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Joseph Wambaugh
Joseph Wambaugh traces the landmark case of two English girls murdered in the small community of Leceister in his book "The Blooding.

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Kathy Reichs
Dr. Kathy Reichs, best-selling author, recounts details of her real-life involvement as a forensic anthropologist in one of the most fascinating homicide investigations in Canadian history.

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Harlan Coben
Both of Harlan Coben's New York Times #1 bestsellers have common themes - girls who disappear and a community's quest for answers. In the true story of Brianna Denison, her abduction and the questions that echo throughout Reno, NV are portrayed.

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Sara Paretsky
Sara Paretsky is intrigued by the stabbing death of Carmen Ross and how investigators unraveled the suspect's well-planned story.

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Linda Fairstein
An intense investigation points to a mother and son team responsible for the disappearance of millionaire Manhattan socialite Irene Silverman. Linda Farstein gives a behind-the-scenes look.

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Sandra Brown
The body of a young man is found brutally murdered in East Texas and investigators believe a local gang is responsible. Sandra Brown offers insight into this landmark hate-crime case, which inspired her book, The Witness.

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Lisa Scottoline
In a twisted scheme, a 15-year-old girl is found murdered and investigators discover that the victim planned the entire thing. Lisa Scottoline untangles the web of this family triangle.

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David Baldacci
In 1964, D.C. socialite Mary Meyer was murdered. At the trial, the revelation of Mary's diary, which detailed an affair with President Kennedy, leads many to conspiracy theories and became the partial basis for Baldacci's best-seller, Absolute Power.

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Hardcover Mysteries is an intriguing television series that aired in 2010 on Investigation Discovery, a network celebrated for its dedicated approach to true crime documentaries and series. True to its title, the series seeks to unravel some of the most baffling and riveting real-life mysteries, directly from the imaginative minds of the most celebrated authors in the realm of mystery fiction. Renowned authors who have penned down mystery novels for years step into the world of true crime to guide viewers through the suspense and fascination that accompany each case they have personally selected and interpreted for the show. Intrinsically, the show mirrors the tone of a thrilling detective novel and pulls the viewers into an immersive exploration of enigmatic crimes and puzzling investigations. The cryptic nature of the stories is made even more tantalizing as they rise from the pages of their mystery novels and are brought to life by the authors themselves. The show is a unique concept that binds the creative fiction of these authors with the harsh realities of true incidents. Hardcover Mysteries features a brilliant line-up of best-selling authors such as Sandra Brown, David Baldacci, Kathy Reichs, Harlan Coben, Sara Paretsky, and more. Each episode is hosted by a different author who recalls, dissects, and presents a real-life case that inspired their work or left an indelible mark on their career. They delve into the intricate details of each case, bringing their literary approach to the analysis. Their refreshing insights and opinions shine a new light on these sad but riveting real-life tales, adding a different perspective that is far removed from the typically cold and factual accounts made by police and prosecutors. Their storytelling effortlessly keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, scrutinizing the presented details while also contemplating the psychological motivations behind each crime. Throughout the show, the authors draw parallels between their selected real-life cases and the plots or characters in their books. They discuss how these real-life mysteries directly or indirectly shaped their work, offering a fascinating peek into the process of crafting a captivating mystery novel. Such behind-the-scenes explorations reveal the artistry that transposes grim realism into gripping fiction, offering an in-depth understanding of the author's creative process. The show maintains a fine line between true crime exploration and literary analysis. The episodes are carefully paced, each unfolding in a manner quite similar to reading a book. Just like a novel, the plot branches out into several subplots, and the narrative holds your attention till the very end. A significant element of Hardcover Mysteries is the recreation of scenes and context related to the crime. These visual elements offer an engaging cinematic experience, thus enhancing the captivating narrative by the host authors. The crime scene reenactments are not gratuitous and maintain a balance between visual factuality and viewer sensitivity. While being a show about true crime, Hardcover Mysteries is also a deep-dive into the inspirations behind the mystery genre's greatest stories. It's as much a must-watch for fans of authors like Baldacci and Coben as it is for those interested in crime and investigation dramas. The series does not shy away from challenging themes, tackling everything from murder and betrayal to justice and redemption. The balance between intellectual and emotional examination of each crime makes for a whisking experience where viewers are not just listening to a story, but participating in the process of unraveling the truth. In conclusion, the show 'Hardcover Mysteries' is a compelling investigation series that goes behind the pages of bestselling thriller novels to uncover the real-life unsolved mysteries that inspired or influenced them. Its unique approach to storytelling blurs the lines between fiction and fact, keeping viewers gripped with every unfolding mystery. As it delves through the minds of brilliant authors and the pages of their novels, the show brilliantly showcases the intricate marriage of literature and true crime, making it a riveting addition to Investigation Discovery's treasure trove of true crime shows.

Hardcover Mysteries is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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