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No Power, No Problems
A gourmet meal is created in cabins with no power or running water whilst Jo cooks coffee crusted beef with grilled vegetables with David and Brendan.

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Cop vs. Klutz
Aldo works with Pete, a retired detective, to make tuna pillows stuffed with avocado puree and butter tart with pecan vanilla ice cream; Jo works with klutzy Barb to create an herb roasted chicken with beet puree and apple goat cheese galette.

Watch Compete to Eat Season 1 Episode 12 Now

City Mouse vs. Country Mouse
Chef Jo works with A-type city girl Samara while Chef Aldo Lanzillotta cooks with Italian mother Mary Lou.

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Across the Water
Chefs Jo Lusted and Aldo Lanzillotta have to be able to create a three course meal at a remote island home using only what is already in the house.

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BFF's vs. Rock Stars
Competing this week are JO, Lisa, Vanessa, Aldo, Deb and Matt.

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RV Gourmets
Creating a three-course meal out of the ingredients found in coolers and kitchenettes of RV's, Jo teams up with a self-titled Old Crone, and Aldo works with an artist who loves fire.

Watch Compete to Eat Season 1 Episode 8 Now

Plants vs. Animals
Jo and Aldo surprise more homeowners with a cooking competition to create a three-course meal using only what they already available.

Watch Compete to Eat Season 1 Episode 7 Now

Sous Chef Showdown
Sous chefs compete.

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Game On!
Jo Lusted and Aldo Lanzillotta take a look around some island homes, which are only accessible by boat, to cook three-course meals.

Watch Compete to Eat Season 1 Episode 5 Now

Fired Up!
Samara battles Marylou and Matt.

Watch Compete to Eat Season 1 Episode 4 Now

Big City Girl vs. Mamma and Mammoni
Aldo Lanzillotta and Jo Lusted work with siblings to make three course meals using only the ingredients on hand.

Watch Compete to Eat Season 1 Episode 3 Now

Big Brother vs. Little Sister
Jo's comfort food and Aldo's crab croquettes battle it out.

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Carnivores vs. Veggies (Pilot)
Veggie eaters and meat eaters battle it out.

Watch Compete to Eat Season 1 Episode 1 Now

Compete to Eat is a thrilling culinary television show aired on Cooking Channel in 2013 that pushes the boundaries of the traditional cooking competitions, adding an extra layer of fun mixed with adventure. The show artfully bridges the gap between the podium of professional restaurant-like food preparation and the rough and rugged field of outdoor survival cooking.

The dynamic show features the globally recognized chef Jo Lusted as the main host, who is not only an epicure but is also known for her impressive physical fitness. Her role is multi-faceted in the program, from serving as a judge, mentor, to a competitor. Chef Jo brings an enthusiastic energy to the screen, keeping viewers hooked and participants on their toes.

In Compete to Eat, Chef Jo takes two teams of two participants each, throws them in a remote outdoor location, generally a scenic place of natural beauty in Canada. These places vary in their geography, topography, and climate, from the sprawling open meadows to dense forests, from snow-clad mountains to the serene coastline. This variation offers a thrilling unpredictability, enhancing the excitement and adventure aspect of the show. Each team must confront environmental challenges and maintain a strategic approach, emphasizing the survival-of-the-fittest theme.

Compete to Eat takes a unique spin on the conventional ingredients-supported format of most culinary shows. Participants do not find themselves in a well-stocked kitchen filled with an abundance of exotic ingredients. Instead, each team is provided with a limited supply of basic staples, like salt, oil, flour, some spices, and a few vegetables. Interestingly, the primary ingredients, usually proteins, have to be procured by the contestants themselves. They either have to fish, hunt, or search for edibles in the wilderness, presenting a daunting challenge.

These challenges make the show more thrilling, entertaining, and educational. Viewers get a glimpse of survival cooking, while also picking up tips on how to make a delicious and appealing meal from minimal and locally available ingredients. The contestants also have to build their own makeshift kitchen, further pushing their survival, adaptive, and problem-solving skills.

Each episode spans approximately two days, with chefs given a specific task each day by Chef Jo Lusted. The first day usually includes gathering ingredients and prepping a particular dish, while the second day is marked by another cooking challenge, leading to the announcement of the winning team. As the show progresses, viewers see the personal growth of contestants, their kitchen camaraderie, competitiveness, the innovations they bring to simple cooking, and the beautiful meals they create despite all the limitations.

One of the highlights of the show is when Chef Jo takes on cooking challenges herself. She too battles the odds of limited resources and time, crafting delightful dishes while teaching audiences valuable lessons in cooking and surviving in the wild. The show often concludes with Jo's final task or food creation, marking an inspirational and educational ending to the episode.

Featuring different teams of contestants every episode increases the variety of personalities, perspectives, and strategies. The participants range from complete novices who can barely differentiate between various spices to seasoned campers who know their way around an outdoor pit. The contrast of novices and pros in the wild, the constant guidance and leadership of Chef Jo, and the intense, challenging, yet fun tasks all make each episode a riveting experience.

Compete to Eat is lauded for its unique, tough yet engaging concept, blending the skills of survival, outdoor adventure, and culinary arts. Its charm lies in the diversity of locations, contestants, cooking styles, and challenges. The show shows us that cooking is not just about having the most expensive cuts or exotic spices, but about innovation, resourcefulness, and being able to whip up delicious meals under pressure and in the most challenging circumstances.

Overall, with its blend of beautiful outdoor locations, culinary creativity, competition, and survival tactics, Compete to Eat offers a fulfilling viewing experience, making it a standout in the sphere of cooking shows. Whether you love cooking, are an adventure enthusiast, enjoy competitions, or simply appreciate a good, light-hearted show, Compete to Eat will not disappoint. The show skillfully highlights that cooking can be an adventurous journey rather than just a chore.

Compete to Eat is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.1.

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How can I watch Compete to Eat online? Compete to Eat is available on Cooking Channel with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Compete to Eat on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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