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"Give" from NBC is a unique and inspiring show that aired from 2016 to 2017. Created with the aim of positively impacting society, it takes viewers on an intimate journey that explores the non-profit sector's world in a refreshing and meaningful way. The Emmy-award winning series broaches philanthropic and humanitarian causes that are changing people's lives and communities for the better.

Crafted as an hour-long reality series, NBC's "Give" puts the spotlight on small charities making huge differences in their respective communities. From revolutionizing education in impoverished areas to providing medical assistance to those in dire need, this show gives a platform to those making the world a better place in their small, but impactful ways. The show's primary aim involves raising awareness about these remarkable organizations and introducing viewers to the selfless hearts and minds running the show behind the scenes.

The central theme of "Give " revolves around the concept of celebrities giving back to the society. The show involves renowned celebrities from various fields who browse through America's iNvitation iNitiatives that require assistance. The celebrities then visit two groups that are trying to effect change in the same field. However, the critical part about this is that these organizations don’t realize that the representatives checking out their work are representatives of NBC's "Give" initiative and celebrities who genuinely navigate these charities' world and try to understand the impact they are making.

The twist of the show is not merely these celebrity visits. After viewing the operations and interacting with the people behind these life-changing organizations, the celebrities consult with an expert panel that consists of leaders from various industries. With their combined understanding and expertise, they assess which organization will make the most significant difference with a substantial cash injection. The guest celebrities then surprise the selected organizations with a grant from the NBC Universal Foundation, thus fueling their passion for making a difference.

Despite having the backing of celebrities, the show is careful not to detract from the real stars' philanthropic work- namely, the dedicated volunteers and leaders who dedicate their time, effort, and resources for the betterment of others. It is their hard work, determination, and impact that drives each episode, with the celebrity angle merely acting as the cherry on top.

One of the show's allure lies in its capacity to make the viewers ponder and feel. It's a sincere and heartfelt exploration of determination, compassion, service, and humanity that doesn't shy away from showing the struggle that comes along with it. Plus, it is an opportunity to get to know more about these charities that genuinely deserve more attention for the work they’re doing in society.

"Give" also features a digital component, offering audiences the chance to contribute directly. Thanks to this, viewers across the globe could participate actively, taking the philanthropy show beyond the bounds of traditional television.

The show has been recognized for its unique premise and the positive influence it has, winning Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children's or Family Viewing Series in 2018. Hosted by actor, tech entrepreneur, and philanthropist Blair Underwood, the charm of the show owes much to his engaging and heartfelt portrayals of the stories that are a part of each episode.

In conclusion, NBC's "Give" is a genre-bending reality show offering a significant departure from the glitz and personal dramas typical of many celebrity-led series. Instead, "Give" uses the power of celebrity to highlight unsung heroes and the causes they champion, creating a compelling viewing experience. By showcasing deserving charities nationwide and their incredible work, it heckles viewers' heartstrings and encourages them to acknowledge and contribute to such meaningful causes.

Give is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 32 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a outstanding reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 9.1.

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