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E 25
Puck executes his plan to take over all sentient life in the galaxy. The Planetary Gears are overcome, and only the Midsummer's Knights can stop him.

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E 24
The Midsummer's Knights reach the Auberon and have the Planetary Gears in their sights. The Planetary Gears recognize the fortitude of the Midsummer's Knights and decide to offer them a chance to join them.

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E 23
It's now the first day before summer vacation. Daichi is at a school conference with his uncle, Toshiaki.

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E 22
"We will now begin Operation Summer!" With Daichi's words, the Blume takes off for Uranus and the fortress carrier Oberon.

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E 21
Hana has been taken hostage by Hiroesue. And at the same time, Ai, one of the Planetary Gears, takes control of the debris in orbit and uses it to attack the Tenkaidou.

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E 20
Two of the three top players in the Intercept Faction come to Tenkaido to oversee the start of Operation Summer. They are unimpressed by the young Midsummer's Knights and doubt entrusting a mission that will save the human race to children like them.

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E 19
Daichi, Hana and Teppei board a shuttle to return to Earth, but during reentry, an unexpected change of course leaves them stranded in the middle of Australia. Knowing that they were victims of sabotage, the three battle some enemy forces in the middle of the desert in order to protect Hana from being captured by them.

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E 18
Marooned in Australia after a botched re-entry into Earth, Daichi, and Teppei work to protect Hana from being captured by enemy forces.

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E 17
The Midsummer's Knights' worthiness is under scrutiny by an investigator from Salty Dog. Moco and Zin try to attack Earth and they commandeer the interceptors that Salty Dog Dispatched.

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E 16
Now finally assembled, the Planetary Gears get the full support of Macbeth Enterprises in their endeavors, unaware of Puck's true intentions. Meanwhile, with Daichi and Teppei still recovering from the last battle, Hana pilots her own machine, the "Flare Engine" to counter another enemy attack.

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E 15
Running away from her friends, Hana meets Setsuna again, and the two end up pursued by Amara and Moco, while Puck, the AI built by Macbeth Enterprises, lays a trap to the CEO and snatches his body. Once Daichi and Hana finally reunite, he reconciles with her, just before the Planetary Gears attack them.

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E 14
With no missions to perform in the next days, Daichi and his friends are given a few days of R&R. In the occasion, Hana reveals that she loves Daichi, but fears what he may think of her if she reveals her true self to him.

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E 13
Baku is in love with the only daughter of the leader of the Asanoda Yakuza, Kumiko. Amara takes her hostage and tries to convince him to join them.

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E 12
The identity of the last designer child has been found. It's Baku, a boy who works at an illegal fighting ring run by the Asanoda yakuza.

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E 11
Setsuna is one of the six designer children. She lives with Mao Marimura, one of the staff at Ayingott Company.

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E 10
Amara and Moco successfully awaken Lin, who controls the Kiltgang Liebam. It's up to Daichi to confront her himself.

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E 9
The fifth member of the Planetary Gears is the idol Ai. She and her Machine Goodfellow Hebihanabi are a fierce match for Daichi's group.

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Sign from the Dark
Pitz has pinpointed the net appearance of a Machine Goodfellow, and the newly chosen Midsummer's Knights head to the site to investigate.

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The Midsummer's Knights
What Kiltgang activity rising, Daichi once more takes the helm of the Earth Engine to defend the planet. Teppei seems reluctant to help when things get tricky, afraid of losing himself to the Kitlgang.

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Kivoto's Plan
The Kivoto's Plan is the last resort for Earth: jettison its most important humans and let the Kiltgang devour the rest left behind. With both opposing factions considering such a dangerous solution, the danger looms ever closer.

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Starry Sky's Picture Book
There are two factions divided over how to deal with the Kiltgang: the interception faction that wants to fight them and the ark faction that wants to send out a new humanity to escape. Commander Nishikubo, a member of the Interception faction, sends Teppei to rescue Eiji, the man who gave him his genes, aboard the orbital space station Tenkaidou.

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Assault of the Planetary Gear
Teppei was the one piloting the Kiltgang Albion. Worried about the quarantined Teppei, Daichi visits him.

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The Rainbow of Albion
Akari Yomatsuri, daughter of the Globe commander Nishikubo, joins the team, and everyone enjoys a summer rest in Akihabara. However, a new foe, Amarock, appears.

