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Who Caught Kelce
In the season finale, Travis takes the final four on their last group date. After one girl is sent home, Travis takes the remaining three girls to Kansas City to give them a taste of what life is like for him.

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Walk of Shame
Four out of the six remaining women get an All Access Group date to see WAG Jessie James Decker rock the Roxy. Meanwhile, two of the ladies plot to take out the competition, but their plan goes awry.

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Romance at Red Foo's
The ladies going on the date are in for a big surprise when they are invited to Redfoo's Party Rock Mansion. Meanwhile, former best friends face off during the elimination, with an outcome that comes as a total surprise.

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Backstabbing Besties
Travis and 4 girls head to a video game shoot where they form strong virtual connections.

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A Novel Romance
After participating in a down and dirty football game, 4 lucky girls get to attend a star-studded, red-carpet event with Travis.

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Let the Games Begin
With 15 contestants remaining, Travis reveals the plan that each week he'll invite one girl on a group date, but she gets to decide who accompanies them.

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50 Girls, 1 Tight End
In the series premiere, NFL superstar tight end Travis Kelce is on a quest for love. He meets 50 women - 1 from every US State - who are all vying for his attention.

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Catching Kelce Preview Special
Watch this preview special of Catching Kelce.

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"Catching Kelce" is a captivating reality-TV dating competition that aired on E! in 2016. Inspired by prominent reality dating shows such as "The Bachelor", the 8-part series takes a unique spin by going on the journey with Travis Kelce, the football star of the Kansas City Chiefs with a penchant for finding love.

The series is centered around Travis Kelce, the tall, handsome, and charismatic Kansas City Chiefs tight end renowned for his impressive on-field performance. He is also recognized for his charming personality and electric smile. The professional athlete finds himself at the heart of the show as its eligible bachelor, using the series as an opportunity to find his perfect match.

As the entire premise surrounds Travis Kelce's journey to find love, the show incorporates a competition format that involves the tight end dating fifty women, one from each American state. The series showcases the romantic escapades and fascinating challenges set out for these ladies as they strive to win Kelce's heart. The unconventional concept of the dating show raises the stakes and intensity with the inclusion of the women’s representatives from each state, making it a noteworthy addition to reality television.

Throughout the series, viewers witness a variety of entertaining dates, drama, romantic interludes, and exciting eliminations. The show goes beyond surface-level connections, as Travis Kelce is involved in one-on-one dates, group dates, and sit-down conversations. There is personality exploration at best with the sports star as he tries to handle the complexity that comes with dating multiple people at once. The audience also gets to see a more candid and personal side of Travis Kelce as he navigates this unfamiliar territory.

Adding to the interest, aside from Kelce's search for love, is the aspect of competition among the fifty women. Each lady battles to stand out from the rest and to show Kelce why she is the right one for him. As a result, viewers see a mix of strategies, some more effective than others, along with some inevitable drama that emerges from a love competition. These dynamics bring out different facets of Kelce’s and the contestants' personalities, contributing to the intrigue and entertainment that "Catching Kelce" aims to offer.

A crucial element of "Catching Kelce" is the interactive dynamic between Kelce and the bachelorettes; the football star is seen grappling with the challenge of distinguishing between genuine affection and forced interest. Infused with humor and high-stakes drama, the show takes the viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

All the while, Travis Kelce is not only a mere participant in the series but also plays a hand in the women's eliminations. He exhibits his decision-making skills, as seen on the football field, as he carefully weighs his feelings against each lady's compatibility. The drama of the elimination round gives each episode a nail-biting conclusion, as viewers eagerly await to see which girl will be sent home.

Assisting Kelce in his journey of love is his older brother Jason Kelce, an NFL center for the Philadelphia Eagles. Beyond football, Jason brings an insightful yet comical twist as he looks out for his younger brother's best interest, advising him throughout the process. The addition of family plays a substantial role, ensuring the authenticity of the connections formed during the show.

"Catching Kelce" is marked by the combination of a unique concept, electric cast of women from varied backgrounds attempting to woo the NFL star, intense competition, and the personal involvement of Travis' life beyond football. Delivering a blend of romance, excitement, humor, and instances of drama, the show promises a full-pack, thrilling journey for viewers and fans of the reality dating genre as well as sports enthusiasts.

The series deftly uses the star power of an NFL athlete intertwined with the traditional elements of a competitive dating show, thus moving beyond just another television series about finding love. The atypical yet engaging format of "Catching Kelce" makes it a lively, entertaining, and binge-worthy show allowing viewers to sneak a peek into Travis Kelce's journey to love.

Catching Kelce is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.3.

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