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Who Is Donnie Rudd?
Who is Donnie Rudd? War hero? Casanova? Big time lawyer? Brilliant scientist? Secret agent? Some say he's a con man. Police say he's a killer. He says he's innocent. Keith Morrison investigates a decades-long saga of love, death and suspicion.

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Who Killed Angie Dodge?
In 2012, Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison nationalized the heartbreaking case of Angie Dodge, an 18-year-old woman murdered in her home in Idaho Falls, Ind. Two decades ago, police arrested an acquaintance of Dodge, 20-year-old Chris Tapp, after he confessed to participating in her murder.

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Murder in Lehigh Valley
Keith Morrison investigates the horrific 1994 murders of Joann Katrinak and her infant son Alex, the tangled relationships surrounding the crime, and the ongoing claims that Patricia Rorrer was wrongfully convicted.

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Keith Morrison Investigates is a compelling true-crime television documentary series that aired on Investigation Discovery in 2017. Hosted by the illustrious investigative journalist Keith Morrison, the series is an expansion of his popular Dateline segments, offering viewers a more comprehensive look into some of the most notorious, perplexing, and outrageous crimes of recent years. The show seamlessly combines meticulous investigation, ultra-engaging storytelling, and the empathetic narration of a seasoned journalist for an immersive viewing experience.

Keith Morrison Investigates is not just another run-of-the-mill crime series, it stands out due to Keith Morrison's distinct style. Known for his unconventional interview style and his ability to infuse empathy, suspense, and intrigue into his narratives, Morrison brings a unique flair to the series. Furthermore, his experience in investigative journalism creates an atmosphere of compelling authenticity, making each episode an enlightening insight into the world of crime.

As the host takes viewers through these cases layer by layer, he doesn't merely retell the incidents, he unravels them. Each episode explores a new case, doing justice to the complexities and intricacies that define them. Recognizing that reality is often more complicated than it first appears, Keith ensures the narratives go beyond a cursory glance, diving into all crannies of the investigation and legal proceedings that followed these cases. Rather than just focusing on the crime itself, Keith provides perspective, unearthing details about the victims, the accused, the motives, and the evidence, taking viewers along on an engrossing journey through the murky depths of each crime.

A distinguishing feature of Keith Morrison Investigates is its investigative rigor. Each case is profoundly researched, and facts are carefully verified, lending the series an element of journalistic integrity often missing from true-crime shows. The line of fact-finding is rigorous, as Morrison either interviews detectives, prosecutors, defense attorneys, family members, or reconstructs the crime step-by-step, scrutinizing the key aspects that turned the case. Consequently, the series takes on a masterclass quality, exploring not only the crime but also the administrative and criminal justice system's response to them.

The series aptly showcases Morrison's extraordinary ability to humanize even the most incomprehensible criminal cases. While dealing with themes of violence, injustice, and despair, Morrison never loses sight of the victims' humanity. Even as he guides viewers through convoluted realms of mystery and intrigue, he never allows the spotlight to veer away from the real people at the heart of these crimes. This balanced and empathetic portrayal makes Keith Morrison Investigates much more resonant with its audience.

Keith Morrison Investigates also incorporates expert analysis, feedback, and commentary to bolster its narratives. These elements enhance the depth and insight into the crimes and the judicial processes that they spawn, augmenting the educational value of the series. By doing so, the series not only fascinates its viewers but also makes them think critically about the causes and consequences of crime and the ways society and its authoritative bodies handle them.

Produced by Investigation Discovery, a network known for high-quality true crime content, the show's cinematography and production design supplement its solid storytelling. The visual components effectively capture the emotional gravity and the chilling magnitude of the narratives, contributing to the series' overall impact.

Keith Morrison Investigates stands out as a true-crime series that goes beyond mere presentation or sensationalization of criminal cases. Instead, it creates a multidimensional, investigative narrative that seeks to inform, intrigue, and provoke thought. Keith Morrison's unique narrative voice, his instinct for detail, and his commitment to presenting a balanced portrayal lend a distinct quality to this series. He seeks to unravel, not just present, ensuring viewers get a front-row seat to the complexities, absurdities, and heartbreaks that plague the world of crime. An engaging foray into the true-crime genre, Keith Morrison Investigates is an immersion into the grim realities and the painstaking investigative processes that unfold in the aftermath of a crime.

Keith Morrison Investigates is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 3 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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