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It's Called Livlaster
Daichi completes the transformation of the Earth Engine, and with the help of a girl who calls herslef a Magical Girl he defeats the Kiltgang Molekin. When he returns to Earth, he learns that the organization his father once belonged to, Globe, exists to defend the Earth from invaders.

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Earthengine Open Fire
Daichi is the son of a former astronaut who gave his life defending Earth. Daichi finds himself in the same situation after returning to the island of his youth.

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Captain Earth is an intriguing mecha anime television series that aired on MBS in 2014, continuing its captivating run until September of the same year. Spanning 25 episodes, the show quickly gained a following with its exceptional blend of robotic engineering, elaborate storytelling, riveting action, and compelling character dynamics. Directed by Takuya Igarashi and penned by Yoji Enokido, both known for their work on famous titles like "Ouran High School Host Club" and "Revolutionary Girl Utena," they artfully craft the universe of Captain Earth, weaving together a story of courage, friendship, duty, and identity.

The storyline whirls around its protagonist, Daichi Manatsu, a high-school student dealing with the mundane challenges of everyday life. However, Daichi is no ordinary teenager. An unforgettable childhood memory haunts him — a memory of an enigmatic rainbow over a space station, and his astronaut father's fatal accident. That same station, the Earth Engine, beckons him once more when he learns about an impending catastrophe threatening Earth.

On instinct, Daichi rushes to Tanegashima, the island where the Earth Engine sits, and becomes entangled in an otherworldly conflict involving giant mecha and alien beings called Kill-T-Gang, who consume life-force from humans. An unexpected twist of fate enables Daichi to pilot the Earth Engine Impacter, a massive robot designed to counter the existential threat from outer space.

The series offers a multitude of fascinating characters that complement our hero on his quest. Among them is Teppei Arashi, a mysterious boy holding secrets about the Kill-T-Gang and Akari Yomatsuri, the show's chirpy genius juggernaut, whose hacktivist skills play an instrumental role in the plot. Hana Mutou, a girl living alongside Daichi in Tanegashima, holds an unknown connection with the space phenomena. Each character adds depth and vibrancy to the plot with their individual tales and unique personalities while thrust into the immense responsibility of safeguarding their planet.

Captain Earth successfully serves up the classic mecha genre's key elements with advanced machinery, detailed robotic battles, strikingly colorful visuals, and alien antagonists. Yet, it brings more to the table by delving into themes such as interstellar politics, human potential, camaraderie, and the youth's willingness to stand up against the seemingly impossible. It strikes a balance between thrilling fight sequences and emotionally charged moments. The dichotomy of life on tranquil Tanegashima and the looming cosmic war outlines the overarching tension present throughout the series.

The aesthetics of Captain Earth are impressive, with fluid animation and a rich color palette serving the stunning battle sequences and picturesque sceneries injected. The mechanical design for the Earth Engine Impacter and other mecha units showcase a distinct style, presenting them as materialistic, well-oiled machines grounded in the realm of possibility rather than over-the-top supernatural war machines. The genius of the artists extends to the show's audio elements, with poignant background scores accentuating the overall atmosphere.

From a narrative standpoint, the show does not limit itself to a run-of-the-mill mecha versus alien tale. It harnesses each character's emotional quotient, effectively honing relationships and bonds that develop as they grapple with their dual lives as ordinary teenagers and Earth's protectors. The writers manage to layer the plot with intricate subtexts about humanity, duty, and self-realization, creating a richly developed universe with credible characters that resonate with the audience.

Captain Earth judiciously leverages cliff-hangers, ensuring viewers stay hooked episode after episode, yearning to watch the next twist unfold. Furthermore, the narrative style uses allegories, planting underlying narratives that demand viewers undertake their own exploration into the show's nuanced world.

In conclusion, Captain Earth is a series that celebrates the mecha genre, carrying forward its traditional elements while fearlessly owning its unique take. It envelops viewers in a beautifully illustrated universe packed with action, emotion, suspense, and a group of young heroes who dare to stand against darkness for their world's sake. Captivating from the onset, Captain Earth provides a significant leap for casual anime enthusiasts into the mech genre's far-reaching expanse.

Captain Earth is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 25 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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How can I watch Captain Earth online? Captain Earth is available on MBS with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Captain Earth on demand at Apple TV online.

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