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Everyone, Let's Play Football! Ya-Ha!
The final play comes down to Sena against Shin one on one.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 145 Now

The Final Moment
Shin successfully made the final touchdown for White Knights, making the score 27-22 to the White Knights.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 144 Now

A Form of Desperation
3 yards till the goal line and 1:21 on the clock left.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 143 Now

The Demon's Twin Wings
Deimon makes a safety, making the score 20-15 and getting the ball back.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 142 Now

Turn on the Devil Stun Gun
The score is 20-13, Ojo to Deimon.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 141 Now

The Two Aces
Sakuraba attempts the Devil Backfire but fails and makes a nasty fall losing consciousness.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 140 Now

The 9999th Catch
The episode starts off with Oujou throwing a long pass. Monta intercepts it without turning around to watch the ball.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 139 Now

The Battlefield, After the Rain
Sena uses a speed-boost to compete in power with Shin who knocks him away with some effort, giving Hiruma the chance to tackle the runner.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 138 Now

Our Fate Lies in Halftime
Hiruma and Mamori review the game's footage to find a strategy.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 137 Now

#21, Defeated
Having achieved the speed of light as well, Shin declares himself the winner off the battle between him and Sena.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 136 Now

Shin stops the passing game of Deimon forcing them to use Sena.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 135 Now

The Impregnable Fortress
Takami once again tells Deimon which direction he will running The Ballista.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 134 Now

The Kingdom's Ballista
The Bats are on their fourth down and 40 yards away from the goal.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 133 Now

The Knight who Controls the Skies
Monta catches all the passes of Hiruma.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 132 Now

Ikari's Prison Chain
Ikari makes his debut play.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 131 Now

The Opening Fanfare
The battle between Ojo and Deimon has started, and Deimon gets to attack first.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 130 Now

The Challenge for Sovereignty
It's the match between the Ojo White Knights and Deimon Devil Bats!

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 129 Now

The Demon vs. The Light Speed Man
The two teams' catchers and running backs are interviewed the day before the match.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 128 Now

It's just, so we can win
A few days before the game between Deimon and Ojo, Hiruma takes the team on a helicopter trip to remind them where Ojo is weakest.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 127 Now

The Oath to Become an Ace
Torakichi realizes that Sakuraba's not the ace of Ojo.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 126 Now

Ojo High's School Festival
Hiruma and the rest of the team go to spy on Ojo at their high school festival while Hiruma, Kurita, and Musashi get trapped doing a quiz show.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 125 Now

The Ultimate Spear
Ojo White Knights vs. Sado Strong Golems!

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 124 Now

The Knight with no Blind Spots
As a celebration of their progress, Mamori decides to buy Sena and Riku new shoes.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 123 Now

Rodeo Drive Stampede
Riku loses his cool and gets angry at the Wolves. This puts the whole team into frustration. Reassured by his teammates (including a very sick Tetsuma with a cold), Riku regains his calm and returns to the field with the debut of his perfected technique: Rodeo Drive Stampede! The game ends with 21:48, victory for the Gunmen.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 122 Now

The Wolves' Battlefield
Seibu Wild Gunmen vs. Misaki Wolves!

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 121 Now

The Dreadnought Team - The Dinosaurs
The Hakushu Dinosaurs will play against the Taiyo Sphinx.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 120 Now

After winning the game, the players line up to shake hands.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 119 Now

A Huddle with no Answers
It turns out that before Monta was tackled down, he reached his hand out and grabbed the grass on the "out of bounds area,"

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 118 Now

Timeouts: Zero
58 seconds remain on the clock with the score at 35-28.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 117 Now

The Will of a Warrior
Sena grabs the ball and is about to score a touchdown when Agon gets in the way. Agon is about to strike down Sena, but when Agon suddenly insults the Devil Bats' dreams of going to the Christmas Bowl, Sena's newfound fury gets the best of him, and he tries to attack Agon.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 116 Now

Fighting to be Number One
At the beginning of the episode Shin comments that even though each individual in Deimon is lacking, as a team they are already regarded as the strongest in Kanto, hinting the result of the game.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 115 Now

The Power of the Rank and File
Hiruma tells Sena that he has to blitz Agon on every play, but it just does not seem to work.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 114 Now

The 12th Athlete
The first half ends with 32-0, Shinryuji in the lead.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 113 Now

Devils vs. Dragons
The game begins. Shinryuji gets the lead on Deimon.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 112 Now

The Devil Bats Move Out
Finally, the match with Shinryuji is about to begin!

