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Swap Meet Millionaires?
Randy and Wayne venture out of the shop to spend the day at a flea market, performing free appraisals, selling some items and even shopping for bargains themselves.? There, someone brings them a painting that may be a museum-quality treasure.?

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Russian Roulette
A Russian tycoon wants to team up with the brothers, bringing them the biggest deal of their lives.

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Comic Book Caper
When a customer tries to sell her son's classic comic books, Wayne calls in an appraiser and sets up the shop for a double-cross. Then, a vintage fire truck ignites Randy's interest to make a deal.

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Diamonds are Forever
A customer tries to sell Royal a bag full of valuable diamonds. Wayne thinks they may be connected to the legendary "Marlborough Diamond" heist pulled off by the Chicago mob.?

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Hot Dog Cart Pt. 2
After Wayne buys an old hot dog cart, his fast-talking friend Steve DiGrazzi convinces him to sell hotdogs on the streets of Chicago.? But will the money-making idea come back to bite him?

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Hot Dog Cart Pt. 1
An unusual piece of Chicago mob history arrives at Royal, and Wayne wonders if it's worth big bucks. Meanwhile, when a security guard skips work, the brothers scramble to cover for him before trouble hits.

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Lucky Horseshoe?
A gambler needs quick cash for a horseracing bet, and Wayne wants in on the action. But after he tells a friend with a shady past about the hot tip, Randy thinks Wayne's headed for trouble.

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Hot or Not?
Wayne's pleased with a stereo-system deal, but Randy is doubtful; a customer loses his pawn ticket; Charles Manson memorabilia is brought in.

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Pawned Off
When a family heirloom is accidentally sold, Randy and Wayne plot to get it back. But Randy's strategy doesn't go as planned and the brothers find themselves in over their heads.

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A Dangerous Combination, Part 2
Treasure seeking Wayne hits a major snag trying to open an old safe.? A shady couple brings in a collection of high-end handbags that could be a major score for the shop, but are they real?

Watch Hardcore Pawn: Chicago Season 1 Episode 9 Now

A Dangerous Combination, Part 1
When Wayne buys an old safe thinking it might have hidden treasure, it threatens to put Randy over the edge. Wayne puts his faith in a safecracker to prove his point.

Watch Hardcore Pawn: Chicago Season 1 Episode 8 Now

Two Heads Are Better Than One
Wayne purchases an old safe, so they hire a safecracker to break into it. Meanwhile, an irate customer who wants his jewelry back confronts Elyse; and the brothers square off over a rare, custom-made muscle car.

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Paranormal Pawn
An unusual item could lead to a killer payday; and soft-touch Wayne falls for a woman's sob story, which leads to a fraternal fracas. Meanwhile, a perturbed ex-con poses a threat to the shop.

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The Competition
Randy and Wayne engage in a friendly competition; and a customer serenades Nate, while another threatens him.

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The Kids Are All Right
With Wayne and Randy away on a road trip, Nate and Elyse assume responsibility of the shop in an attempt to prove themselves.

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Changing of the Guard
Brothers Randy and Wayne compete in a sales challenge to see who will be crowned King of Royal Pawn. Later, Nate is serenaded by a customer, while another appears to have reached their breaking point.

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The Competition
Randy and Wayne challenge each other to a sales competition. Also one customer serenades Nate, and another threatens violence.

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Something's Missing
Randy and Wayne have a game of blame and search the store when an $80,000 ring goes missing, Whoever finds the ring would save the day, but it could cost the brothers their business if they can't find it. Also, an angry customer goes over Elyse's head when she doesn't get what she wants.

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Hardcore Pawn: Chicago, premiered in 2013, is an incredibly popular reality TV series on truTV that follows the daily operations of 'Royal Pawn Shop,' one of the oldest pawn shops in Chicago, Illinois. Closed for over 25 years, the pawn shop was reopened by owners Randy and Wayne Cohen, who attempt to carve their niche in the thriving pawn business that saturates the Windy City. They are relentless entrepreneurs possessing seemingly unlimited energy and passion for their profession, leaving no stone unturned to eke out profits.

Giving viewers an inside look at the unique, bizarre, and often confrontational world of this pawn business, the show introduces an array of customers haggling over a wild selection of goods - from treasured family heirlooms to unique and valuable collectibles. Ranging from the eccentric to the desperate, these customers bring in a wide variety of items, each with its backstory - some inspiring, some heartbreaking, and some purely hilarious.

What sets Hardcore Pawn: Chicago apart from similar shows, is the sheer drama and unpredictability that comes as par for the course at the Royal Pawn Shop. With every new episode come new customers, new items, and new challenges, putting the brothers' knowledge, negotiation skills, patience, and wits to the test.

The series centers around the larger-than-life character duo, Randy and Wayne Cohen. Despite being brothers, they are constantly at odds, offering a unique dynamic that is both entertaining and relatable. Randy, the elder one, keeps things smooth and systematic, trying his best to maintain order in the chaotic shop. He has an exceedingly sharp mind and keen business acumen, often crunching numbers and outmanoeuvring customers to secure the best deals. Wayne, on the other hand, is a force of nature, known for his loud, boisterous presence and larger-than-life personality. Beyond his intimidating presence, though, Wayne has a heart of gold and is often seen bending over backward to help customers in need.

Hardcore Pawn: Chicago does an excellent job of portraying the Cohen brothers' business acumen, quick wit, affable disposition, and most significantly, their ability to handle the influx of customers they encounter each day who are fueled by desperation, joy, curiosity, or greed. This ever-changing, never-boring dynamic makes for the series' dramatic crux and keeps viewers engaged episode after episode.

Adding a dose of humor and wit to the mix is their childhood friend, security guard and right-hand man, Elyse. She not only manages unruly customers but also hilariously mediates the frequent disputes between the brothers. She is upfront, sassy, and doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind, adding a much-needed female presence in the testosterone-fueled environment of the pawnshop.

Hardcore Pawn: Chicago goes beyond the pawnshop's walls, drawing attention to the socio-economic climate of the city, understanding motivations behind customers' decisions to pawn, sell or trade items, and the extent to which people will go when they are pushed to their limits. It brings to light realities of the pawn business and reflects the lengths some people have to go for basic survival.

In Hardcore Pawn: Chicago, you'll witness extreme haggles, heated exchanges, surprising treasures, and even occasional heartwarming moments, giving you a ringside view into the daily hustle and commotion of a high-stakes pawnshop. The show takes the pawn shop business and parlays it into an engaging reality show, going well beyond the generic buy-and-sell model. It proves why it stands out in the crowded market of reality television by adeptly interweaving real-life drama, unscripted humor, and the genuine camaraderie between the pawnshop staff.

No show quite puts the reality in reality TV like Hardcore Pawn: Chicago. It’s not always pleasant, it’s seldom straightforward, but it’s always fascinating, making ita true must-watch for reality TV enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

Hardcore Pawn: Chicago is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.2.

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How can I watch Hardcore Pawn: Chicago online? Hardcore Pawn: Chicago is available on truTV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Hardcore Pawn: Chicago on demand at Amazon online.

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