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Episode 10
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Episode 9
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Episode 8
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Episode 7
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Episode 6
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Episode 5
A 1979 Corvette takes on a 1970 Chevelle to settle a long standing grudge.

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Cannon vs. King
Clint Cannon tries to prove that his new clean diesel technology can produce plenty of horsepower to beat Chad King's old-school, 7,000-pound racing truck.

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Larson vs. Barry
Larry Larson and Joe Barry battle it out to settle the score for the title of Fastest Steel Body Street Car in America.

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The Pope vs. Zombie Wagon
Dean Valesse brings his Zombie Wagon from Florida to Colorado to challenge Jim Hull's unbeaten Mustang.

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Bailey vs. Martin
Tom Bailey travels across the country in his '69 Pro-Mod Camaro to challenge Ryan Martin's 2016 Camaro for the title of the fastest street-driven Camaro in America.

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Grudge Race is an exhilarating race show that aired on NBCSN in 2016. The series is a high-octane, pulse-pounding reality sports competition that takes motoring entertainment to a whole new level, fundamentally centered on the concept of settling scores and resolving automotive rivalries that have persisted over the years.

Each episode of Grudge Race is a testament to what car racing is meant to be, raw, visceral, and full of cutthroat competition. The stakes are exceptionally high, with each race being personal, intentional, and loaded with the participants' pride and reputation. The players are not professional racers, but ordinary car enthusiasts who have spent countless hours perfecting their cars to a point of superiority over their rivals. It's more than just a game for these individuals; it's a test of their dedication, sweat, and mechanical prowess.

The show, Grudge Race, breaks away from the common mold of regular race shows. Instead of using pre-designed tracks and uniform vehicles, each opponent brings their custom ride to the race track. These range from classic muscle cars to modern-day hot rods, each one reflecting the personality and commitment of its owner. The variety of cars themselves lend a unique character to each episode, adding a level of unpredictability and excitement to this high-stakes game.

And there's no cookie-cutter format here. Each race is set up differently, depending on the participants' agreements. Variables such as the race length, starting method, or type of cars used can all differ, introducing an extra layer of strategy into each grudge match.

The participants of the show don't randomly challenge each other, either. These races are the culmination of longstanding quarrels, personal grudges, and years of rivalry. In the automotive world, a grudge race is considered the ultimate platform to end disputes, to shut up naysayers, and to prove, once and for all, who has the fastest car. Therefore, when these contestants line up their cars at the starting line, they carry with them more than just the weight of their machines; they carry the weight of honor and the desire to win at any cost.

Willie B and Boosted GT, two well-known figures within the drag racing world, host the show. Their extraordinary knowledge in the field and charisma add another layer of excitement to the series. They serve as arbitrators between the feuding parties, verifying claims, inspecting rides, and keeping the competition fair, ensuring each race is a balanced match-up.

A key element of the show is the behind-the-scenes insight into what it takes to prepare a car for such high stakes racing. From tuning the engine to tweaking the suspension and every nut and bolt check in between, Grudge Race showcases the superb blend of engineering and art that goes into creating a true racing machine.

The show also does not shy away from championing the spirit of camaraderie that exists within this competitive and yet tightly knit community. The contestants, though rivals on the track, share a mutual respect for each other off it, all driven by their passion for cars and racing.

From an audience perspective, the feeling of watching Grudge Race is exciting, and at times, emotionally intense, offering a captivating journey, following these equally passionate and committed competitors as they take to the track, adrenaline pumping and eyes focused on the finish line.

For those who enjoy high-speed chases, fast cars, and the clang and clatter of the pit stop, Grudge Race is a perfect match. It's a show that pushes the boundaries of automotive entertainment, taking the love of motor sports, a generous dose of personal drama, and brilliantly integrating them into an unscripted reality show format.

Moreover, it's a show that celebrates the culture of drag racing in its purest essence, a testament to the skill, passion, and determination of true motor enthusiasts. As long as grudges exist and the desire to emerge as the fastest persists, Grudge Race will continue to be a platform for those seeking resolution on the raceway.

Grudge Race is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 19 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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