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Chapter 29
Kenny is forced to return a favor. Stevie offers revisions to Kenny's life story. April weighs her options.

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Chapter 28
Kenny finds his personal issues are affecting his work. Stevie keeps up a facade in the face of adversity.

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Chapter 27
Kenny is shaken when Guy introduces a wild card to the show. Stevie recruits Maria to help promote Kenny's side business.

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Chapter 26
Guy asks Kenny to calm down with the publicity. April persuades Kenny to agree to couples therapy; Kenny and Stevie make plans for a new business venture.

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Chapter 25
Kenny keeps his word on a threat to Gene; Stevie finds Kenny a charity to promote for Guy's dragon boat race; Toby follows his dad's example when he gathers the courage to feed his new pet.

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Chapter 24
An overnight trip to a water park is a wholesome treat from Kenny to his family and friends, but it sets the stage for a night of sensuality.

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Chapter 23
Kenny discusses a career move with Guy Young. Plus, he tries to convince Stevie to switch back to the Powers team.

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Chapter 22
The fourth season finds Kenny Powers with his wife, April, and two little kids in a home in the suburbs. But an evening out with a former teammate and current TV star makes him thirsty for a spot in the limelight.

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Eastbound and Down is a television show from HBO that aired from 2009 to 2013. The lead character in this captivating comedy series is Kenny Powers, portrayed by the versatile actor Danny McBride. The series is defined by its irreverent humor, abrupt narrative shifts, and an unflinching portrayal of its flawed protagonist. The character of Kenny Powers is exuberantly arrogant, self-absorbed, and prone to making ill-advised decisions—traits which form the foundation of the show's comedic appeal. Eastbound and Down revolves around the life of Kenny Powers, a former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher, whose self-destructive behavior and massive ego led to his downfall from stardom. With his professional career in shambles, the show begins with Kenny moving back to his hometown in North Carolina, where he takes up a job as a substitute physical education teacher. He moves in with his older brother, who is conveniently married with children. The plotline injects a dose of irony, placing Kenny, a man who's neither a model of discipline nor propriety, amidst impressionable school kids and a family setting. The show deliciously exploits the contrast between Kenny's past glamour life and his current struggle with mundane domesticity. His dreams of getting back into professional baseball form the overarching narrative of the series. The often ribald and raucous comedy that ensues is the result of Powers’ stubborn refusal to admit his career may indeed be over and his desperate attempts to regain his lost fame. All of this is humorously paralleled with his attempts to navigate ordinary life—job responsibilities, family obligations, and potential romantic interests. Danny McBride's stunning performance enlivens Kenny Powers, who, with his permed mullet, ever-present sunglasses, and audacious demeanor, becomes a memorable comedic character. McBride flawlessly manages to humanize Powers, rendering a certain vulnerability beneath his boisterous exterior. Despite his colossal flaws, audiences can’t help but feel a strange affinity for this down-and-out athlete, anxiously riding along his roller-coaster journey of highs and lows. Supporting characters also enhance the show's entertainment value. They include Kenny's old flame April (Katy Mixon), who is a school teacher at the same institution where Kenny works; Stevie Janowski (Steve Little), the obedient and easily persuadable school band director; and Kenny's caring but often perplexed older brother, Dustin (John Hawkes). Guest stars and cameo appearances from actors such as Will Ferrell, who also serves as an executive producer, add to the prowess of this comedy ensemble. Throughout the series, Kenny's journey takes him to various locations, including Mexico and Myrtle Beach, significantly contributing to the narrative development. However, regardless of where he is physically, the essence of Eastbound and Down remains constant – the unbridled character of Kenny Powers and his self-imposed trials and tribulations. Eastbound and Down’s humor is raw, unvarnished, and unapologetic. The show contains adult content and language that might not be suited to all viewers. Considering this, it is rated for mature audiences. However, for those with a taste for dark humor, Kenny's exploits are a comedic goldmine. The series creators, Jody Hill and Danny McBride, along with executive producer Adam McKay, have crafted a unique mixture of cringe comedy, raw satire, and poignant moments of self-realization. The show, while primarily focused on Power's misguided campaign to regain his lost status, also includes numerous subplots that feed the main narrative and contribute to the overall comic fabric. In conclusion, Eastbound and Down takes an unrelenting, irreverent look at a fallen athlete's quest for redemption. The show skillfully uses humor to explore themes of success, self-worth, and the burning desire for public validation. Above all, with his portrayal of Kenny Powers, Danny McBride demonstrates his range as an actor, expertly mining laughter from reality, truth from absurdity, and humanity from a deeply flawed character. With its unique humor and compelling protagonist, Eastbound and Down firmly carves out a place for itself in the pantheon of memorable comedic television.

Eastbound and Down is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 29 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

John Hawkes, Jennifer Irwin, Andrew Daly, Katy Mixon, Danny McBride, Bo Mitchell, Steve Little, Will Ferrell, Ben Best, Ike Barinholtz, Elizabeth De Razzo, Jason Sudeikis, Ethan Alexander McGee
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