl Vicky Pollard explains why she hasn't done her essay on Lord Kitchener. Inside 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister Michael is having a meeting with his handsome new Treasury aide until jealous aide Sebastian decides to interrupt.

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Little Britain is a wildly popular, sometimes controversial British sketch comedy series broadcast on BBC America. An ingenious project developed with equal parts wit and subversive humor, the show was created by and stars the dynamic duo, David Walliams and Matt Lucas, who weave a rich tapestry of eccentric, complex and mainly ludicrous characters living across the myriad landscapes of the UK. Originally aired from 2003-2006, this cult classic was known for its clever catchphrases, irreverent humor, and provocative social commentary.

The creators, David Walliams and Matt Lucas, portray a multitude of diverse characters in exaggerated scenarios often reflecting absurd realities of modern British life. All sketches are connected with the narration from actor Tom Baker, who uses a dry, grandiose tone building an irony between his commentary and the bizarre happenings on screen. His role is fundamental in maintaining a continuity and collective feel amongst the vastly varying sketches.

The series has also brought several other luminaries such as Anthony Head, Paul Putner, Steve Furst, Joann Condon, and Ruth Jones, each contributing their distinctive comedic talents to birth unforgettable characters and moments known to the fans worldwide. The ensemble team bounces off each other's sharp humor and undeniable chemistry, painting a dynamic yet nuanced picture of British society.

The show's impressive range of characters is one of the many elements that set "Little Britain" apart from other sketch comedy shows. Displaying an outrageous tragicomic kaleidoscope, primary actors Lucas and Walliams showcase their invaluable versatility as they immerse themselves in their respective characters, be it the hopelessly deluded Daffyd Thomas, somehow the only gay man in his Welsh village, the sneering, hypocritical weight loss instructor Marjorie, or the obnoxious, deliberately obtuse bureaucrat Carol.

"Little Britain" delivers biting social commentary through its diverse characters and sharp-witted humor. This intimate look at the smaller, quirkier aspects of British life in all its glory and peculiarity provides a hilarious, sometimes scathing parody of common stereotypes and attitudes.

Little Britain is underpinned by its signature catchphrases which heightened its cultural impact. Phrases like "I'm the only gay in the village", "Yeah but no but yeah but…" and "Computer says no" have transcended the show and become a part of the cultural vernacular. To the uninitiated, they might seem nonsensical, but to fans, they're the embodiment of very-well-developed characters and narratives, a testament to creative brilliance in character sketching.

Whilst "Little Britain" is replete with humor that pushes boundaries, it has, at times, also courted controversy due to its use of stereotypes and sometimes outrageous irreverence. Critics argue that some of the sketches could potentially alienate certain groups or potentially reinforce harmful stereotypes. However, the creators insist that the show offers satirical commentary on society, poking fun at bigotry and narrow-mindedness to stimulate conversations about stereotypes.

A distinctive feature of the show is its unique design aesthetics. Influenced by the absurdist strain, the production values are high, with extraordinary costumes, makeup and sets that contribute to the overall farcical and over-the-top vibes of the show. The seemingly extravagant character appearances, however, doesn't restrain the intricate mannerisms, the pitches, tones, and dialects that the characters carry with aplomb, which results in a gratifyingly intricate depiction of the socio-cultural landscape of the UK.

The show would often feature elaborate and cinematic opening sequences featuring the series' two creators, Lucas and Walliams, delighting audiences with a hint of indulgence that only seemed to give the series more charm. The blends of observational humor with surreal scenarios and narrative techniques distinguish the show as a classic in comedy history.

An essential part of Britain's humor and television legacy, Little Britain managed to tread the globe too, with international versions in places like the USA being proof of its wide appeal. Viewed in retrospect, the series is a timeless capsule of a particular era in British culture, offering a reminder of the trends, attitudes, and quirks that were prevalent at the time.

In conclusion, "Little Britain" is a darkly humorous, wildly imaginative, and somewhat controversial exploration of British society. It might not be everyone's cup of tea due to its boundary-pushing, irreverent humor, and potentially provocative satire. Still, there's no denying that the show's cultural impact has resonated far and wide, making it a memorable classic in the realm of British television.

Little Britain is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 25 episodes, the show debuted on 2003. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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