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Alucard and Incognito's battle rages on, each fighter taking a beating and giving another back, neither side making any progress. As Integra and Walter head out to the Tower of London to see what exactly is happening, they get a surprise attack from the British military.

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Total Destruction
After the Queen cancels her ceremony at the Hellsing HQ, Integra hears word that her soldiers are having trouble fighting at the Tower of London, including Seras. Shortly after, the British military labels the Hellsing Organization as a terrorist group and attempts to halt their operations.

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Transcend Force
The Royal Knights of the Round Table decide to hold a conference due to the recent attempts to kill the Queen. Integra is disappointed because she cannot attend due to her still recovering from her operation.

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Master of Monster
In a desperate attempt to prevent herself from becoming a Ghoul, Integra cuts her throat open. Several doctors then attempt a very delicate operation to save her life.

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Red Rose Vertigo
The Hellsing Organization is the middle of a castle raid when, suddenly, they are told to pullout of the keep and let a group of S.A.

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Kill House
A Chinese factory is destroyed along with the evidence inside, so Integra deploys several units to find any information about the computer chips that are making fake Vampires. Seras finds herself back at her old apartment where memories of a forgotten family flood her.

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Alucard has another encounter with Paladin Alexander Anderson, ending in similar fashion. Back at the Hellsing base, the Organization is recovering from the recent assault on their HQ.

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Dead House
The assault on the Hellsing Organization's HQ continues, with Jan leading the Ghoul Army towards the Round Table's meeting-room where Sir Integra is. Right outside, Walter and Seras plan to put a halt to Jan's plan.

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The Valentine Brothers, a couple of Vampires have decided to fight back against Hellsing and start a surprise attack on Hellsing HQ. At the same time Sir Integra is called to the Knights of the Round Table about how to deal with the raising man-made vampire problem.

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Innocent as a Human
The Internet becomes flooded with video footage of live executions. The media begins to air them, because it's what the people want to see.

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Sword Dancer
A young man dies in the arms of his lover, who also happens to be a man-made Vampire. He comes back to life looking for his companion, but is quickly put down by the Hellsing Organization.

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Club M
As a Vampire couple goes on a rampage and kills family after family in order to become more powerful, Seras Victoria begins her training with the Hellsing Organization. After several failed missions in which she was not able to neutralize the target, she realizes that this may be her chance to finally prove herself to the team and her Captain.

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The Undead
The Hellsing Organziation is called in the small town of Cheddar, where the dead are coming back to life. A small group of police officers, one being a young women by the name of Seras Victoria, finds her way to a secluded church where the source of evil is emanating from.

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Hellsing is an exceptional anime series that originally aired on Encore Action from 2001 to 2002. Named after its primary protagonists, the series hinges primarily on the mysterious Hellsing Organization, a covert British institution dedicated to battling supernatural threats to mankind.

The series initially draws its inspiration from Bram Stoker's Dracula, but soon establishes its unique take on gothic horror, presenting audiences with an intricate weave of horror, gore, and dramatic storytelling. The title eponymously refers to the protagonists' family name, a lineage distinguished by an enduring obligation to protect Britain and the Anglican Church from the monstrous threats born from the underbelly of the supernatural.

Central to the narrative is Sir Integra Hellsing, the present leader of the Hellsing Organization and a strong, composed woman, ruthless in her fight against the supernatural forces that threaten human existence. Her family hierarchy, power, and command place her in the frontline against entities such as vampires and ghouls, ensuring a thematic continuity of danger, bravado, darkness, and continuous action.

Beneath her orders operates Alucard, a phenomenally powerful vampire enslaved to the organization. Alucard is an enigma, whose power, stoicism, and ambiguous blend of ally and monster introduce a fascinating character study that adds psychological depth to the gore and action. His role as a weapon against Hellsing's elusive foes crafts a series of shockingly violent, fast-paced battle scenes that underscore the series' place among the best action anime. Alucard uses a variety of supernatural abilities to slay his enemies, from simple but lethal gunplay to haunting displays of his vampiric might.

Then there's Seras Victoria, a former police officer turned vampire who serves as a protégé to Alucard, introducing an element of humanity to the narrative. Seras' struggle with her vampire nature offers opportunities for character progression, providing the series a more intimate look at the realities of immortality, bloodlust, and existential torment that counterbalance the high-stakes battles against their supernatural foes.

The show is celebrated for its dark and atmospheric animation, viscerally capturing the thematic horror elements from the uncanny colors of the scenery to the grim and intricate design of the characters. The sound production is equally impressive, fusing a powerful score that ranges from boisterous orchestral pieces to eerie choruses, enhancing explicit action sequences and the ever-present gothic ambiance.

Hellsing weaves its plot threads meticulously, across standalone incidents and longer arcs that deepen the show's mythology. As episodes progress, an all-encompassing narrative starts to emerge, revealing the Hellsing Organization's tangled history and its battles against rival organizations, rogue vampires, and even powerful entities within the Church. Each new revelation opens up the world of Hellsing, notably enriching its initial premise.

Moreover, Hellsing presents a unique reinterpretation of various religious and Western mythological themes, imbuing the show with layers of complexity beyond the immediate surface. Much of the series alludes to pertinent questions regarding good, evil, and moral ambiguity, balancing these weighty issues with cases of absurdist or dark humor.

In conclusion, Hellsing is more than just another entry in the horror genre. It’s a compelling saga of antiheroes and monstrosities, wherein the lines of good and evil blur in a world overwhelmed by supernatural threats. It's a classic struggle to maintain humanity in the face of oncoming darkness, coupled with a visual spectacle and stunningly choreographed battles. However, be warned, the show contains graphic content involving violence and other mature themes, firmly establishing itself as an anime for adults. Hellsing is a gripping and exciting series, and a must-watch for any fan of horror or action anime.

Hellsing is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 14 episodes, the show debuted on 2003. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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