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 111 Now

The Wall Called "Talent"
Unsei explains to Sena and the others why he trains so hard.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 110 Now

His Talent at Catching!
Monta battles Ikkyu in a catching battle. Monta loses but vows to beat Ikkyu next time with 100% effort.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 109 Now

Sena's a Famous Detective?!
The Devil Bats are given a night cruise on a ship to relax before the game.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 108 Now

Shinryuji is the Enemy!
A recap of the Shinryuji and Hiruma, Kurita, and Musahi's involvement.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 107 Now

The Demon God Agon Kongo!
An interview with Hiruma and Agon. Later, Sena protects Mamori from Agon.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 106 Now

The Last Death Game!
Deimon vs. the NASA Aliens.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 105 Now

One Lineman Short!
In the fourth death game against the Taiyo Spinx, Deimon is left short-handed after Jumonji gets arrested for beating up some punks who were harassing a young girl.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 104 Now

The Invincible Double-Blocker!
Kyoshin and Bando team up to beat Deimon in the 3rd death game.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 103 Now

Overcome Your "Fear!"
Sena, Monta, and Suzuna visit Mizumachi in the hospital.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 102 Now

The Ultimate Evil!
The regional champions go to a place where they decide which regional teams will play against who for the Christmas Bowl.

Watch Eyeshield 21 Season 3 Episode 101 Now

Eyeshield 21 is a television show lasting from the year 2005 to 2008 which masterfully blends two seemingly disparate genres: anime and American football. This Japanese series is based on the eponymous manga written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. Boasting a total of 145 episodes, the show has managed to secure its legacy amongst the fans of sports-themed anime but also to a broader audience due to its universally relatable themes and characters. The plot primarily revolves around a high school student named Sena Kobayakawa, an introverted and bullied teenager who has lived a pretty uneventful and bland lifestyle up until this point. However, his agility and speed, developed as a result of years of errand running to escape from bullies, have been observed by the high school's American football team captain, Yoichi Hiruma. Recognizing Sena's potential, Hiruma recruits him into the Deimon Devil Bats, their school’s American Football team. To protect his identity and to keep his talent from being scavenged by other teams, they create the alter ego of “Eyeshield 21,” named after the eyeshield visor he wears during the games. Eyeshield 21 adeptly explores the American football spirit in Japan's high school setting. Ironically, American football is not a mainstream sport in Japan, which makes the anime a unique blend of cultures, themes, and sportsmanship. The series presents a detailed and comprehensive depiction of American Football with an emphasis on teamwork, strategy, the positions on the team, and the specific rules and terminology of the game. The animation style of the show, while somewhat exaggerated for dramatic effect, still holds true to the aesthetic of the sport, adding a layer of realism to the high-octane action. While character designs do incorporate stylistic artistic choices common in the anime medium, around the edges, the football uniforms, the physical exertion of the characters, and the depiction of the sport itself, are as authentic as one can get in an animated format. Character development and storytelling are significant highlights of this anime series. The various distinct personalities showcased in the anime are some of the most memorable ones you can find in the genre, characterized by their unique motivations, skills, and growth throughout the series. Sena's transformation from a timid character into a confident and skilled sportsman forms the emotional core of the series. The interaction between characters, their camaraderie within the team and their rivalry with opponents finely depict the sportsmanship spirit making it highly engaging to watch. The show plays along with the risks and stakes associated with the dramatic and unpredictable world of football, but it is also laced with humor and cleverly devised comedic scenarios, instigated mainly by the team's devious captain, Yoichi Hiruma. Hiruma is notorious for his manipulative and cunning ways, making him an unforgettable character and adding layers of complexity and charm to the show. Infusing a sports anime with an unconventional sport, especially for its native audience, the show successfully dives into the technical aspects of American football while keeping viewers engaged with human drama and light-hearted moments. The suspense of the matches, the rivalry between schools, the determination of the team, the grit of the sport, and the highs and lows that come along with it, are brilliantly showcased. To sum up, Eyeshield 21 stands as a captivating and entertaining exploration of American football through the lens of Japanese anime. It's a story about facing your fears, taking on challenges, and the sheer joy and pain of participating in a competitive team sport. It's a show that can appeal not only to sports and anime fans but also to anyone who enjoys inspiring, immersive, and fun-filled storytelling. If any of these aspects intrigue you, lace up your cleats, strap on your helmet, and get ready for the ride that is Eyeshield 21.

Eyeshield 21 is a series categorized as a new series . Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 147 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

Kenji Nomura, Hiroshi Shimozaki, Hiroshi Shimozaki, Atsushi Tamura, Daisuke Hirakawa, Kenji Hamada, Mamoru Miyano, Miyu Irino, Shoko Nakagawa, DJ Taro, Kouji Ochiai, Daisuke Ono, Kappei Yamaguchi, Masami Iwasaki
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